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Nonstick cookware sale up to 68% off.

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Staub Graphite Oval Roasting Dishes

Perfect for baking mac and cheese, roasting veggies, reheating...

Now: $89.99 - $114.95

Was: $99.95 - $164.95

+ Special Offer

Stars: 0.0

Sur La Table Grilled Cheese Grilling Basket with Recipe Book

Cook the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich on the grill, over a...

Now: $12.99

Was: $25.00

Stars: 5.0

Staub 4-qt. Round Cocotte

Great for soups, stews, slow-cooked meats and more, this enameled...

Now: $129.96

Was: $269.95

+ Special Offer

Stars: 5.0

Cuisinart Multi-Clad Unlimited Skillet

From kitchen experts Cuisinart comes Multi-Clad Unlimited, a...

Now: $49.99

Was: $69.95

Stars: 3.0

Emile Henry Flame Tagine with Bonus Oil Cruet

Named for the aromatic Moroccan stew that it’s designed to cook...

Now: $149.96

Was: $179.95

Stars: 0.0

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Stuff-a-Burger Basket

Stuff your favorite ground meat with mushroom duxelles, hot...

Now: $12.99

Was: $19.95

Stars: 5.0

Mauviel M’héritage 150s Copper & Stainless Steel Saucepan

The Mauviel M’héritage 150s covered saucepan delivers...

Now: $209.95 - $314.95

Was: $209.95 - $356.95

Stars: 4.0

Scanpan Classic 60th Anniversary 3-Piece Cookware Set

Perfect for browning meat, roasting poultry, pan-frying and more...

Now: $99.96

Was: $239.95

Stars: 4.2

Mauviel M’héritage 150c Copper Saucepan, .9 qt.

World-class French craftsmanship ensures generations of great...

Now: $119.99

Was: $169.95

Stars: 0.0

GreenPan Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Skillets

Ideal for low-oil cooking, GreenPan’s Healthy Ceramic...

Now: $34.99 - $41.99

Was: $59.95 - $69.95

+ Special Offer

Stars: 4.3

Staub Coq au Vin, 5¾ qt.

Complete with a shining rooster handle, the Staub coq au vin is...

Now: $249.96

Was: $319.95

+ Special Offer

Stars: 5.0

Mauviel M'héritage Copper Butter Melter

Imagine golden butter sinking slowly as it melts in this...

Now: $49.99

Was: $80.95

Stars: 0.0

Scanpan Pro IQ Nonstick Saucepan, 1.6 qt.

Scanpan is the first producer of nonstick cookware certified to be ...

Now: $89.99

Was: $149.95

Stars: 5.0

Scanpan Classic Everyday Pan

This capacious pan fits an entire package of bacon without...

Now: $99.96

Was: $119.95

Stars: 4.9

Mauviel M’tradition Roaster

Ideal for roasting everything from root vegetables to lamb shanks, ...

Now: $269.96

Was: $339.95

Stars: 5.0

Scanpan CSX Saucepan, 2.75 qt.

Compatible with all cooktops, including induction, this...

Now: $109.99

Was: $159.95

Stars: 5.0

Le Creuset Cerise Shallow Round Dutch Oven, 2.75 qt.

Le Creuset’s iconic French ovens are perfect for slow...

Now: $129.96

Was: $229.95

Stars: 0.0

All-Clad Stainless-Steel Skillet with Lid

This does-it-all skillet handles everything from stir-fry and...

Now: $99.96 - $119.96

Was: $154.95 - $204.95

Stars: 4.9

Mauviel M’brushed Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set

Handcrafted in France just for us, this stunning copper cookware...

Now: $1,299.99

Was: $2,119.95

Stars: 0.0

Mauviel M’150c2 7-Piece Set

Meticulously handcrafted in France since 1830, Mauviel cookware is ...

Now: $899.96

Was: $1,299.96

Stars: 0.0

All-Clad Weeknight Pan

The perfect pan for weeknight meals, this do-it-all workhorse...

Now: $129.96 - $179.96

Was: $169.95 - $245.00

Stars: 4.6

Emile Henry Lasagna Pan, 13.8" x 10"

Naturally stylish, this classic Burgundy clay vessel is perfect...

Now: $49.96

Was: $74.95

Stars: 4.5

Sur La Table Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 8 qt.

Designed for dishes requiring long, slow cooking, our generously...

Now: $99.96

Was: $139.95 - $149.95

Stars: 4.4

Mauviel M’brushed Copper Roasting Pan with Rack

Perfect for roasting turkey, prime rib, veggies and more, this...

Now: $239.96

Was: $269.96

Stars: 5.0

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