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Everyday Kitchen Essentials - Three-Part Series

Ages 18 and Older

Good cooking starts with the right skills, the right tools and a little help from Sur La Table. These three concise, hands-on classes will help you make sense of the kitchen and get on the road to delicious meals.

Part I: Knife Skills/Introduction to the Kitchen- Master the cook's most important tool and get familiar with a supporting cast of kitchen essentials. We'll show you correct use and help you save time in the kitchen.

Part II: Cooking Methods- Roasting, baking, braising, sauteing and more -- the right cooking method makes a steak juicy, veggies tender-crisp and ribs fall off the bone. We'll break it all down.

Part III: Essential Recipes and Techniques- Discover time-tested recipes that get consistently great results. Plus, pick up helpful techniques you'll use every day and learn how to avoid common pitfalls.


Times and Locations: Everyday Kitchen Essentials - Three-Part Series