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Madecasse Cinnamon-Pepper Chocolate Bar

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Madecasse’s Cinnamon-Pepper Chocolate Bar is carefully sourced from the unique varieties of cocoa and vanilla found exclusively on Madagascar. The 63% dark chocolate is blended with a range of spices including Ceylon cinnamon and sakay chili pepper, resulting in a complex flavor profile with exotic spice and a hot finish unlike anything else we’ve tasted.

Madecasse chocolates are sourced from forest-farmed, certified organic, fair-trade heirloom cocoa, then processed and packaged in local communities, providing much-needed jobs and generating up to four times the income for locals than would fair-trade cocoa alone.

  • Manufacturer: Madecasse
  • Includes: 2.64 oz.
  • Ingredients: Cocoa, cocoa butter, white cane sugar, cinnamon (Ceylani-cum), sakay pepper, pure vanilla powder, soy lecithin
  • Allergen Statement: Contains soy. Manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts
  • Made in Madagascar

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