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Sur La Table® Pizza Stones, Set of 6

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Exclusive Enjoy pizza that tastes just like it came out of a brick oven from the convenience of your kitchen or grill. Baking stone cooks pizza evenly without hotspots and helps uniformly brown and crisp crust. Also great for cooking and reheating bread, pastries and baked goods.

Made of cordierite, which is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic and can withstand thermal shock. Customize your set up with this set of six tiles. Use one for a personal pizza, four for a regular pizza and six for an extra-large pizza. Easy-care stones require no seasoning or conditioning.

For best results, pre-heat oven or grill to 500°F and place stone in middle of oven on lowest rack or middle of grill for 30 minutes. When it is time to bake, dust stone with cornmeal before placing baked goods on top. If baking a prepared food item, bake as directed by manufacturer on packaging.

For fresh pizza, a flat metal spatula or a pizza peel dusted with cornmeal works well for transferring food to the baking stone. Alternatively, using an oven mitt or glove, remove the hot stone from the oven, place food to be baked onto the stone and return both to the oven or grill. 7½" x 7½" x ¼". Set of six. Made in China.
  • Manufacturer: Sur La Table
  • Includes: Six tiles
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Dimensions: 7½" long x 7½" wide x ¼" tall
  • Material: Cordierite
  • Bakes brick-oven-quality pizzas thoroughly and evenly at home
  • Perfectly browns and provides a crispy crust
  • Great for pizza, bread, pastries and baked goods
  • Works in your oven or grill
  • Use one tile for a personal pizza
  • Use four tiles for a regular pizza
  • Six tiles is perfect for an extra large pizza
  • Durable cordierite stone withstands thermal shock
  • Set of six lets you customize your oven set up

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In Stock and Ready to Ship
3.0 / 5.0
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These Are Excellent
The people writing the bad reviews on this product dont know how to use them. These stones are excellent and produce great results on the grill and the oven. We make pizzas on the grill 4 to 5 times a month with these stones. they are versatile and allow you to do different size pizzas. We do small indivdual size to large family size. Most of the bad reviews are related to technique rather than the stones themselves (burning cornmeal, oil etc).
Pre heat these stones, flour your dough so it doesnt stick, and these work great!
I have given these as gifts to several people and they all love them. Trust me people, the stones work really well. the people complaining dont know how to use the
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October 8, 2013
These are great!
I bought these to make individual pizzas for my family on our grill and in the oven. They work great. I have used them over direct heat and in a 450 degree oven...they seem to work well in both environments. I made the made the first time of putting the dough on the stone and placing them in the grill...the dough stuck and didn't get very crispy, which is the way I like it. PREHEAT the stones and then put the pizza on top. It turns out perfect that way
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November 10, 2012
These stones are terrible
I was so jazzed to get these stones, but I have tried to use them three times now with awful results. When heated, the stones give off a terrible, noxious chemical smell that makes me feel ill. I had to open all my windows for hours to get the smell to go away. I read that oiling the stones before use is what causes this; only trouble is, I didn't oil them and I didn't wash them with soap either (which is another possible cause).. The worst part is that the bread I baked on the stones was ruined because it tasted just like the stones smell. SO not appetizing
Was this review helpful? Yes (13) No (14) · Flag as Inappropriate
January 21, 2013
This product is terrible! We followed the directions, the stones smelled terrible while they were preheating, then when we put cornmeal on them, the cornmeal burned to the stones. What a waste of $49.95! Hope Sur la Table lets us return them
Was this review helpful? Yes (10) No (16) · Flag as Inappropriate
August 23, 2013

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