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Jura® Impressa C9

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This compact, automatic coffee center dispenses café-style cappuccinos, café mochas or lattés at the touch of a button. The Impressa C9 steams and froths your milk, then grinds, tamps and brews crema coffee or espresso and pours it directly into your cup.

Professional-quality features include a conical burr grinder, hot-water dispenser for tea, automatic cleaning cycles, bright LED display, and CLEARYL water filtration system to purify water and eliminate the need for decalcification. Plus, it lets you know when water or coffee beans need to be refilled. Your C9 One Touch is safe to leave on all day, so you can enjoy a fresh cup whenever you like.

Fully programmable for all coffee, frothing and hot water functions, the C9 One Touch lets you set temperature, volume and strength for each button. Makes one or two cups at a time, from one-ounce espressos to 16-ounce lattés.

The rotary dial lets you override the strength and cup size during brewing without changing the programmed setting. A separate funnel accommodates ground coffee for decaf or other varieties, and it can also dispense hot water for café Americano, tea or just to pre-warm your cups.

The compact C9 One Touch fits under standard (16" clearance) wall cabinets and features a piano-black finish and eye-catching polished chrome accents that look great in any kitchen.

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  • Includes: Owner"s manual, 14-oz. thermal stainless-steel milk container, 1 CLEARYL BLUE filter, CLEARYL BLUE filter holder (if applicable), cleaning tablet sample, Aquadur test strip (for testing water hardness), and 1 extra venting tip and clear milk hose—to be used with the frother.
  • Manufacturer: Jura
  • Model: 13422
  • Material: Stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Care: Wipe exterior clean; automatic cleaning program
  • Capacity: 64 oz. water reservoir; 8 oz. bean holder
  • Dimensions: 17" x 11" x 13½"
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Watts: 1450
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty
  • Model: 13422
  • Made in Switzerland
With its compact design, this machine fits perfectly under standard kitchen cabinets, but it’s also capable of serving a crowd. A 64-oz. removable water container delivers 40 espressos before refilling and an 8-oz. bean container holds up to 30 portions of coffee. Quick-heating thermoblock boiler delivers cup after cup with no downtime.

This fool-proof system automatically siphons cold milk from the thermal milk container, combines it with hot steam and delivers hot, frothed milk into your cappuccino cups. Turn the dial to the latte setting and it delivers hot steamed milk with very little or no froth for that delicious latte. Program your desired steamer time for consistent flavor and no more wasted milk.

Removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all calcium and eliminates decalcifying altogether. Electronic CLEARYL cartridge change indicator makes sure that you always have the best water possible.

Automatic cleaning-cycle indicator prevents coffee oil build-up in the brew chamber. A short 15-minute automated tablet cleaning program with clear instructions in the LED display ensures clean inner parts and coffee that will never taste oily or rancid. No inner parts need to be removed. The display will remind you automatically after approximately 200 cups of coffee.

  • Makes cappuccino, café mocha or latte with just a touch of a button
  • Compact design fits under standard (16" clearance) wall cabinets
  • Froths and steams milk, grinds, tamps and brews the coffee right into your cup
  • Makes up to two cups of coffee at a time
  • 14-oz. stainless-steel vacuum thermal container keeps cold milk cold for up to 8 hours
  • 64-oz. removable water container delivers 40 espressos before refilling
  • 8-oz. bean container holds up to 30 portions of coffee
  • Programmable buttons allow you to personalize coffee size, strength and temperature
  • Professional solid-steel conical burr grinder has six fineness settings
  • Separate coffee funnel for ground coffee
  • Hot-water dispenser for tea or café Americano
  • Automated cleaning program
  • CLEARYL water filtration system removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your water and eliminates the need for decalcification
  • 15-bar power pump brews coffee at high pressure for perfect crema
  • Dual thermoblock heating systems are always ready for coffee and steam; coffee is ready in seconds.
  • Automatically switches to energy-saving mode when idle
  • Automatic replenishing program indicates when it’s time to fill water and beans

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