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Miyabi Fusion

The Best of East & West

We worked with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto in Japan to develop this exclusive collection, a true fusion of centuries of Eastern and Western cutlery expertise. Beautiful, razor-sharp, finished by hand.


True-damascus blade: 65 layers create a beautiful pattern.


Ergonomic, ambidextrous handles; triple-riveted for strength.


Eye-catching detail on the spine is only one of the signature touches.

Handcrafted in Japan

only at sur la table

  • finished by master craftsmen
  • Traditional Honbazuke edge
  • Ice-Hardened for toughness
  • Forged 65-Layer Construction

Each knife features an extremely hard and lasting edge, optimally sharpened to 9½-12 degree angles on each side. Lovingly crafted down to each exclusive detail—a graceful Damascus pattern exposes the meticulously layered steel and our rounded spine and blade heel are gentler on fingers and hands.


Basic Knife Skills with Shun


In this workshop class that covers all the knife basics, we'll show you how to use what many consider to be the chef's most important tool. More »

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