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The Revol Collection: pretty and practical dinnerware and serveware made in France

All Revol

Revol Belle Cuisine Rectangular Roasting Dish

$69.95 - $184.95

Stars: 5.0

All-Clad Copper Core Saucepan, 3 qt.

Born of the U.S. steel age in 1967, Clad Metals found its roots in a small, metallurgical company that specialized in formulating bonded metals for a variety of industries. Company founder, John Ulam, realized that the combination of dissimilar metals delivered superior results that no individual metal could...

Now: $199.96

Was: $329.95

Stars: 5.0

Revol Grands Classiques Lion Head Soup Bowl, Set of 4


Revol Belle Cuisine Salad Bowl


Revol Grands Classiques Bowl, Set of 4


Stars: 3.5

Revol Grands Classiques Provence Olive Oil Bottles

$39.95 - $59.95

Stars: 3.0

Revol Grands Classiques Provence Vinegar Bottle


Revol Revolution Black Round Cocotte

$164.95 - $219.95

Revol Revolution Green Round Cocotte

$164.95 - $219.95

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Grande Griddle


Stars: 4.4

Revol Revolution Seychelles-Yellow Oval Cocotte, 4¾ qt.


Revol Grands Classiques 16-Piece Dinnerware Set


Stars: 4.0

Revol Basalt Round Plate


Stars: 5.0

Revol Grands Classiques Alaska Charger, Set of 4


Stars: 5.0

Revol Grands Classiques Alaska Soup Plate, Set of 4


Stars: 4.7

Revol Belle Cuisine Covered Rectangular Terrine


Revol Revolution White Round Casserole

$164.95 - $249.95

Revol Basalt Square Platter


Revol Revolution Red Oval Casserole, 4¾ qt.


Revol Revolution Red Round Casserole

$164.95 - $249.95

Revol Revolution Satin-Black Oval Casserole, 4¾ qt.

The Revol story began in Saint-Uze, in the heart of France’s Rhone Valley, in 1789. In a region of France known for its red sandstone, brothers Joseph-Marie and Francois Revol started to manufacture a much harder-wearing white stoneware from local mineral deposits. A few years later, the Revol factory...


Revol Revolution Satin-Black Round Casserole

$164.95 - $249.95

Revol Revolution Seychelles-Yellow Oval Casserole, 4¾ qt.


Revol Revolution Yellow Round Casserole

$164.95 - $249.95

Revol Crème Brûlée Dish, 4 oz.


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