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Duralex Picardie Tumblers, Set of 6

This is the original French tumbler, created by the company that invented the glass-tempering process. This often-imitated design is tough, stackable and a pleasure to hold. Made in France since 1939, it’s a favorite of restaurateurs and entertainers ...Read More

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This is the original French tumbler, created by the company that invented the glass-tempering process. This often-imitated design is tough, stackable and a pleasure to hold. Made in France since 1939, it’s a favorite of restaurateurs and entertainers everywhere.

Iconic tumblers are made of impact- and chip-resistant tempered glass. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards.

Available in an assortment of convenient sizes. Sets of six.

Features Hide

  • Extremely durable, Duralex glassware is 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass for increased impact and chip resistance
  • Duralex glassware is suitable for both hot and cold liquids (-4°F to 266°F) and is highly resistant to thermal shock
  • Duralex glassware is nonporous and won’t absorb liquids
  • Glasses stack easily for convenient, space-saving storage
  • Incredibly versatile, Duralex glassware can move directly from the freezer to the microwave, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Built to last—Duralex glasses will maintain their original look for many years
  • If broken by a strong shock, Duralex glassware shatters into small pieces, reducing the risk of injury
  • Made in France since 1939

Specifications Show

  • Manufacturer: Duralex
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Capacity: 3.1 oz.; 5.62 oz.; 8.75 oz.; 10.87 oz.; 12.62 oz.; 17.62 oz.
  • Dimensions: 3.1 oz.: 2.6" x 2.5"; 5.62 oz.: 3.1" H x 3"; 8.75 oz.: 3.25" x 3.2"; 10.87 oz.: 3.75" H x 3.75"; 12.62 oz.: 4.8" H x 3.75"; 17.62 oz.: 5¾" x 3¾"
  • Made in France

Care & Usage Show

  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

What's In the box? Show

  • 6 glasses


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Customer Reviews

5.0 / 5.0
6 Reviews
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Great for kids!
I bought these for my 3 year old in an effort to reduce the plastic in our house. They've been dropped a couple of times already (by my 1 year old) and no chips or breaks! They are also a good fit for little hands. If I could go back, I might order one size bigger, but the smallest size works fine, and my little guy loves getting himself refills so it works. To us big people, it looks like a big shot glass, but for kids it is fine. I'll be ordering more duralex picardie products in the future. Quality product
February 21, 2013
You got me hooked
These tumblers are amazing. First of all I treat them very carefully for I have had my share of bandages due to other glasses I have purchased in the past from other companies. These are perfect for hot or cold. My husband who likes to drink out of tall glasses only loves them. He comes home after a long day at work grabs one fills it with ice and then drinks his soda, water or iced tea (no alcohol drinker here) every day whether watching TV or just a snack he always has a glass in his hands. Thank you Sur La Table.
March 19, 2015
Simply the best!
The 12 oz Duralex Picardie tumbler is the most perfect everyday drinking glass ever, not just because it's attractive to look at and comfortable to hold. We have a quarry tile kitchen floor, and when any glass falls it's going to smash. The difference is that Duralex breaks into small pieces that are easily swept up, instead of shattered, pointed, dangerous pieces of glass everywhere.
April 26, 2015
The best glasses!
I have owned a set of the 12oz tumblers for the past 7 years, no chips, no breakage. They have survived through 3 big moves, a very clumsy roommate, and a NYC sink too small to wash them in without banging them against the faucet every five seconds.

They have gone through so much abuse and still look shiny and new. Plus, they stack, which is great for kitchens with limited storage! They are comfy to hold and elegant enough when setting a nice table. I recently bought a set of the large tumblers- still the same great quality- and will likely only buy this brand in the future.
April 14, 2016
Favorite glasses
I love the Picardie glasses. I love that they are durable, easy to hold and stackable. They don't scratch easily because one of the sets I ordered had a broken on in the middle. (shipping gorillas because they were well packed) The glass was in many pieces but no sharp shard, more like when safety glass breaks. Anyway some of the glass was even dust it was so fine. I thought maybe some of the other glasses would have scratches, but no, they all looked just fine.

Another thing I love about these glasses is that they don't hold water on the bottom when they are washed in the dishwasher. I have had glasses and especially mugs that I must hand dry from the dishwasher because the bottoms are not flat and water doesn't drain. Beautiful, easy to hold Picardie tumblers. Love them.
July 30, 2016
1 month ago
I will recommend this product, very satisfied with it.
July 30, 2016
1 month ago

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
Classic choice
Michelle M on Aug 21, 2016
Wedding Registry gift
Jorge R on Aug 10, 2016
Classic choice
Michelle M on Aug 21, 2016
We have several tumblers & love them.
Abegail Y on Aug 18, 2016
Wedding Registry gift
Jorge R on Aug 10, 2016
daily use
Anish O on Jul 30, 2016
item was on gift registry
Penny G on Jul 22, 2016
Love these and wanted another set
mary b on Jul 21, 2016
ria p on Jul 18, 2016
LOVE these glasses. They hold hot or cold liquids perfectly. Classic elegance ...and with kids they do not break easily.
ELIZABETH B on Jul 18, 2016
I've always loved Picardie drinking glasses from France! Grandkids are coming! I need more drinking glasses and these are made with tempered glass! They will hold up! Rarely will they ever break and glass is a healthy choice for those I love!
LAURA J on Jul 17, 2016
replacement juice glasses
Marilyn Angell B on Jul 13, 2016
Material properties.
Bastiaan L on Jul 8, 2016
It was time to replace glasses. I like tall glasses to drink lots of water with lemon. While this may sound funny but it is important to me. My nose is not small and it has a small hump and I wear glasses. I hate drinking glasses with a small drinking opening. I liked the fact that they are made in China and is advertising chip resistant than most normal glasses which seems to be true based on the reviews.
Loretta J on Jun 30, 2016
We use them in the restaurant I work at. Thanks!
Daryl C on Jun 24, 2016
The best!
Clint R on Jun 19, 2016
I broke one of our 2 tall glasses, we use this size for smoothies and iced coffee.
HARRIET M on Jun 19, 2016
Nice style, functional, good prices
Patrick E on Jun 16, 2016
we love them and they match the set we already have
Pamela H on Jun 15, 2016
I wanted to complete my set by adding the 10.87 ounce size. We love these glasses. They are beautiful and hardy.
Victoria B on Jun 10, 2016
Susan A on Jun 10, 2016
Moving to a new home and need glasses to use daily.
Patti S on Jun 3, 2016
wedding gift
sabine c on Jun 3, 2016
They looked like the perfect size for orange juice.
Carol A on Jun 2, 2016
Attractive and useful for every day. Got very good customer reviews.
Wendy B on May 31, 2016
I own a set and wanted another size. Also, I am giving two sets as a wedding gift. Love, them!
Talmadge M on May 25, 2016
Classic design that never goes out of style and glassware that will last forever, that's what you get with Duralex.
Mark N on May 21, 2016
I bought it before
Yana S on May 4, 2016
I received these as a wedding gift years ago and they are durable and elegant. Finally time to replenish after three kids and years of use.
Shauna B on Apr 26, 2016
I love these tumblers and have used them for years.
Nancy G on Apr 21, 2016
Durable and reminds me of my childhood!.
AYU I on Apr 21, 2016
I have the smaller versions and wanted a larger glass to add to my set.
M M E on Apr 18, 2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Duralex Picardie glasses, I have them in other sizes, needed the largest for summer beverages with lots of ice
Kelly L on Apr 18, 2016
Classic design, smart shape, easy care.
Vincent R on Apr 14, 2016
Sturdy. Godd for every day and special occasion use
SANDRA P on Apr 8, 2016
Classic and durable
Elizabeth H on Apr 6, 2016
Good size for very durable glassware
Ann K. B on Apr 3, 2016
These glasses are durable and yet still look nice. They have a nice shape to them and are easy to hold.
Diana L on Mar 13, 2016
The thought that these would not shatter like some drinking glasses. My old glasses were all scratched.
Penny S on Mar 10, 2016
I wanted to clear out my home of all the miscellaneous glasses I had collected over the years. These are great universal glasses. They are durable, microwave safe and stack to take less room. The style is attractive and a bit nostalgic like being in a French cafe. I bought two sizes to cover just about any beverage.
Gerri C on Mar 9, 2016
Joann T on Mar 8, 2016
I was looking for tough glasses I could use in our RV as my husband and I prepare to retire and hit the road full time. These seemed to fit the bill
Patti L on Mar 5, 2016
more sturdy/reliable glassware with classic look
LORIE T on Feb 22, 2016
replacing broken items
Monna F on Feb 20, 2016
the style of glass, reviews, non-shatter, pleasant appearance, nice selection of sizes, fairly reasonable price
Laura H on Feb 6, 2016
Need to expand our existing set.
Jeffrey B on Feb 2, 2016
I have some other Duralex items and I love them.
Sharon T on Jan 31, 2016
I am familiar with this product. They are good looking the price seems right and I especially like the fact that they are tempered glass.
Jim M on Jan 30, 2016
They are practically unbreakable! My grand daughters have the 3 ounce size and drop them religiously. They never break!
Carole H on Jan 25, 2016
Ray Y on Jan 17, 2016
I have all of the other five sizes in Duralex Picardie so while there is a little discount I thought I would get the last size.
K. B on Jan 12, 2016
Because of their durability. I have had glasses in another Duralex pattern (apparently no longer available) for almost 20 years. While they are still entirely usable, they are now a little scratched up and don't look as pretty any more so time to replace them.
Linda M on Jan 8, 2016
We have several tumblers & love them.
Abegail Y on Aug 18, 2016
daily use
Anish O on Jul 30, 2016
Can these glasses withstand the heat of a dishwasher? I have replaced many glasses of my current set from another big name brand. After running these other brand's glasses through the dishwasher several times, they get foggy and have weird lines in the glass.
Jacquelyn S on Jan 23, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes. The problem is probably not the heat, but the water. You need to use a rinse aid. I use Jet-Dry Finish. Years ago, before I bought these glasses (we have a set of 12 each in 4 sizes), we had the problem you discribe until we began using the added rinse aid. I've warmed milk in the microwave in my glasses, so I think they are pretty heat resistant.
i want to purchase the same size i already have - what is the oz equivalent for the glasses i have that are marked "23" and "24" on the bottom? (or is the oz measurement the ounces to fill to the brim, or to a certain line, or ?)
A shopper on May 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I just measured the volume of one of my 16-oz tumblers, and it was filled to the brim; also each of the 6 glasses in the set has a different number stamped on the bottom, so I don't know what it refers to, but it's nothing to do with the size.
Do the Picardie glasses have a flat bottom? I don't like it when a little water from the dishwasher remains on the glass bottom.
Tricia P on Aug 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: yes, flat bottom; no standing water upon completion of dishwasher cycle
Are these glasses suitable for hot drinks?
Betty L on May 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes! I use the large glasses every AM for my latte!
What is the difference between "French" and the other duralex glasses that don't say French??
A shopper on May 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The only Duralex product I've ever come across that was not made in France was the Picardie stemmed water and wine glasses that are no longer made. These were made in Spain to Duralex's quality (or at least that's what the box says). My Lys bowls only say Duralex on them and I've had these for the better part of 25 years. This is just a guess but I'm wondering if when Antoinne Ioannidès took over Duralex and put it on a profitable track if that is when the circular logo with Made in France are over and under the bold pointed Duralex name.


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