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Murray’s Cheese American Assortment

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The cheesemongers at Murray’s travel the world in search of the finest artisan cheeses to share with chefs across the country. Now you don’t have to go to Greenwich Village to enjoy these unique collections.

The American assortment includes 4 different types of cheeses, plus some of the most delicious crackers we’ve ever tried:

½ lb. Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
  • Delicate balance of sharpness, slight nuttiness, and a caramelized, nearly candied sweetness
  • Firm, slightly crunchy and never waxy, it unfolds with layers of toasted nut and cooked fruits
  • Made of pasteurized milk from a single herd of Holstein cows and aged 10–14 months
  • Great with Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, big brown ales and hoppy beers
6 oz. Champlain Valley Triple Cream
  • Lightly aged organic cow’s milk triple crème from Vermont
  • Fluffy, buttery and undeniably creamy treat with a thin, edible rind
  • Great with sparkling beverages, Sauvignon Blanc, rose and wheat beers
6 oz. Cremont
  • High-quality goat’s milk blended with cow’s milk and cream from a Vermont co-op
  • Similar to the Italian Robiola and the French soft-ripened goat cheese
  • Rich, mouth-coating, earthy and satisfying
  • Pop open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for a classic match, or try with a citrusy hefeweizen
½ lb. Smokey Blue
  • Classic Oregon Blue Vein recipe, aged 2–4 months
  • Cold smoked for 16 hours over hazelnut shells
  • Surprisingly civilized nuance, including aromas of hazelnuts as well as sweet caramel and fresh milk
  • Great with ale, or try with Riesling, porters and stouts
8 oz. Castleton Rutland Rye Crackers
  • Inspired by the 1800s staple made from unleavened bread provided to soldiers in the Revolutionary War
  • With a contemporary twist, they’re super-thin, baked and then cracked by hand
  • Cracker is topped with caraway, sesame and poppy seeds
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  • Includes: 4 different cheeses and crackers
  • Made in the USA

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