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Grilling Tools.

All Grilling Tools

Sur La Table 3-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set in Chef’s Roll

A must-have for any grill master—and perfect for...


Sur La Table 5-in-1 Barbeque Multi-Tool

Ideal for tailgating, camping or just cooking out in the yard...


Sur La Table 3-in-1 Prep & Serve Set

With a double-sided cutting board, marinating tray and locking...


Sur La Table Cross Hatch Grill Press

Searing cooks food faster and locks in flavor—and with this...


Sur La Table 3-in-1 Burger Press with Burgerology Book

Delicious burgers come in all forms and flavors—and with...


Sur La Table Skewer Express Easy Kabob Prep Set

This kabob loader makes it faster, easier and less messy to put...


Sur La Table Dizzy Dog Hot Dog Spiral Cutter

Grilled hot dogs just got even tastier. The Dizzy Dog™ Hot...


Stars: 5.0

The Smoking Gun™ by Breville

An innovative tool from Breville, The Smoking Gun™ makes it...


Sur La Table Sauce Pot & Basting Brush Set

Ideal for using on the grill to add moisture and flavor, this set...


Sur La Table Magnetic Grilling Spice Shakers, Set of 3

A must-have gift for any grill master, this spice shaker set makes ...


Sur La Table 2-Probe Wireless Grilling and Smoking Thermometer Set

Monitor your grill—or oven, or smoker—from up to 300...


Sur La Table Propane Tank Gauge

This foolproof gauge will let you know at a glance how much...


Sur La Table Mesh Scrubber Grill Brush

This mesh scrubber grill brush is a safer alternative for cleaning ...


Sur La Table Grill Dozer

Keep your grill clean with the power of steam. The Grill Dozer...


Sur La Table Triple Grill Light with Cover

The cookout doesn’t always end when the sun begins to set!...


All-Clad Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set

All-Clad’s BBQ tool set is the ideal gift for your favorite...


Stars: 1.0

Sur La Table Soft Grip Basting Brush

Ideal for basting poultry, steaks and more, this essential brush...


Sur La Table Soft Grip Spatula

Perfectly balanced for safely turning, flipping and moving foods...


Sur La Table Soft Grip Locking Tongs

Designed with scalloped edges so you can grip and transport food...


Sur La Table Soft Grip Grill Brush

As every professional griller knows, the secret to great grilling...


Sur La Table Pakkawood Spatula

Large durable pakkawood and stainless steel spatula features a...


Sur La Table Pakkawood Fish Spatula

Fun and durable pakkawood and stainless steel spatula features a...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table Pakkawood Grill Brush

This is one of the best tools we’ve found for a tough job...


Sur La Table Pakkawood Tongs

Durable tongs are made of stainless steel and...


Sur La Table Salt Block Holder

Our salt block holder is a safer and easier way to transport our...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Our Smoker Box allows you to use even more wood chips— and...


Sur La Table Hasselback Potato Prep Set

Baked or grilled Hasselback potatoes are a crispier, more...


Stars: 4.1

Sur La Table Pro Ceramic Chicken Roaster with Poultry Puller

Great for cooking moist, delicious chicken in the oven or on the...


Sur La Table 3-Tier Plank Holder with Cedar Planks

Grilling on wood planks infuses food with the subtle, delicate...


Sur La Table Smoke Pucks, Set of 2

A space-saving alternative to traditional wood chip smokers, these ...


Sur La Table S’Mores Basket

Prepare everyone’s favorite summertime treat in an...


Sur La Table Adjustable Burger Press

Simple-to-use nonstick burger press lets you adjust burger sizes...


Stars: 3.5

Sur La Table® Stainless-Steel Skewers, Set of 6

Sturdy stainless steel skewers are perfect for kebabs, satays and...


Sur La Table Flexible Locking Skewers, Set of 4

Locking flexible skewers make easy work of marinating, cooking and ...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table Bear Claw Meat Shredders/Lifters

This versatile tool is perfect for lifting and moving roasts and...


Stars: 4.0

Sur La Table Barbecue Grill Hands, Set of 2

The ultimate way to stay safe and work quickly while grilling...


Stars: 4.5

Black Leather Grill Gloves, Set of 2

Move hot grill grates, add a log to the campfire, adjust grill...


Stars: 1.0

Charcoal Companion Travel Bug Zapper

Keep pests at bay during your next barbecue or al fresco pizza...


Sur La Table Wood Chip Sampler

Adding wood chips while grilling takes the flavor of any food to...


Sur La Table Wood Pellet Sampler Pack, Set of 3

Most wood chips need to be soaked for hours before use, making it...


Stars: 5.0

Port-Soaked Oak Wood Chips

Made from port-soaked oak barrels used in the great wineries of...


Brandy-Soaked Oak Wood Chips

Made from brandy-soaked oak barrels used in the great wineries of...


Bradley Smoker Bisquettes, 120 Pack

Specially made for Bradley Smokers, these all-natural hardwood...

$39.95 - $44.95

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes, 48 Pack

Specially made for Bradley Smokers, these all-natural hardwood...


The Smoking Gun™ Classic Wood Chips, Set of Four

This all-natural, kiln-dried assortment of wood chips is...


Sur La Table Stainless Steel Steak Button Thermometers

Rare? Medium? Well-done? Use these inventive little steak...


Stars: 4.0

Sur La Table Bluetooth Dual-Probe BBQ Thermometer & Timer

Engineered for home cooks who want both control and flexibility...


Sur La Table Instant-Read Thermometer with Bottle Opener

Just the thing for on-the-go grilling or tailgating, this compact...


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