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Starbucks® Verismo™ Single-Cup Coffee and Espresso Makers

Verismo brings all your favorite Starbucks beverages home, with uncompromising quality and push-button simplicity. Drop in the revolutionary coffee or espresso pods and all-natural milk pods, choose your drink, and your favorite Starbucks beverage is ready in seconds.

The Verismo adjusts pressure according to whether you’re making an espresso or brewed coffee drink, to ensure barista-quality results. Verismo is heated and ready for use in less than 15 seconds.

The Verismo system uses high-pressure Swiss engineering to bring you true Starbucks espresso at home, anytime. Deep flavor, rich crema and all of the complexity of the espresso shots Starbucks pulls in their cafes.

When placed in Verismo, the Starbucks 100% real milk pod becomes creamy, sweet and perfectly steamed milk. Just add a Starbucks espresso pod to create a classic caffè latte.

Get the same high-quality Arabica coffee you love from Starbucks—roasted, ground and packed fresh in Verismo pods.

Your machine comes with the Verismo Welcome Kit, which includes four brewed coffee pods, four espresso pods, and two milk pods to get you started.

The height-adjustable drip tray allows for a range of cups, and the integrated rinse function keeps your beverages tasting fresh. The 1L water tank is easily removable for refilling.

Used pods are automatically placed in the built-in storage space (up to 10 pods). Exclusively designed for use with Verismo pods. 33.8 oz.; 14" h x 16" l x 15" w.

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  • Capacity: 33.8 oz.
  • Dimensions: 14" h x 16" l x 15" w
  • Material: BPA-free materials and stainless steel
  • Starbucks lattes, Starbucks espresso, Starbucks brewed coffee. Your home. Impossible until now.
  • The Verismo system uses Swiss-engineered high-pressure technology to ensure barista-quality results. It adjusts pressure according to whether your beverage is an espresso drink or brewed coffee
  • Uses a variety of classic Starbucks coffee and espresso roasts, including Pike Place Roast—only available at Sur La Table and Starbucks
  • Verismo is heated and ready for use in less than 15 seconds
  • Make the perfect caffè latte at home. A shot of dark, rich true espresso is mixed with Starbucks fresh-packed 100% milk pods to create creamy sweet real steamed milk
  • Uses the same high-quality Arabica coffee you love from Starbucks—roasted, ground and packed fresh in Verismo pods
  • Get the deep flavor, rich crema and all of the complexity of the espresso shots Starbucks pulls in their cafes
  • Enjoy the complete Starbucks experience at a fraction of the cost
  • Your machine comes with the Verismo Welcome Kit, which includes four brewed coffee pods, four espresso pods, and two milk pods to get you started
  • Height-adjustable drip tray allows for a range of cups
  • Integrated rinse function keeps your beverages tasting fresh
  • 1L water tank is easily removable for refilling
  • Machine automatically shuts itself off after 30 minutes to save energy
  • Used pods are automatically placed in the built-in storage space for easy cleanup
  • Stores up to 10 used pods
  • Machine is exclusively designed for use with Verismo pods
  • Made in China
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Not what I expected from Starbucks
I'm a long time user of Keurig coffee makers but thought it would be good to to try the new Verismo 580 as Starbucks has a reputation for quality. Sorry to say I'm very disappointed. It has not lived up to my expectation.

The Versimo system is not nearly as well designed as the Keurig system. It is noisy when brewing your beverages. Also, the water reservoir is positioned in the back of the machine which makes it difficult to fill when it is positioned against a wall. It also lacks a water filtration option which I like on my Keurig. Versimo also does not have a low water indicator. Keurig flashes a blue light in the reservoir when the water level is too low to brew another cup. I've wasted several cups when brewing a beverage not realizing the reservoir was nearly empty.

It makes very small servings even for lattes. It also requires you to pre-rinse your cup with hot water from the machine before brewing, then drop in a milk pod and press the milk button which produces frothed milk in your beverage cup. Then you eject the milk pod which continues to leak in the pod receptacle in the machine and insert the espresso pod. When you press the espresso button it takes a few seconds while the machine adjust the water temperature. Press the espresso button again and it dispenses a shot of espresso into the beverage cup. You then eject the spent espresso pod into the used pod receptacle. This pod also continues to leak into the receptacle container adding to the mess.

Wait, we are not done quite yet as the Verismo requires you to run a clean jet of hot water through the machine by pressing the espresso button after you have finished brewing your beverage. This cleans the dispenser head before you can brew your next beverage.

Once your beverage is prepared it is a passable espresso or latte. The milk Pod is not as good as the frothed milk you get at Starbucks or as good if you were to use a separate frother to froth your own using real milk. My personal preference is to use espresso pods in my Keurig brewer and froth my own milk in my frother.

Beverage tempeture is also less than satisfactory. The temps they use to brew may be optimal for brewing but I have yet to get through a cup of latte or espresso that is not luke warm before I finish my beverage.

I should also mention, as other users have experienced, sometimes the pods jam or puncture and drop into the dispensed beverage receptacle without being used. Such a waste for such pricy pods.

Then there is cost per cup. I'd estimate the Starbucks brews are about 70 cents per cup as compared to about 45 cents per cup for Keurig, (I buy mine at Costco for $$37 for 80 Kcups). Starbucks brews are even higher if you choose a double shot.

The biggest downside of this machine is the cleanup. Spent pods leave an abundant amount of leakage in the disposal tray. There is a significant amount of liquid which is a mixture of milk pods and espresso pods that collects in the spent pod receptacle. It needs to be cleaned almost after every use. If left it can become very smelly.

My advise, shop carefully if you are considering this machine. Visit a store that will demo it for you. Sample several cups to see if your satisfied with the beverage taste and temperature from beginning to end of drinking your beverage. Lastly make sure they run several beverages through the machine when they demo it so you can evaluate the mess and cleanup maintenance. This machine may be for you, but not for me. I'll stick with my Keurig. It's less expensive, and in my opinion makes better and hotter beverages, and there is no cleanup after ever beverage.

Also, don't just take my word for it. Look closely at other reviews for this product. You'll find many other disappointed buyers of this product with similar complaints. Shop wisely.

There are many other fine artisan coffee and espresso makers on the market, (Nespresso and others). Look at all of them within your price range.

Good luck finding a beverage maker that works for you
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November 21, 2012
My next machine!
I had the pleasure of demoing this machine and can say that I loved it! My latte came out as if I were standing in line at my usual Starbucks spot, except without the line, price tag or screaming babies. I was skeptical about milk from a pod but was pleasantly surprised that it was just as enjoyable as one used with standard milk. What I love most about this machine, is that unlike my current pod machine which only serves espresso, I can now get coffee and espresso out of one machine. In an already small and cluttered kitchen, reducing two machines into one while maintaining quality, is a swamp I am willing to make
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September 20, 2012
"Love Starbucks, so this had to be a winner!"
I have faithfully trusted Starbucks for my coffee habit for years, and when Via came out I felt they completely reinvented ""instant coffee"". I mean NO ONE can do it like they can. Just bought the Verismo today, brought it home, cleaned it and made my first latte. It's pretty good, but I'm not sure if its a keeper. I actually don't drink milk, and prefer soymilk, so I would love to see them offer that in the future. I also wound up using 2 espresso pods in my latte because I like my coffee ""killer strong"".

I'm thrilled that the machine is so simple to use, and I do have the option of adding another pod for stronger coffee - so that is perfect. I can always use my own soymilk and just brew coffee with Verismo (an option if I choose it). I'm just thinking is $200 for a machine that just brews worth me keeping it? Still thinking, but honestly it really does make a good cup - and if you don't mind running through pods like I probably would - you'll love this baby. Heck, come to think of it - at $1/each pod my strong latte ends up being cheaper than going into Starbucks and at least I didn't leave the comfort of home to get it!!!
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September 26, 2012
Love this product!
I love this machine. I have never owned a Keurig but I have had their coffee and always felt it was disappointing at best. I think the Verismo makes a great Espresso and a great cup of coffee. I love a Cafe Americano which is essentially a watered down espresso and I think this machine does a wonderful job on those. It is a little loud but so are my two children. I won't use the milk feature because I don't use dairy so I can't speak to the latte quality but honestly, the other two are amazing. My husband and I are both very happy with this purchase. If you are looking for a quick cup of coffee or an espresso, I really think you can't do better unless you invest in a very expensive espresso machine
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December 29, 2013
The VERISMO machine
I am a novice Starbucks customer who always orders only café latte's. I had been looking at some of my fiends with a Keurig machine and when I saw the Verismo on sale before Christmas and I bought it. Now I have finding out it is not popular any longer because a starbucks employee informed me after I expressed how frustrated I was to not be able to find the Verismo pods at any grocery store and could only find one brand at the Starbucks store. So, now I have a machine that can only fit Verismo pods and they are not making/selling very little while the stores and every market place has tons of Keurig pods.
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January 1, 2015

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