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Solemn Oath Extract Homebrew Class

Ages 21 and Older
Are you hooked on craft beer? Have you ever wondered how to brew your favorite styles? Is there a home brewing kit collecting dust in your closet? Solemn Oath Brewing, in Naperville is hosting a home brewing class in our kitchen, just for you. Led by Assistant Brewer and experienced educator Paul Schneider, this hands-on class will guide you through an extract homebrew from start-to-finish. You'll learn the contribution of each beers ingredients to its final appearance, aroma, flavor and mouthfeel. Paul will help you understand the process of getting each ingredient to do its job properly and, you'll learn how to not mess everything up! Ultimately, you will leave our kitchen with a serious appreciation for the brewer's art.

Photo by Michael Kiser, used by permission. For more information, please see

Times and Locations: Solemn Oath Extract Homebrew Class