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Murray’s Cheese Raw Milk Assortment

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The cheesemongers at Murray’s travel the world in search of the finest artisan cheeses to share with chefs across the country. Now you don’t have to go to Greenwich Village to enjoy these truly unique collections.

The raw milk assortment includes 4 different types of cheeses, plus some of the most delicious crackers we’ve ever tried:

½ lb. Appenzeller Käserei Tufertsch
  • Flavors of toasted hazelnuts and baked custard, caramelized shallots and savory herbs
  • Made of raw milk from cows pastured on the grassy Appenzell Alps
  • A proprietary wash of wine and herbs imparts delicate flavor as the cheese ages 6–9 months
  • Try with an aromatic Riesling, thin curls of smoky cured speck, Bourbon, hoppy beers or Malbec
½ lb. Bayley Hazen Blue
  • This Stilton-esque invention is made of raw milk from Ayrshire cows
  • Drier than most blues due to the natural rind, the texture is fudgy and dense
  • Unique, balanced flavors range from buttered toast to licorice, chocolate and hazelnuts
  • Try with porters, stouts, Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling
½ lb. Grayson
  • Award-winning, seasonally produced cheese is a product of strict ecological farming practices
  • Made of raw milk from free-range Jersey cows
  • Rich and beefy with a pungent aroma and nutty, sweet overtones
  • Not for the feint of the heart, and one of the best we’ve ever tasted
  • Try with a malty brown ale, Riesling or cider
½ lb. Queso Idiazabel
  • D.O. standards ensure this Basque-country-favorite is made with raw milk from Laxta and Carranza sheep
  • This exceptionally rich, fatty milk results in a buttery mouth-feel and an intriguing gamy character
  • Supple, toothsome texture and subtle sharpness
  • Best enjoyed hearthside with a mug of hard cider or a fruity Spanish red
    • 6 oz. Urban Oven Olive Oil Crackers
      • Made in small batches in Arizona with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
      • Long, crisp and truly unique, with a smooth, creamy texture

      Web only.
      • Includes: 4 different cheeses and crackers
      • Globally sourced; assembled in the USA

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