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Fearless Baker Workshop

Ages 18 and Older
Many accomplished cooks feel less than confident when it comes to baking, so we’ve created a fun and engaging 4-hour intensive baking class designed to turn everyone into fearless bakers.

Based on the definitive and approachable guidebook for bakers, The Fearless Baker, this workshop is designed to help you whip up a variety of amazing baked treats to delight family and friends. This seminal baking book was written by renowned Bay Area pastry chef Emily Luchetti. A James Beard award-winner, Chef Luchetti has over two decades of experience creating what many consider to be among the finest desserts in the world. Luchetti walks bakers through 175 sophisticated but simple-to-follow recipes and troubleshoots common baking problems with colorful illustrations and photographs of real bakers at work. Her friendly tone makes using it almost like having a professional pastry chef at your side, so home cooks can progress to more elaborate recipes and cooking techniques at their own pace.

In this hands-on intensive workshop, our chef instructors will help students master the basics of measuring, mixing, assembling and baking a variety of baked favorites, including velvety crème brulee, a succulent lemon pound cake, and a decadent chocolate hazelnut torte. You’ll learn how to approach and execute any baking recipe with skill and confidence as you discover how to properly work with basic baking ingredients and tools.

Join us for this special class based on this legendary cookbook to build your confidence and become a truly fearless baker at home.

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