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Le Creuset Burgundy

New & Exclusive

Artisan and Seasoned Salts


Whether you love steak or salad, fish or fusion dishes, you'll find the perfect accent in our collection of artisan and seasoned salts. Smoky, spicy, subtle—whatever your preference, we've got a salt you'll love.

All Salts & Seasonings

Sur La Table® Italian Herb and Bell Pepper Seasoned Salt, 3½ oz.

This blend of Mediterranean sea salt, garlic and bell pepper is a...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table® Curried Mango Seasoned Salt, 4.1 oz.

Gourmet sea salt, mango powder and light curry flavor combine for...


Stars: 5.0

Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel

Hand harvested in the Camargue area of France, the salt gives off...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table® Kosher Flake Salt

Naturally season dishes while cooking or at the table, enhancing...


Stars: 3.7

TartufLanghe Black Truffle Salt

Black truffle utilizes the salt to intensify the aroma and complex ...


Stars: 5.0

Italian White Truffle Salt

From the heart of Piedmont, truffle-infused accents enhance the...


Stars: 5.0

Fusion White Truffle Salt

Unique seasoning is one of our favorite ways to add a personal...


Stars: 5.0

Fusion Black Truffle Sea Salt

Sea salts are combined with pure, natural flavor to create new and ...


Stars: 5.0

Stainless Steel Couscoussier, 7 qt.

Traditionally used to cook the signature North African dish for...


Stars: 0.0

Stonewall Kitchen Espresso Rub

This deep and smoky Espresso Rub locks in flavor and acts as a...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table® Cast-Iron Oyster Pan

Grilled oysters are a smoky summer favorite. Cook delicious...


Stars: 0.0

Urban Accents Moroccan Tagine Seasoning

All-natural seasoning with premium spices brings an authentic...


Stars: 5.0

Alaska Pure® Alder-Smoked Sea Salt

This hand-harvested sea salt from the Gulf of Alaska is a...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table® Smoked Black Pepper

Naturally smoked using hickory wood chips, this cracked black...


Stars: 5.0

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