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Murray’s Cheese Italian Assortment

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The cheesemongers at Murray’s travel the world in search of the finest artisan cheeses to share with chefs across the country. Now you don’t have to go to Greenwich Village to enjoy these unique collections.

The Italian assortment includes 4 different types of cheeses, plus some of the most delicious crackers we’ve ever tried:

8 oz. Robiola Bosina
  • A blend of pasturized milk from Piedmont cow and sheep provides a perfectly balanced set of flavors
  • Mushroomy, salty and sweet
  • Aged 1–2 months for a silky interior and tender, edible rind
  • Try with Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, rose and wheat beers
½ lb. Solo di Bruna
  • Made solely from the milk of Italian brown cows, only four cheesemakers produce this
  • Salty, umami-laden flakiness yields to deeply buttery and caramel notes with a nutty crunch
  • Grate over your pasta, toss the rind in your soup, or just lob off a hunk and enjoy with wine
  • Try with Barolo, Pinot Grigio, Bourbon and hoppy beers
½ lb. Salva Cremasco
  • Aged 2–4 months, Salva Cremasco comes from hillside farms in Lombardy
  • Surprisingly tart notes are balanced out by earthier tones within the dense, textured cubes
  • Aromatic and bright, changing from creamy to crumbly the closer you get to the center
  • Savor a slice or two with a glass of crisp pilsner or a fruity Syrah
½ lb. Blu di Bufala
  • This high-fat Lombardian water buffalo cheese has garnered lots of attention
  • Made from an ancient recipe and aged to buttery perfection with punchy blueing
  • Perfect with Moscato d’Asti, Riesling, porters and stouts
6 oz. Crostini Crackers
  • Light, crisp little treats made in Florence, Italy
  • Simple, rustic, and made with only five ingredients
  • Great with hard and soft cheeses, as well as Prosciutto and other charcuterie
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  • Includes: 4 different cheeses and crackers
  • Globally sourced; assembled in the USA

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