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Wilton® Two-Tone Cupcake Insert, Set of 2

Create fun, two-tone cupcakes that rival anything you’ll find at the boutique cupcake bakery with this innovative tool. You can choose two different colored or flavored batters to create unique combinations. Just insert the tool into a standard muffin tin cavity and fill the inner and outer sections with different colors or flavors of batter. Because of the thickness of cupcake batter, the batters won’t run together. Top-rack dishwasher safe. Set of two inserts. 11" L x 3¼" W.  
  • Includes: Two cupcake inserts
  • Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: Fits into standard-size muffin tin cavities
  • Dimensions: 11" L x 3¼" W
  • Material: Plastic
  • Create fun, two-tone cupcakes with this innovative tool
  • Choose two different colored or flavored batters to create unique combinations
  • Works with any standard-size muffin tin
  • Made in China
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Have to try again in different cupcake tins
I was very excited when I purchased the two tone cupcake insert but was not pleased with the initial result. I have a couple of older cupcake tins and the inserts did not fit perfectly in the centers of the tins. It was also difficult and awkward to fill the inside and outside of the mold with batter. So the cupcakes came out two tone but they weren't perfect.
I do have Wilton cupcake carriers and the bottom is a baking tin (I usually just use them to transport my cupcakes to school activities and bake sales). The insert fits perfectly in them, so I will try it again. Hopefully they will turn out picture perfect. At this time I would NOT recommend it. I even considered returning it. Will update you after I use the Wilton cupcake tins
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January 10, 2014
I was very disappointed with this and WOULD NOT RECOMMEND purchasing! I am a very experienced baker and found this to be very awkward and messy to use. I used paper cupcake liners for easy clean up(ha, ha!) and followed the instructions as written. The instructions state to put this two tone cupcake insert into the cupcake pan and fill the inside cavity with one color/flavor batter than fill the outer cavity of the insert with another one. This insert allows you to fill 3 cupcakes at a time. I found filling these to be very difficult and time consuming! Both cavities of this insert are narrow and not easy to fill. After many frustrating attempts using a spoon, I poured my batter into squeeze bottles which was much easier and quicker to use.

After filling the first three, I removed the insert to put into the next 3 cupcake compartments of my pan and the batter dripped off of the insert all over my pan. This was REALLY messy and a waste of batter!! I had a difficult time wiping off the pan before baking especially since some of the batter seeped between the paper liners and the pan. I do not know how this can be avoided. Since the insert compartments are so narrow, it is impossible to scrape the batter off the insert before totally removing it from the pan,

I did get a distinct middle core to my cupcakes(I only used 2 different colors), but I found it was too time consuming and messy to justify using this again.

I found it a lot easier to make my own cupcake batter dividers to achieve a 2 tone/3 tone/4 tone or unique design in the middle of my cupcakes. I cut a 2 1/2"" circle, (the diameter of my cupcake) out of thin plastic(a container lid will work) Cut the circle in halve and make a slit in the middle of both pieces, 3/4 of the way from the straight side of one and 3/4 of the way from the rounded side of the other. Fit the 2 pieces together joining at the slits. Arrange plastic ""template"" in cupcake compartment for 2, 3 or 4 tones, fill each part accordingly, remove template, repeat until entire pan done. These separate compartments are wider than the Wilton insert and the batter can be carefully scraped off the �template� into the pan while it is being removed But, you will need to have several spatulas on hand for each different batter used to prevent unwanted mixing of colors. For a ""Pattern Effect"" fill squeeze bottles with different colored batter and make designs with batter in the individual compartments
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March 23, 2014

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