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Simplex Chrome Teakettle for Gas Appliances

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This teakettle is for gas stovetops only. The lovely handmade teakettle is a great addition to any tea lover’s kitchen, with a handsome mirror chrome finish over solid copper construction. A specially designed heat-retaining base coil reduces boiling times up to 25%, so you can enjoy your beverage sooner. Teakettle features a nickel lining, an ebonized beechwood handle and whistles to indicate when your water has begun boiling. Wipe with damp cloth, buff to shine. 1.7-qt. capacity. 10½" d x 10" h. Hand wash. Made in England.  
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Dimensions: 10½" d x 10" h
  • Material: Copper and chrome
  • Handmade teakettle is a great addition to any tea lover’s kitchen
  • Mirror chrome finish over solid copper construction
  • Specially designed heat-retaining base coil reduces boiling times up to 25%
  • Nickel lining
  • Ebonized beechwood handle
  • Whistles to indicate when your water has begun boiling
  • Made in England
3.2 / 5.0
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Prized possession
I received this a few years ago as a birthday gift and it's one of the items I would take with me to a desert island. I make tea every morning and the right tea kettle is very important. I normally have to replace them every couple of years because some element always fails (Usually the whistle). My simplex is still going strong, even after a mishap where I forgot to replace the lid after I had filled it and set the heat on high; it sat on the stove and burned up until almost the whole kettle turned black and a strange hot smell was coming from the kitchen! I thought the kettle was ruined! But, my husband scoured it really well after it had cooled down and it still works and looks GREAT :) One of my fave things about this kettle other than it's durability & beauty is that the whistle is designed to get progressively louder (as long as the lid is in place!) so you are not subjected a a piercing wail when the water reaches the boiling point
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June 9, 2013
Classic Design, Quality Issues...
We have purchased two of these kettles for our homes. We appreciate the classic design, and for this we were willing to pay many times the price of other kettles, but did not appreciate it when the base and bottom coils began melting off of the kettle! Both kettles now sit listing on our stovetop. Neither the store not nor the manufacturer was willing to assist. Very unprofessional response in a world where customers can easily express their discontent.
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October 10, 2014
Flimsy construction...
Used one of these about 15 years ago at a friend's house and finally splurged on one for boyfriend's birthday. We were disappointed when it arrived dented (no damage to either of the double wall shipping boxes though.) Wanted to check out the whistle anyway but had trouble getting the lid on and off due to poor fit. The metal is so thin that the top of the kettle would bend when even gently trying to re-insert the lid. The whistle was inaudible unless you were in the same room. Handle brackets were very thin and flimsy. There were bare copper spots on the bottom where chrome was missing. Decided to return for credit (thank you, Sur La Table) and ordered the stainless Classic kettle from Le Creuset. Really pleased I did-- far superior construction, weight and feel. Similar in appearance and with a nice loud whistle! And half the price of the Simplex
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May 22, 2013
Mom wanted a tea kettle that whistled!
Who ever said ""that this kettle is poorly made"" never owned this wonderful kettle. Don't believe it.

I bought my kettle for my sweet mom over twenty years ago, for her birthday. Mom wanted a tea kettle that whistled! Boy, does it ever whistle. She loved it. Mom lived with me, and I would hear that wonderful kettle whistle every morning while I was getting ready for work. Mom loved her tea and used that kettle twice a day or more. This kettle is very sturdy, and believe me, we can sometimes be rough with it. I don't know how many times we left this kettle on simmer, for hours, with no more water inside, and it survived and cleaned up beautifully and looks as good as new. The shiny beautiful kettle is still in use and my husband I use that wonderful kettle more than thrice a day, if not more. It's still as shiny and beautiful as the day I bought it for my sweet, sweet mom who passed away nine years ago last month. It's made in England and it looks so beautiful on my shiny professional DCS gas stove and oven. Worth ever penny too
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November 26, 2013

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