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Lékué Macaron Kit

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Special Offer: For a limited time, receive a free baking cookbook when you purchase $50 or more of Lékué bakeware.

This kit includes everything you’ll need to make the fabulous French treats at home—recipe booklet included. This simple-to-use eight-piece set includes: nonstick silicone mat, DecoMax Pen, six tips and a cap for easy storage.

The nonstick silicone mat has ridges to keep macarons from overlapping and is oven safe up to 428°F. Mat makes 24 macarons.

The DecoMax Pen easily and evenly dispenses batter. Pen can also be used to pipe borders and designs on desserts. The wide opening is easy to fill and easy to clean.

  • Manufactuer: Lékué
  • Includes: Nonstick silicone mat, recipe book, DecoMax Pen, six tips and a cap for easy storage
  • Material: Silicone. BPA-free
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Warranty: Lékué offers a 10 year warranty for manufacturer’s defects, and will replace any item with the same or similar item, if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use
  • Manufactured in Spain. Assembled in China
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Not entirely recommendable
The silicon is solid and everything seems to be of good quality and cleans nice and easy.

The baking sheet is by far the best part of the kit. It makes it easy to portion the macaron mixture, even though it still needs a bit of practice.
The container for the dough only works ok. Obviously it is supposed to work with air pressure and the container is not air tight enough. I had to open the lid several times while working (to 'refill' the air). I filled it not more than half, maybe that was too much.

I guess my biggest issue is that there is a lot of wasted dough in end because it just can't all be pushed out of the container and you still have get a good feeling for portioning.
So in the end I will use the baking sheet but I might use a piping bag for the mixture
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November 14, 2012
Waste of $$$
As a pastry chef I make macarons constantly, and I was looking for something to make my life a little easier. This was not it. (FYI - the recipes are awful, spend the money on Pierre Herme's book) the pan does not allow the macarons to dry out enough to get feet, it also buckles in the oven. This product went straight in the trash after the first use. Back to the reliable method that has been for 100's of years. Tip for you first time macaron bakers... Use a piece of parchment and the larger end of a piping tip as a template. Place another sheet of parchment on top and pipe your macarons. This pan is not worth the hassle
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February 6, 2014
Great Reusable Produce
Great kit - my biggest issue with making macaroons was piping even circles. I don't draw even circles so circles on parchment didn't work for me either. The silicone mat has made macarons a snap, and I love that the mat is reusable.

And though I heard a lot of people don't like the piping bag, I really like it. I don't like piping bags because I find them hard to wash and dry properly. This is easy to fill, and very easy to wash and dry. I haven't had a problem getting 99% of the batter out - sure it's not as easy as a traditional piping bag, but it's doable.

I like this kit so much I'm thinking of buying these as gifts this year
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October 22, 2013
good for beginners
got this as a gift last Mother's day and used it during my sister's birthday. The silicon mat was made for mini macarons and not the usual macaron sizes which i was expecting. But it was okay because being mini means you will be able to make lots of it. If you don't have the piping bag, the piping mold is fine esp for beginners. I don't see the use with the rest of the other pipes as you always sandwich macarons with a filing. Downside, you can't finish the rest of the filing in the brown pipe bag as you have to open it and spoon it out to make 4more macarons.
Anyway, making it the first time (made salted caramel flavor) for me was a success and looked like they were professionally made, and all in the kit were easy to clean.
Best part of the kit is having a recipe for it.
Overall, I'm giving it four stars and it is a keeper for me. I think the price of $40 is pricey
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May 26, 2013
Nice baking mat but....
Nice baking mat although the mini-macarones are even smaller than I imagined. Recipe book was small and the print so tiny I had to copy them at 200 % magnification to read them. Recipes were not good. Disappointed with product and will be returning it.
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August 10, 2013
unfortunately a waste
seems like a good idea but it isn't. The decomax container is rather hard to use and is near impossible to get all the batter out so you end up wasting some. Additionally, while the mat seems like a good idea to help you measure the right amount, I've never found macarons to rise perfectly on any silicone mat. This kit is clearly designed for beginners but I think it poses challenges that would make a beginner never want to make these cookies again and frankly, they aren't that hard. Get a pastry bag, some parchment paper and just practice
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May 5, 2014
Good for a start
This kit was good, the recipes tasted good, but the cookies never got the little ""feet"" on them. I did a little research and it was suggested that the silicone could be to blame. The non-stick silicone was nice and the batter dispenser is cute but a piping bag will work just the same with more control. All in all it's worth getting if you're new to macarons but in the long run you might find parchment and a piping bag to be a better valu
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October 21, 2013
no mat
Bought the kit for making large and accurate amounts of macaroons. Recipes come with that are not very good and the mat does not brown and control size of cookie. Ended up free handing on parchment with alot better results. The squeeze container did work well for us.
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November 20, 2014
Don't waste your money
At a macaron class at Sur la Table, the chef recommended this kit. Thinking it would make things easier, I bought one. The macarons I baked on it stuck to the mat and they were like an empty shell. I had more macaron dough than fit on the mat, so I baked the rest on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. They turned out perfectly. I will be returning this kit. In the future I will print out a template to put under the parchment paper to get even sized macarons.
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February 21, 2015
Great Tool for Beginners.
I took the Spring Macaron class this morning at our local Sur La Table. Realizing that we were going to be taught both methods with the L�ku� DecoMax Pen and a pastry bag, I immediately thought I would hate the DecoMax Pen. Imagine my surprise when after trying both methods, the L�ku� DecoMax Pen was clearly easier to control. Our classically French trained instructor agreed, the DecoMax Pen definitaly made it easier to make perfectly uniform sized macarons. The mat was nice, but really not any better than a regular silpat, except that it had perfectly little spaced indentations for each macaron. That said, so much can go wrong while making macarons, they turned out great on the mat. As far as earlier comments to the amount of batter that is wasted in the DecoMax Pen, it appeared to be about the same as a pastry bag. I recommend this product. I also would highly recommend taking a Sur La Table Macaron class if you have never made them before. It was very informative
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May 26, 2014
Great Starter Kit
I bought this as a gift for someone that had never made macarons before. They loved it, and it worked great! Great item that makes a tricky project much easier
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May 10, 2014
Seemed like a great idea...container doesn't work well
I bought this after taking the macaron course at the store. Loved the taste from the store recipes. I was disappointed when I tried to use the squeeze container, because the air leaks out of the lid and I had to open it several times to get enough pressure to squeeze the dough out. Would have been wonderful if this had not happened. In the class, we used the Wilton piping bags, so will go back to that method. The silicon sheet is great. Also, the directions and recipe are SO SMALL that it is difficult to read them.
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February 15, 2015
Spring gift set!
I ordered this kit with some cocktail napkins & tea towels as a gift. My intent was to give something that my friend could use with her kids.
It was great! Easy for kids to use. The macaron's were wonderful!
A good way to entice the younger ones to get into cooking.
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April 8, 2015
2 months ago
Love it
I got this kit before reading all the reviews and I'm glad I did it. While the first batch of macarons was in the oven, I read the reviews (nothing else to do, had to wait anyway) and because of them I decided to try the old fashioned parchment paper way. So I printed the circles and used the parcment. The macarons from the silicone mat were PERFECT, they grew up vertically as they are supposed to with the feet and all, while the ones from the parchment turned out inclined and strange (still round, so the problem was not the shape, but they had feet on one side only). One tip: fill the whole circle of the mat, not only the inner circle or they get really bite size macarons (still delicious and awfully cute).
The shell recipe is very easy to follow and it gives you the exact guidance on resting the batter and cooking time, so just follow it. Still have to develop my filling skills, because I made my own fillings not following the recipes in the booklet, so they turned out to be a little too liquid. You can probably make a buttercream and use the pen to fill the shells.
I had no problem using amost all the batter, wasing not more than with a regular sleeve. Cleaning was really easy too.
I definitely recommend this product. Wish it came with an extra mat (but you can find one at amazon).
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April 23, 2015

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