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Bob Kramer Sharpening Stones


Sharpening stones for the cutlery aficionado. From light maintenance to restoring an edge, high-grade water stones offer complete control and precision sharpening.

All Sharpeners & Steels

Global® Handheld Minosharp 3 Knife Sharpener

Return dull knives to their original sharpness–no experience ...


Stars: 5.0

Wüsthof® Sharpening Steel, 12"

Simple-to-use steel makes it easy to keep knives razor sharp...


+ Special Offer

Stars: 5.0

Global® Ceramic Sharpener, 10"

Maintain the razor-sharp edges of your knives between sharpenings...


Stars: 5.0

Shun Sora Sharpening Steel, 9"

Keep your Sora knives sharp with this unique steel that features...


+ Special Offer

Stars: 0.0

Miyabi Birchwood 9" Honing Steel

Honing your knives regularly helps keep their edges properly...


Stars: 0.0

Global® MinoSharp Guide Rails with Liners, Set of Two

Sharpening Japanese knives with a whetstone just got a whole lot...


Stars: 0.0

Chef'sChoice® Brushed Metal Electric Knife Sharpener

Easy to use, this professional-quality sharpener creates a...


Stars: 0.0

Global Stainless Steel Whetstone Holder

Designed to work with Global whetstone, this stainless steel...


Stars: 0.0

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