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Sur La Table Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 qt.

Designed for dishes requiring long, slow cooking, our generously sized oven enables you to easily braise large cuts of meat or prepare soups, stews, chili and a wide variety of other delicious one-pot meals. Thanks to the colorful enamel finish, this oven also doubles as an attractive serving dish.

A remarkable value, Sur La Table cookware is designed to exceed the expectations of both accomplished and novice cooks. Capitalizing on our familiarity with the world’s top cookware, we selected the best features for our signature oven. Updated to be 35% lighter than earlier models, our oven’s unmatched versatility and superior cooking performance make it a multipurpose vessel that you’ll use every day.

Times and Locations: Sur La Table Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 qt.

4.7 / 5.0
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Great size and weight
Love this dutch oven--I even have two of them. I use them for making oatmeal, heating up frozen soups, sauces, and bread. Love that's it;s not too heavy to maneuver. Have two of them so I can make a loaf of bread in one and heat up left-over soup in the other.
February 10, 2016
10 months ago
Best ever purchase!
This was the best purchase ever, have a knock off for at least 15 years and received a very expe sive le cuesuet oval dutch oven several years ago. Of course, i could not afford to buy the 5 qrt of that brand. Both of mine were very heavy. But this new oven is now my go too. Totally a first class light weith dream pot! Highly recommend! Best part, got it in a flash sale!
March 9, 2016
9 months ago
Beautiful Blue Color, Great Price
I have only used this Dutch Oven once so far- for baking bread.
I was concerned about putting it in the oven at 500 degrees, but it was perfectly fine! This is a lighter weight, beautiful piece that I'm sure will last for many years to come.
May 16, 2016
7 months ago
Beautiful and practical
This Dutch oven is the perfect size for small to medium dishes. I bought the blue version, and the color is a beautiful, rich, deep navy - attractive enough for table service. The price is incredible for a piece this good.
May 13, 2016
7 months ago
Have used it a number of times to make breakfast casseroles and made a great stew.
June 23, 2016
6 months ago
Very versatile
I liked mine so much, I bought 2 more for my daughters. It's heavy duty enough for roasts, soups & stews.
August 11, 2016
4 months ago
Lightweight Cast iron oven
We are just beginning to see the functionality in this dutch oven. it is, indeed, light weight compared to most cast iron products. The finish is not even and we actually returned the first to arrive due to patches with exposed cast iron where the porcelain coating had been either improperly applied or chipped off. We are watching for this. So far it appears easy to clean. We are wary of the handles as they are as hot as the pot and we are also working out what to put it on that will stop it from sliding around the table but still allow for passing. Any ideas?
July 27, 2016
Not All It Cracked Up To Be. You Get What You Pay For.
I couldnot wait for this to arrive but it is very disappointing. Hard to clean. Easily stains. I do not understand all the rave reviews through which I based my purchase decision.

Enamel color not even, plus my lid came with a big chip and several small chips, I'm very careful with it, but the edges look thin and fragile, more chips are probable. Edges on pot and lid are "bare" cast iron, not matte enamel/ceramc of other manufacturers, so you need to apply oil or expect rusting (fingerless of rust run down inside the pot in some cooking applications).

It is a nice size. Lighter weight for the thinner cast iron. But, you get what you pay for. I am working with this, trying to get this to work. I'm leaning toward returning this and saving up for one was th easier cleaning.
August 19, 2016
4 months ago
Light weight cast iron pot
I highly recommend the Sur La Table light weight cast iron pot. I used it for making soups and stews and fried onions and sautéed vegetables and the pot was very easy to clean. It is just heavy enough to create delicious meals and light enough that I don't think twice about lifting it from the bottom cabinet and using it.
September 6, 2016
3 months ago
I have used my light weight cast iron Dutch oven on the stove top and in the oven and it works well. It is easier to handle and clean.
August 16, 2016
4 months ago
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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
SurcLa Table is an excellent brand at a very good price
Mary M on Dec 4, 2016
Sale Price. Hoping Sur La Table is selling a reliable, durable product.
ADNAN Q on Nov 30, 2016
SurcLa Table is an excellent brand at a very good price
Mary M on Dec 4, 2016
Still love it. Working out great!
Melanie J on Dec 3, 2016
Sale Price. Hoping Sur La Table is selling a reliable, durable product.
ADNAN Q on Nov 30, 2016
size and don't have one
THOMAS R on Nov 30, 2016
got one as gift & love it. getting another!
Allison G on Nov 29, 2016
It is a gift and I have enjoyed mine.
Sharon S on Nov 29, 2016
Wedding gift
Maureen D on Nov 18, 2016
This is the best pot in the world for a family of two or four
Toynetta J on Nov 5, 2016
Love this! We use it for just about everything. Cooks so evenly, cleans so easily, and is so pretty. Just ordered the bigger size!
Terrie W on Nov 4, 2016
need dutch oven for tomato products to use in breville convection oven
Sherrill D on Oct 30, 2016
Love that it's light weight. Replaces a badly chipped Le Crueset that cost much more.
Kathleen M on Oct 21, 2016
The items were on sale and I love to cook in cast iron dutch ovens. As I already own 4 Le Creuset Dutch ovens - I was curious as to how your brand would comparably hold up. Unfortunately I haven't used them yet - so I can't tell you if they work to my satisfaction.
Judith M G on Oct 18, 2016
Functionality per customer reviews.
Edith H on Oct 18, 2016
don't have one and want to make bread. need a pan that can take 450 + degrees. that's why i bought this one. the price, though still expensive for me, is still cheaper than the other brands.

thank you
Loretta V on Oct 16, 2016
quality, color and size
Kathleen M on Oct 16, 2016
I need a lightweight dutch oven
Susan N on Oct 16, 2016
Seemed like a good price, liked the lightweight feature, and reviews were excellent. Bought this mostly for risotto, but expect I'll find other uses once I have it.
G O on Oct 15, 2016
I need one pot in this size
Irene H on Oct 14, 2016
I found this online. I have RA and I can't lift on the regular cast iron dutch oven. I am excited to see how well this one works.
Karen M on Oct 13, 2016
I was looking for an enamel cast iron pan for pot roasts. This works beautifully.
Annemarie C on Oct 11, 2016
Price and quality!
Jeffrey G on Oct 9, 2016
Lightweight & Pricing
Ivette T on Oct 9, 2016
gift for my daughter
Joyce J on Oct 8, 2016
I've been wanting this Dutch oven for some time, and the sale price provided the incentive I needed to place an order!
Lydia M on Oct 5, 2016
I gave up cast iron because of its weight.
I miss using it, and look forward to this lighter piece .
Pam E on Oct 5, 2016
Because it looks like something we could use and I have another piece and like it.
Patti D on Oct 4, 2016
I saw this in my email and it's light weight and the price is very good including the free shipping. I read the reviews compared to the Le Creuset Marseille Saucier. I would hope in the future they would make a 2qt or 3 qt sauce pan. I also have a few Le Creuset pans. The review was very helpful for people that already purchased Le Creuset because I already have some and this helped me.
suzanne van l on Oct 4, 2016
it was recommended on "Cook the Seasons"
Sharon F on Sep 26, 2016
Everyone needs one of these in their kitchen. This versatile 5qt cast iron dutch oven is perfect for braising roasts and chickens, making soups and stews, stove top deep frying, and honestly just about anything else. It's lightweight so it's easy to get into and out of the oven yet sturdy enough to take on the job in the best kitchens. The colors are great and are a showpiece when cooking. I've fallen in love with these and bought one for every member of my family.
Matthew F on Sep 22, 2016
I read lots of reviews for this item before purchasing. It seemed to be a great price as well!
Hannah A on Sep 21, 2016
This looks like a great deal!!! I've been wanting to purchase a dutch oven for awhile!
Pamela A on Sep 21, 2016
I always wanted this Dutch oven and the sale price and free shipping made it too good to pass up. Plus I always like shopping at Sur La Table. I usually shop at the store but the free shipping saved me a trip to the mall!
Ginger88 on Sep 21, 2016
Lighter weight, good reviews
Lisa T on Sep 20, 2016
Christmas gift
Beverly P on Sep 20, 2016
Been looking for a blue dutch oven for sometime, but did not want one of the expensive brands. This really hit the spot and the reviews were certainly keen on it. Hope they are correct. I use my old orange one all the time.
Victoria D on Sep 19, 2016
Just bought this for my daughter because I love mine so much!!!
jean s on Sep 19, 2016
good price hope it as good as the hight priced ones
pat w on Sep 19, 2016
Wanted it!!!!
Kay V on Sep 19, 2016
Says it is 35% lighter.
Leena C on Sep 19, 2016
I've always wanted a dutch oven, it was now the right price.
Veronica T on Sep 19, 2016
I have a larger one and wanted the smaller one.
PEGGY T on Sep 19, 2016
Because it is light weight cast iron dutch oven. The reviews are also very impressive.
Indra A on Sep 18, 2016
great price
joe w on Sep 18, 2016
My old LeCreuset finally gave up, the finish inside was gone and the lid handle fell off. Couldn't afford to replace it and this one looks like it will work just as well.
JULIE R on Sep 18, 2016
I have wanted a Dutch Oven for a long time, but they are usually quite expensive. This purchase allowed me to obtain one at a very reasonable price. I am very happy and can't want to receive it.
Rosemarie D on Sep 18, 2016
The Flash sale and the discount
Stacey W on Sep 18, 2016
color and reviews
Kathleen D on Sep 18, 2016
Color I chose is not listed in my order confirmation.
Marie D on Sep 18, 2016
I'd been wanting one but felt they were too expensive to try. The price cut made it easier for me to say give it a try.
Cathy B on Sep 18, 2016
It is lightweight, I love Cast Iron Dutch and it is on sale.
Karen W on Sep 18, 2016
Still love it. Working out great!
Melanie J on Dec 3, 2016
size and don't have one
THOMAS R on Nov 30, 2016
Is it Made in China?
LING WEN H on Dec 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is.
How much does the 5Qt. weigh?
A shopper on Oct 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It is not light, but not heavy for cast iron of this size.
I just got mine and weighed it on a digital and old spring kitchen scale.
Lid = 2 lbs & 3.5 oz.
Pot = 5 lbs & 12 oz.
Together = 8 lbs.
Can this be used on flat top ranges?
Michelle S on Oct 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes it can.
How long is the limited life warranty for?
James M on Apr 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It's for as long as you own the pan, but it only covers manufacturer's issues, not misuse or owner error.
Can you use this on a gas range (vs. an electric flat top range) with direct flame?
Robyn K on Nov 2, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have used it on direct flame on my gas range. The instructions enclosed with the Dutch oven correctly advise that you allow the pan to heat gradually, rather that heating it fast on high and then turning it down. That is good advice, as overheating the pan may result in food burning or sticking, although I doubt it would hurt the pan itself.
Can you put the entire Dutch Oven into the oven? Up to what temperature?
A shopper on Nov 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: According to the instructions enclosed with this piece, it can be used in an oven at any temperature, although personally I have used it only at a max of 475F. At that temperature, it worked fine.
Does the inside of the lid have bumps on it like the more expensive brands?
Judith B on Jan 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it does not, but neither does my $450 Le Creuset Dutch oven. I personally think the bumps are a marketing ploy - they make no difference, and I certainly would not pay extra for them.
Can this Dutch oven be used for deep frying?
A shopper on Jul 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes I can- I made delicious fried chicken- I send peanut oil. My pot maintained even heating throughout and I cleaned it with Dawn Platinum
Can it be used to bake breads?
Paula P on Jan 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it sure can. I have used it for virtually everything that I used my Druware cast-iron on for the last 30 years. It cooks just as well, but it won't hold foods hot for as long on the table as it's heavier Dutch cousin. But at half the weight and a fraction of the cost, it is a great value.
Is it easy to clean ?
A shopper on Jul 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, very easy to clean. Just let it soak in hot soapy water first and it comes right off. No strenuous scrubbing required.
Will it fit an entire chicken?
A shopper on Sep 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I haven't cooked a whole chicken so I can't say for certain, but I don't think it would fit. It would have to be a pretty small chicken.
Is it safe to store cooked food in this pot in the refrig once the pot cools?
A shopper on Jul 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have stored food in it in fridge with no ill effects. It was a beef stew wuth lots of leftovers. I kept the pot in fridge 4 days till food was gone.
Would this be good for Indian dish called Biriyani...rice and meat slow cooked in steam?
Sonali B on Oct 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I believe so, I have never prepared Biriyani but looking the recipes on line, I do not see why it cannot be prepared in this vessel- this vessel heats very evenly and can be used on stovetop and in the oven- hope this helps
what is the name of the brand? Where is the product made?
A shopper on Jul 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I bought this for a Christmas gift for the upcoming Christmas season. As far as I know it is part of the Sur La Table cookware and it looks like a good quality piece. I have not looked to see where it is made. I'm sure Sur La Table could tell you.
Can you use this with induction cooktops?
A shopper on Jan 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I purchased one and I have induction. It cooks so well I'm now shopping for their bigger 8qt. size with grill pan lid. The blue is beautiful.
What is the outer diameter of the base?
Michelle H on Oct 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Outer base is 8.5". I have this pot and love it - great value.
Is this available in stores?
Cindy on Jul 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Negative.Online Only as stated on item page.
is it lead & cadmium free? If it is, I will buy 2!
Linda Lee on Jul 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is.
Does this come in 7 quart size?
Carol M on Dec 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: No, it doesn't.