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Lékué Popcorn Maker

Pop a healthy snack in less than three minutes with this microwaveable popcorn maker. Simply fill the silicone bowl with up to ⅓-cup unpopped popcorn kernels, cover with the lid, and microwave for two to three minutes (microwave power and cooking times vary), or until kernels are no longer popping. Mix in your favorite spice blend or topping and enjoy! Container collapses for space-saving storage. Includes tasty recipes for curry, herb and honey-nut popcorn.

Click here for instructions and recipes.


Times and Locations: Lékué Popcorn Maker

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Works incredibly well
I am very impressed with this item! All the popcorn popped in less than 2 minutes in my microwave. I just put the kernels in the bowl, popped them, and added a little salt at the end. Next time I will probably add melted butter at the end for more flavor.

I really like that this popper is collapsible too. I had a glass microwave popcorn maker in the past that didn't pop the popcorn very well and it took up a lot of space in the cabinet. This one works much better.
October 28, 2014
Well done Lekue!
Saw an email from SLT that had this item on it and knew I had to buy it and try it. Works very well - pops in about 2 minutes. I had set my microwave for 3 minutes, but stopped it with 45 seconds left and had a few burnt pieces. Which means next time I'll set the zapper for 2 minutes. I LOVE that this is collapsible because I had the glass popcorn popper and broke it. it was also difficult to find a storage space for it. If you like the convenience of microwave popcorn, but not all the additives in store bought products, you need this bowl!
November 18, 2014
Love it!
I use it almost everyday for a healthy afternoon snack. I love it so much, I am buying them to make Popcorn Christmas Gift Baskets. I'll add popcorn, seasonings, and a bowl to the gift basket. Perfect!
November 26, 2014
1 year ago
Great popcorn!!
This is a wonderful invention - I love it!
Be sure to stop your microwave when there are 2 - 3 seconds between pops and nothing ever burns, which was a problem with other poppers. Yes, there are some old maids, but I'll happily sacrifice those kernels for unburned popcorn!
It's easy to clean and especially easy to store since it collapses. The last time I used it, I added some fine sea salt and a small amount of sugar to the popper and it tasted sensational. I'm looking forward to trying other seasoning, too.
November 28, 2014
1 year ago
Really fantastic product!
I received this as a gift and it works even better than I expected. Toss in a quarter-cup of kernels, a tablespoon of oil, a big pinch of salt and away you go. In my microwave, 2 minutes was perfect. You can hold the bowl even when it is very hot, and cleaning is is really easy. Stores in a slot above the microwave. Love this!
December 29, 2014
No Buyer's Remorse!
We just got this on a whim and absolutely love it! Popcorn tasted great, no burnt kernels, easy to use and clean. and no storage issues unlike the typical popcorn popper. No buyer's remorse with this product at all!
December 9, 2014
5 stairs but be careful of steam when removing
I love this to death. My favorite way to make and eat popcorn. The only problem is when you remove it from the microwave it is very easy to get a steam burn as the tendency is to grab the bowl by the top, therefore letting a little steam escape as you pull aimed directly at your finger. As long as you are aware you won't burn yourself, but just be careful.
March 1, 2015
1 year ago
Perfect popper!
This is the best microwave popcorn popper! In fact, just as good as stove popped, and much healthier! I repop the few remaining old maid kernels and they even pop! Great invention, and the bowl collapses for easy storage and the lid can be used to reheat other microwave foods! I bought additional poppers for the whole family.
December 12, 2014
Healthier popcorn
This is the best microwave popcorn popper! I can pop corn in it without oil, but I usually brush a tiny bit of oil on the bottom of the bowl before adding popcorn. It pops beautifully and then the few kernels that didn't pop can be repopped. When finished, the bowl collapses and storage is minimal.
February 10, 2015
1 year ago
Never make popcorn on the stove again!
Wow is this a great popcorn maker without oil. I use the 'popcorn' setting on my microwave and I watch carefully in order to immediately remove the popcorn maker as soon as the popping stops. The bowl is quite hot so I remove with oven mitts near the base of the maker as that's more stable than the floppy silicon sides and dump it upside down lid and all into my large popcorn bowl in order to get the corn out before any burn. The instructions call for 1/4 cup of oil but that is far too much. I have a feeling you could make it completely oil free and it would work. I went through a process of successively reducing the amount of oil I put in there and am down to 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil along with a pinch of sea salt and just under 1/2 cup of popcorn. I love this. The popcorn tastes delicious and the clean up is effortless due the tiny amount of oil. If you have a crowd wanting popcorn you would have to make 2 or 3 batches but well worth the trouble.
October 18, 2015
1 year ago
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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
Love this popcorn maker! Decided to buy a second so we don't have to wait so long between batches!
Carol S on Jul 21, 2016
The Lekue is so easy and healthy. There is not any additional oil. And it works wonderfully.
Treena C on Jul 11, 2016
Love this popcorn maker! Decided to buy a second so we don't have to wait so long between batches!
Carol S on Jul 21, 2016
chose for a shower gift that was included on wedding registry.
Carol S on Jul 14, 2016
The Lekue is so easy and healthy. There is not any additional oil. And it works wonderfully.
Treena C on Jul 11, 2016
Received a notice on my phone. All reviews were good. I wanted another way to make healthier microwave popcorn
Joan L on Jul 10, 2016
Microwave bags are supposed to be less than healthy. I don't want a bulky popper that takes up a lot of storage space. Worth a try!
Christina H on Jul 5, 2016
Sounded good to me. This popcorn maker is pricey compared to several others, but this time I'm going for the brand. I believe that Lekue stands by their products. I have not found fault with any of their products. ( P.S. Red is my favorite color.)
Patricia D on Jun 27, 2016
gwen l on Jun 11, 2016
Good reviews for healthy option
Jeff E on Jun 6, 2016
friend told us about this
Norma D on May 24, 2016
Like making microwave popcorn without the bags and chemicals most prepacked types have.
Leslie S on May 22, 2016
positive reviews.
gerald g on May 17, 2016
Makes perfect popcorn every time - and so easy! Works well without oil, too. The perfect high school graduation gift - an essential dorm item!
Sally S on May 17, 2016
There were so many 5 star reviews that I had to try it. I also purchased one for a friend.
Gwendolyn R on May 14, 2016
It had a good review.
Miki S on May 11, 2016
Good review's. Better then using a bowl with no cover.
carol c on May 10, 2016
I love this popcorn popper. No need to use any oil. popcorn always pops great.
Topbrass R on May 6, 2016
I have one and love it. I got another one for myself and 2 for gifts
Drew C on May 5, 2016
Can't wait to try it - love that it's collapsible
SIMONE P on May 1, 2016
This is an awesome product! It makes delicious popcorn, and it's very easy to use.
Marsha M on Apr 25, 2016
I have one and love it! Sending to a friend.
CORRINNE L on Apr 23, 2016
I have one, people liked it; getting them gifts
Yaron G on Apr 16, 2016
because of all the good reviews
Mary S on Apr 14, 2016
Oil free popcorn.
Dagmar S on Apr 14, 2016
Ability to make healthy popcorn in a collapsible container that makes storage easy
Lori B on Apr 3, 2016
microwave safe and really like this product
Rebecca P on Mar 29, 2016
It's a healthier way of making popcorn, and everyone gave it rave reviews.
Judi L on Mar 27, 2016
ease of use and stores easily
Marilyn L on Mar 25, 2016
I have it and love it, my daughter wanted one too!
Lynn M on Mar 9, 2016
I have a microwave popper which I'm not happy with. When the kernels really start to pop the pressure of all the popped corn popping up against the lid moves the lid and unpopped kernels land up outside of the bowl. So I'm hoping I won't have that problem with this one.
Eleanor G on Feb 22, 2016
Looks like an interesting alternative to hot air popper.
MICHAEL C on Feb 15, 2016
I read some of the reviews
Rae Ann L on Feb 6, 2016
husband loves popcorn..this will be better than the packaged microwave stuff
dolores c on Dec 29, 2015
Read the blog and it sounded good and easy to use.
Debra H on Dec 28, 2015
We miss our occasional popcorn nights, now that we no longer have any of our old popcorn makers. We don't need the large volume any longer and this looks compact, easily storable, and is a material that seems to be safe.
Grammy B on Dec 19, 2015
I received this popcorn maker as a gift and I love it. I use it with coconut oil and it makes delicious popcorn.
Shawn J on Dec 16, 2015
I love popcorn, but not the commercial microwave kind. This should allow us to easily make tasty and healthy popcorn snacks.
Judith R on Dec 16, 2015
Husband on diet, eats popcorn as treat, have three other Lekue products and love them! Use them all the time.
Sandra W on Dec 15, 2015
Wanted something to easy to make popcorn, so I thought I would give this a try. Really love it. Bought 3 more and gave them as gifts.
Anneliese G on Dec 15, 2015
own one giving this one for a gift it's great
Donnette J on Dec 11, 2015
I like that it is made of silicone and not glass.Looks easy to use and is collapsible. And could be used as the serving bowl. My wife should be happy with this since I broke her glass popper.
Thomas D on Dec 5, 2015
It was mentioned in a magazine article and when I searched i found It has a much better revue than the other one I was considering; even tho it is a little more expensive, i think it is a better product.
LEONA T on Dec 4, 2015
This is really awesome. Love it. The popcorn is perfect. It's so easy to use and clean.
Karlyn N on Nov 27, 2015
My daughter-in-law saw it in your catalog and asked me to buy it for her birthday. She and the children love it!
Rosemar W on Nov 26, 2015
We love popcorn but could no longer justify the store-bought microwave popcorn with all the risky chemicals, huge amounts of salt and unwanted calories. We wanted a healthy and simple way to to enjoy popcorn again. This popper is easy to use, makes fluffy, delicious popcorn and it is its own bowl. What's not to like?
Ann W on Nov 22, 2015
easy to use, clean up fast and make a truly healthy snack.
Barbara B on Nov 18, 2015
Christmas gift. Good success with other Leuke products.
Brigitte G on Nov 15, 2015
Recent information regarding the health issues associated with bagged microwave popcorn made me look for an alternative for my family and friends.
Alan W on Nov 9, 2015
Make popcorn without the chemicals!
REBECCA G on Nov 8, 2015
we love popcorn! this looks easy and healthier!
lucy s on Nov 7, 2015
Friend recommended this one and I love the Lékué brand. Want a healthy snack and typical microwave popcorn is not that.
KATHLEEN B on Nov 5, 2015
chose for a shower gift that was included on wedding registry.
Carol S on Jul 14, 2016
Received a notice on my phone. All reviews were good. I wanted another way to make healthier microwave popcorn
Joan L on Jul 10, 2016
Breville instruction manual (page 10) says that popcorn cannot be popped in the microwave unless it is commercially packaged. I would love this silicone popper, but can I use it without damaging the microwave?
A shopper on Nov 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: If the Breville Microwave does not recommend it, then I wouldn't suggest risking it, as it would void your warranty.
The instructions mention using oil - is this necessary? Or can you use this popper without oil to keep it as healthy as possible?
Diana E on Nov 27, 2014
BEST ANSWER: We pop without oil (our recipe is 1/2 c. popcorn, 1 tsp. salt). Only caution is not to pop for too long - 3 minutes max on high works for us. Otherwise we get burnt kernels.
Can this item be used for other things, like heating soup in the microwave?
A shopper on Dec 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I wouldn't. I don't think it is sturdy enough for anything heavier than popcorn.
Does it hold 2 quarts of popped corn? Looks small?
Linda B on Nov 16, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It pops 1/3 cup of unpopped kernels, which makes about 3 quarts of popcorn.
Is this product BPA-free?
K P on Dec 5, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this popcorn popper is BPA free.
If anyone know the answer to this, it would be appreciated. 1000W Whirlpool microwave, I am currently using 1/4 cup kernels and one tbsp. of oil set at 2:10, and I am still getting about 70 kernels at the bottom that are burnt. I have put it at 2:30, but it totally burned the entire batch of popcorn. I really don't want to put it past 2:10 because that is where I am hearing pops more than 2-3 seconds apart. Help?
A shopper on May 14, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I had the same problem with my Bosch 1000w, so I reduced the heat to setting 8. Most of the kernels pop now and nothing gets burned. It takes changer though, almost 4 minutes for me.
Will the Lekue Popcorn Maker work in my 1000 watt microwave?
Betsy T on Dec 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, but only cook at 800 watts by lowering the power and cooking for 2 minutes, the time indicated. I have a 1200 watt microwave and I cook popcorn at power 5, for 2 minutes.
can you use oil in it?
A shopper on Dec 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can use oil. In fact the recipes included with the popper recommend using 1T of oil for best flavor. I have even added a combination of oil and butter plus fluer de sel so that the popped corn has a nice buttery/salty flavor without without having to drizzle and deal with sogginess. This is the best popper and I highly recommend it.
can you use it in a 700 watt microwave? Allowed in residence halls/dorms?
A shopper on Nov 27, 2014
BEST ANSWER: 3 tablespoons of popcorn pop in 2.5 minutes in my 1100 watt microwave. That would be equivalent to 3.56 minutes in a 700 watt oven
There are online calculators to adjust other recipes by searching for cooking time by microwave watt.
Be sure the 6" height will fit your microwave.
By the way, it makes fabulous popcorn! There are some old maids, but it you stop it when there are 2 or 3 seconds between pops , it never burns anything! I love that it collapses and is easy to wash, too. Good luck!
does this contain bpa?
A shopper on Jan 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No. It's made of silicone, which is naturally BPA free.
How do I clean burnt popcorn smell from the bowl and lid?
James S on Jan 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I suggest soaking the popper bowl and lid in hot, soapy water with a TBSP of baking soda added to the wash water, for about an hour, then run it through a dishwasher cycle. I wash mine in the dishwasher each time I use it.