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Dubost Oyster Knife Set

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Oysters open in a snap and keep your hands safe—place oyster flat-side up in the wooden holder (hinged end towards the back), insert knife into seam, then twist like a key to open. Knife has a 5¾" stainless steel blade; wooden handle. Hand wash.  
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Great Concept But Not So Great Build
I bought this knife set to get the wood block as I was looking for a tool to help me open oysters without having the feeling I was on the verge of a trip to the emergency room due to an oyster knife accident.

I oiled the wood block with a generous amount mineral oil before using it for the first time and was happy as could be in how secure and safe I felt while opening the oysters. The wood block made the task much easier in securly bracing the oysters. Having the wood panel between the oyster knife and my hand let me focus on performing the task at hand. The wood block and the oyster knife performed very well.

After enjoying the oysters I hand washed and rinsed the wood block without soaking it and set it on my dish rack to dry. When I went to put it away the next morning I saw where the hand guard piece of wood had badly warped on the ends and had pulled away from the base of the board.

I was surprised that the board had warped as I had generously oiled the board and made a specific effort to soak the mineral oil into the crack where the base board and the hand guard board met.

I figured I could still use the board with the warp until I saw that all that had been attaching the hand guard part of the board to the base were three thin wire staple like pins that were about as thick as a staple in a desk top staple gun and some glue. The glue had pulled loose when the hand guard board warped and was no longer effective.

A couple of minor wiggles to the hand guard board and it pulled completely loose from the base board.

If I had to do it again I would have hand dried the board after washing it instead of letting it air dry and this might have prevented the warping. That said, I do not know how I would be able to hand dry the water that gets between the base board and the hand guard board which is where the warping occured on the hand guard board.

The wood board is a great concept but in my opinion it is somewhat fragile in it's construction. I think that the device would be much stronger if they used some small stainless wood screws or a wood pin/dowel type connection that would more securely fasten the hand guard board to the base board.

I hope you have better luck with the wood block than i did
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June 27, 2014
oysters at home made less dangerous
We love this device!
I was desperate to find something for my husband for xmas. He loves oysters, so on a whim, I grabbed this.
I don't think we used it for a year, but once we did, oysters on the half shell became a more common night's treat at our house.
No more frustration about getting 'fresh oysters' at restaurants that aren't attached to the shell. Notice they charge you as though they've bought them and shucked them fresh, but if they're not attached to the shell, they're likely out of a jar.
Not that those are bad, but the prices should be less!
Now you can take back your power and have them at home w/o an emergency room visit (hopefully;) If you're in the Palo Alto area and haven't found Cook's Seafood in Menlo Park, the have great fresh (& jarred) oysters, a gorgeous fish market, and the best fish & chips we've found (incl. visits to England and Scotland.
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April 10, 2013
This is the best product around!
If you are looking for alittle assistance in opening oysters, this is the product for you. it never fails and provides both ease of opening and safety. Would highly recommend
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January 11, 2013
Not very durable
Broke in half third oyster they need to make it with a strong plastic
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May 10, 2015
8 months ago

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