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Lékué 22-oz. Steamer Case with Tray+ Free Cookbook

Take the hassle out of cooking with this convenient platinum-silicone steam case. Promote healthy steam cooking and save all the nutrients, too. Delicious steamed, oven- or microwave-prepared foods retain their nutrients and flavors. Veggies come out crisp ...Read More

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Free Cookbook. Buy any Lekue product and receive a free copy of From the Kitchen to the Table in 10 Minutes — while supplies last.


Take the hassle out of cooking with this convenient platinum-silicone steam case. Promote healthy steam cooking and save all the nutrients, too. Delicious steamed, oven- or microwave-prepared foods retain their nutrients and flavors. Veggies come out crisp and hot.

The removable inner tray is perforated to allow for draining. Remove the tray for “stew-type” cooking. The shape of the case provides for ideal steam circulation and faster, more even cooking. Withstands temperatures up to 428°F.

Free with your purchase: From the Kitchen to the Table in 10 Minutes cookbook, a $15 value.

Read what The New York Times has to say.

Make healthy and delicious meals with these easy Lékué recipes: Click here »

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Read Lékué’s 10 Golden Rules for Microwave Cooking.

Specifications Show

  • Material: Platinum silicone. BPA and PFOA free
  • Capacity: 22 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2½" x 9½" x 5½"
  • Warranty: Lékué offers a 10-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects, and will replace any item with the same or similar item if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use
  • Manufactured in Spain; assembled in China

Care & Usage Show

  • Dishwasher safe


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Customer Reviews

4.9 / 5.0
12 Reviews
5 Stars
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Best Fish Steamer
I have both sizes of this item. They are my 'go to' utensils for steaming fish and veggies. Fillet of fish, be it tilapia, halibut or salmon, is steamed to perfect doneness in the microwave in 1.5 minutes. I would recommend experimenting yourself with the amount of time foods take to cook in the microwave. Using the times recommended in the cookbook produces overdone fish and veggies. I haven't used the steamer in the regular oven yet so I can comment on this method. I must admit that I threw the cookbook out as it was not helpful to me
November 28, 2013
This changed my view of microwave cooking.
This steamer case and the ""Beginner's Guide"" are my new go-tos for easy & healthy cooking. I've tried most of the recipes in the book and the only ""epic fail"" was the cheese cake one, but the Cuban Rice makes up for it.

I also use it for caramelizing onions (about 5 minutes for a medium onion)

And substituting 1/4 of chardonay for water in any of the steamed vegetable recipes works pretty nicely too
January 2, 2014
Love the Lekue steamer case
It is amazing how quickly you can have a nutritious meal in minutes. For the most part, one knife, a cutting board, a few ingredients and a few minutes later you're eating a healthy meal. The cookbook is okay - some great ideas to get you familiar with the case. I use my imagination for seasoning or substitutions. Sometimes I use it almost every night. Highly recommend
January 24, 2014
Fast, easy, healthy
I've been using the Lekue steam case for months now, and we love the way vegetables and meats come out juicy and flavorful when cooked in the microwave. We eat salmon now quite often, which we never did before, because it cooks to perfection in the steam case in just two minutes! This cookware is a brilliant idea that makes use of modern technology to revolutionize cooking methods.
January 2, 2015
Great steamer
All my vegetables come out brightly colored and perfectly steamed in about 2 minutes (4 minutes for brussel sprouts). Cleans well in the dishwasher. Can't wait to try seafood and shrimp. Have been raving about this to all my friends.
October 22, 2014
WOWZAA... Great Steamer
Wasn't sure how good this would be when purchased, but bought 2 (22oz case) none the less... wish I had bought more for gifts!
So easy to use and easy clean-up. Wonderful way to cook quickly with lots of flavor... From Tilapia to Grouper to Chicken, not to mention the veggies that add to the flavor and complete meal. My wife uses hers almost every day at the office for lunches and we've both had several dinners already using the steamer.
January 20, 2015
1 year ago
Excellent product for steaming
I read quite a few good reviews on this product so when it was on sale....I purchased it. This steamer works very well in steaming vegetables. It retains the greeness and nutrients of the vegetables and they cook very quickly. It encourages us to eat a lot of broccoli and green beans on the very first week I bought it. I would love to try some of the recipes in the book that comes with this Lekue. I definitely recommend this product and might consider buying the larger version of this steamer. It works great for reheating items that needs steaming as well.
January 27, 2015
1 year ago
Even myhusband uses the stem case!
this was a very recent purchase and I have already bought one as a present. We love using the steamer in the microwave for fresh vegetables. My husband has taken over this part of dinner preparation and he has decided that 2 minutes is all the veggies need. I am curious to see when he will add fish to the steamer.
February 2, 2015
1 year ago
I have every single Lekue product and I have given many away it's by far the best product out there for steaming
November 10, 2016
1 month ago
Had low expectations, but VERY surprised
I bought this to cook fish before I realized that it can be used to cook in a regular oven along with being used in a microwave. The salmon was excellent and none of that weird grey slime that comes out of salmon sometimes. My new favorite way to cook fish perfectly. No joke, it works. 3 minutes and it was perfect.
January 19, 2016

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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
I bought for a gift. As well as got one for myself :)
Tara G on Dec 3, 2016
Denise K on Nov 28, 2016
I bought for a gift. As well as got one for myself :)
Tara G on Dec 3, 2016
Looks like an easy and quick way to make healthy meals.
KATHLEEN B on Dec 1, 2016
Denise K on Nov 28, 2016
My daughter-in-law loves cooking healthier.
Nancy H on Nov 27, 2016
Excited to make healthy meals!
Kristen K on Nov 25, 2016
Great gift ideas for friends who like healthy meals
Jane C on Nov 24, 2016
I bought one of these for everyone in my family. My dad asked me to buy him another one. He lives alone and he said this is great for doing one-person meals in a healthy and quick way.
Li M on Nov 20, 2016
A great gift for two working parents and 3 school age children. Cooks fresh veggies in 4 minutes!!!!!!
Bobbie v on Nov 11, 2016
love steamed vegetables
Kathleen M on Nov 11, 2016
recommended by a friend
John A on Nov 7, 2016
Was given one as a gift and have loved it so wanted to give to others I thought would enjoy it.
Barbara S on Oct 27, 2016
Love steamed seafood
Rosalina L on Oct 23, 2016
wendy z on Oct 19, 2016
Seems like it would be easier and quicker to steam vegetables in the microwave as opposed to steaming with water in a pot.
John C on Oct 3, 2016
I like this product because I have a Lekue rice cooker and I think I will use this shape for other options.
A S on Oct 1, 2016
On sale
Angel E on Sep 25, 2016
very inventive
joe w on Sep 18, 2016
good to have
Susanne C on Sep 2, 2016
I chose this gift because I love mine. Tasty fish and easy recipes.
Healthy and fun for someone you care for.
Barbara M on Aug 29, 2016
Healthy, easy, comes with recipes
Kris D on Aug 27, 2016
Steaming in microwave for my College son
Claudia R on Aug 15, 2016
Looks like a quick way to cook up fish etc. Might not smell up the kitchen as much?
North G on Aug 12, 2016
Have one and LOVE IT - this is for a wedding gift.
Lisa K on Jul 29, 2016
My favorite Lekue!
I have one and need another. Great for summertime cooking in the microwave.
MARY W on Jul 12, 2016
My grand daughter loves it !
diane c on Jul 9, 2016
Because a friend has one that was purchased at the store.
SALLY S on Jun 29, 2016
Christmas gifts for my sister who thinks she can't cook and my nephew who is a new cook at college.
Cathlyn J A on Jun 23, 2016
I needed a quick healthy way to steam fish
Lynne T on Jun 14, 2016
Liked using the small steamer case in my RV so much, I bought a larger one for home.
SUSANNA C on Jun 13, 2016
Reusable, instead of bags.
Victoria C on Jun 11, 2016
Wanted more micro steamware
Mary E on May 21, 2016
just to try it, but didn't really like the way food tastes :(
KAREN M on May 2, 2016
Versatile and convenient!
PAT P on Apr 30, 2016
My daughter-in-law has one and I really like.
Janet K on Mar 29, 2016
I committed to a new diet and steaming is a very low calorie way of cooking.
Judi L on Mar 27, 2016
My friend had this and loved it. I use it several times a week. Well worth the money.
Wanda H on Mar 17, 2016
seems like a good thing to try
Jewett C on Feb 21, 2016
free shipping, was allready on sale
matt k on Feb 1, 2016
To eat healthier.
Jennifer P on Jan 17, 2016
I'm very much more a microwave person and I think this will be great for everyday use.
Pamela G on Jan 14, 2016
I am try this out for convenience. We have 3 kids in college. This would make it easier for them to eat healthy.
Sarhita V on Jan 14, 2016
Wanted to try out better options for lunch
stephanie c on Jan 8, 2016
Love Sur La Table
Carmen D on Dec 28, 2015
interesting reviews
Leslie R on Dec 19, 2015
we have one
Jini L V on Dec 14, 2015
Verne G on Dec 6, 2015
Best for oil free cooking.
Yuki C on Dec 1, 2015
Looking to add some healthier options for meals when I'm working away from home and living in a studio apartment with just a microwave and stovetop. Bought one for my son, too, who needs a lazy man's way to healthy eating!
Anna V on Nov 27, 2015
I have one I like. Good for family members watching what they eat!
Nancy F on Nov 22, 2015
I don't have a way to steam anything in the microwave, this seemed like something to try.
John L on Oct 28, 2015
Looks like an easy and quick way to make healthy meals.
KATHLEEN B on Dec 1, 2016
My daughter-in-law loves cooking healthier.
Nancy H on Nov 27, 2016
All the instructions say to use an 800 watt microwave, but mine is 1100 watts. Is there a conversion chart available

Is it still safe to use in higher wattage microwaves?
A shopper on Apr 16, 2014
BEST ANSWER: To use the Lekue in a 1100 watt microwave you will want to cook at 80% power. Most microwaves have the ability to adjust the percentage of power you use when cooking.
how do you cook bacon on the lekue steamer?
A shopper on Jul 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Don't know if this will help, but I would think you would lay your strips in, add a few drops of water and cook in the microwave for about 3 minutes. You've inspired me to experiment!
How safe is the silicone?

I have heard so much about plastics heated..what is the safety of the silicone?
A shopper on Nov 3, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Since silicone is an inert material, it does not react with food or beverages nor does it produce any hazardous toxins. Silicone is BPA free, 100% food-grade approved by the FDA, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -150_F to 600_F
I don't have a micro, so need directions for cooking in oven?
Heather B on Jan 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: According to the Lékué website, the steamer case can actually withstand temperatures up to 428°F which means it can also be used in an oven! I haven't tried this because I do have a microwave.

Hope this helps.
Can this be used in the oven?
Emily S on Aug 23, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes on middle rack. I've only used mine twice but loved it. Put an assortment of veggies with a stalk of rosemary perfect. Comes with recipe book
Are you able to use this to cook frozen chicken tenders?
Ashley Y on Jul 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: There's no reason you couldn't use this for anything microwavable. You might have to figure out the cook times yourself. As I remember, the accompanying cook book mainly (if not eclusively) fresh foods.
What's the difference between the cases and the Steam & Roast?
A shopper on Apr 6, 2015
Lékué 22-oz. Steamer Cases with Tray+ Free Cookbook
Lékué 22-oz. Steamer Cases with Tray+ Free Cookbook
Lékué Steam and Roast
Lékué Steam and Roast
BEST ANSWER: I only use the steam and roast in the oven because I have a small microwave. It holds more food than the steam cases so it's great for larger meals. It keeps food moist and cooks evenly and you can remove the lid at the end of cooking for browning. The food stays very hot even after it has been taken out of the oven with the lid on, used it this weekend for a potluck. I don't use it as much as I use the steam cases but both are great. I use the steam cases DAILY, not sure what I did before I had these! I steam a mix of cut up veggies in the a.m. to snack on through out the day and finish up at dinner, heat frozen portions of steel cut oats, the best for reheating rice and leftovers, a must have!
Could you cook a piece of frozen fish fillet and turn out well? Thanks
A shopper on Jan 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: YES - It must be one in two(2) steps. Defrost cycle 50% them Cook cycle 100%
Standing time with fish is important not to over cook, better to under cook and let residual heat finish the process.
Can this be used in place of foil or parchment packets?
A shopper on Feb 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes of course
Can I heat sauce dish servings like spaghetti and will it stain the silicone?
jill m on Jan 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I haven't tried tomato based sauces yet - but clam/fish based sauces worked fine.
Is this steamer high enough for ears of corn ?
A shopper on Jan 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes- I would try four minutes first and add a little water to the bottom (maybe a TBS or two) and test it. It cooks faster than you think. I use it to reheat all my food as well. Hope that helps!
I am curious about this steamer. Is it only for microwave use?
Maria L on Dec 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Microwave & Oven compatible.
I see that this can be used for fish, but can it be used for chicken (not big pieces, obviously)?
A shopper on Sep 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it can be used for chicken as well.


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