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Nespresso® & De’Longhi® Lattissima Plus, Silver

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Our most affordable one-touch cappuccino machine ever. Patented Nespresso® Coffee Capsule and De’longhi Automatic Cappuccino system technology deliver perfect coffee drinks without moving the cup. Just pop in a capsule and push a button. This inventive machine makes it easy.

Create your favorite drinks to your specific requirements. The programmable buttons memorize your drink of choice, be it cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, long coffee or hot milk, and the size.

Nespresso’s extraction system facilitates the ideal flow of water through the ground coffee for the ultimate cup. Once finished brewing, the coffee capsule is automatically ejected into a holding tank. Each machine includes at 16-capsule variety pack.

The coffee system includes a milk container for cappuccino or latte macchiato, which is detachable so it can be conveniently placed in the refrigerator when not in use. Control the amount of silky foam or steamed milk to your liking with the fully adjustable dial.

New and improved dual thermoblock heating system reduces heating time and is ready in only 40 seconds, so you can make cup after cup with no downtime. Automatic cleaning function keeps your system hygienic with a simple touch of a button. Made in Italy.

Now you can enjoy the convenience of single-serve espresso beverages with minimal environmental impact. Sur La Table® is excited to partner with Nespresso to recycle your used Nespresso capsules. Just bring them in to select Sur La Table stores, and we’ll do the rest. Find your participating store »
  • Manufacturer: De’Longhi
  • Model: EN520SL
  • Includes: Cappuccino machine and 16-capsule variety pack
  • Care: Wipe unit clean; automatic cleaning function
  • Capacity: 12-oz. milk carafe; 30-oz. water reservoir
  • Dimensions: 12½" x 6¾" x 10¼"
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • Watts: 1200 watts
  • Thermoblock heating system reduces heating time, ready in only 40 seconds.
  • Milk carafe can be placed in the fridge after use..
  • Illuminated keys and automatic controls, to choose your favorite drink (cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso coffee, long coffee or hot milk) in a simple and intuitive way.
  • All drinks may be personalized and memorized, by varying the quantity of milk and of coffee.
  • Sliding drip tray, to allow use of both coffee cups and glasses for latte macchiato.
  • Automatically ejects capsules with a collection tank that holds up to 10 used capsules.
  • Practical system of capsule introduction.
  • Removable water reservoir.
  • Cable storage underneath the machine to adjust cable length.
  • Storage area for descaling pipe.
  • Auto power-off mode setting after 9 minutes from the last coffee can by adjusted to 30 minutes or 8 hours.
  • Recycle used Nespresso® capsules at our participating stores »
  • Made in Italy.

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Nespresso® & De’Longhi® Lattissima Plus, Red

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Our most affordable one-touch cappuccino machine ever. Patented Nespresso Coffee Capsule and De’Longhi Automatic Cappuccino system technology deliver perfect coffee drinks without moving the cup. This inventive machine makes it easy. Just pop in a... More About Nespresso and Delonghi Lattissima Plus Red »

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4.3 / 5.0
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"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this machine!!!"
I just replaced my old Nespresso D290 with the Latissima Plus, and wow, am I blown away with the new Latissima Plus!! The combination of features, style and price is unbeatable! I especially love the built in milk supply, excellent frothing, the easy cleaning button for the frother, the very tiny footprint, oh yeah, AND it's a beauty to look at. All for $399 -- great job, Nespresso
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September 3, 2011
A winning solution!
Let me preface this review by saying that I have used almost every style of capsule brewing system on the market. Nespresso, by far, takes the cake! The system is so well polished, easy to use, and the coffee truly is phenomenal. Order online and the coffee comes to my door in two days.

At first I was worried about the milk system being difficult to clean, but it seems that Nespresso already thought of my concern. All you have to do is push and hold the clean button for 10 seconds and the Lattissima automatically cleans itself. When done, I just pop the milk container in the fridge and forget about it.

This machine produces the hottest drinks of any machine I've used, which is really nice for many of my fellow Americans who like crazy hot coffee.

Easy to program, easy to use, virtually no maintenance. Plus, Nespresso's customer service is open 24/7 and they are AWESOME! Forget how to make a drink? Want to know what goes in a Mocha? No problem, they'll help! So cool
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May 7, 2012
Worked for one week....
I bought this machine for Christmas and we have loved using it for making great Cappuccinos. In the week since we got it, we have probably made 15-20 cappuccinos with lots of great froth. The milk frother stopped working froth...just warm milk coming out. We have followed the guidelines carefully since we got the machine a week ago and ""purged"" the milk frother before and after every cup. We have taken apart the entire milk frother and washed all the parts in the dish washer (the directions say to do this twice a week). After trying everything in the ""troubleshooting"" list in the manual (multiple times) I finally called customer service. NOW we have to wait 24 - 48 hours for a technician to get back to US! So...for now...this gets one star. If we get fast prompt service and a quick resolution to the problem, I will change the stars. I would think with the price of these machines, Nespresso would have more technicians working the phones and helping customers. I think this is probably a good machine, and hopefully we will get this resolved...but waiting two days to even talk with a technician is NOT what I expect given the investment we made
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January 1, 2013
Tested and love it!
We bought this as an early Christmas present, so it has been in use now almost two months. I am truely impressed with this machine. It is so simple to make a cup of coffee, expresso, or latte. And the clean up is a breeze. The capsule order came quckly and there is a great variety available. Received a discount because of a charitable shopping card, but note that now there is a capsule offer, so that makes the price about what we paid. Only have one Sur La Table close but oh how I like that store. They answered all of our questions and made us a couple of drinks while we were deciding. It seemed like alot to spend, but then we considered cost of retail bought drinks. So very glad we made this purchase
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December 30, 2011
Never Visit the Coffee Shop Again!!
I was a regular at a very well known coffee I'd rather make my personal latte at home with my new Lattisima. I had a manual espresso machine that took forever, had a ton of clean up and was really loud. I have ZERO regrets in purchasing this machine. I use it daily and I love love love it!!! The coffee is amazing and the foam for the milk is TO DIE FOR!
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July 15, 2012
Lattissima Plus
Darn! I wanted SO much to love my Lattissima, but unfortunately, the (few) negative reviews were right. It never produced a hot latte; warm, yes, but never hot. In spite of the perfectly frothed milk it produced, I always had to finish it up in the microwave. Not good enough for a $429 machine. Hopefully, Nespresso will pay heed to this one fatal flaw in the machine and correct it. It broke my heart to have to take it back to the store..
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February 8, 2013
Lattissima Plus is so easy to use!
Just returned from spending Christimas vacation in London with my grown son. He has a Lattissima Plus and we used it a couple of times each day. It's a wonderful machine! Simple to use! Easy to clean! I love it and am looking forward to receiving one for my upcoming birthday in January. My son had purchased decaf for me because I have stomach cancer and need to avoid caffeine. Depending on the brand, decaf can be awful. Nespresso decaf was the bomb! I can't recommend this product highly enough. I'm so glad my son had it so I could test it first hand. Do yourself a favor and buy one if you haven't already. (You'll save a bundle because you won't have to run to a commercial coffee house every day.) Then sit back and enjoy
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December 30, 2011
Best Gift of the Year!
Gave this to my husband for Christmas after a store demo. I could not believe it would work as easily at home as it did in the store - but it really is that easy! After having a machine that involved tamping, steaming and frothing in separate machines followed by strenuous cleanup, this machine is a dream! My husband has not stopped 1) making coffee, cappuccinos, and espressos and 2) talking about how much he loves the machine. We made cappuccinos for the entire family on Christmas evening - 7 of us - in less than 5 minutes. And that involved lots of flavor discussions. It is a marvelous machine for the price. We just got our first delivery from Nespresso, also, and that was fast and painless. I highly recommend this machine for ease of use as well as quality of the product it delivers
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December 29, 2011
So Glad I Took the Plunge
I had been wavering on this, as it was a major purchase. Then, I spent a week in France, where everyone (even the Bateaux Mouches) has a Nespresso machine. I was hooked. Decided to splurge on the Lattissima because I do enjoy cappuccino. From day 1 - LOVE!!! Regarding the machine: My drinks are HOT, clean up is a breeze, machine is fast, machine looks amazing, and foam is perfect. Regarding the coffee: Love the high quality coffee you find with the Nespresso capsules. It is GOOD coffee. My last order came in 2 days. And you have a lot of choice in intensity, origin, flavor, etc. All in all, a great purchase
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January 2, 2014
A Little Taste of Awesomeness
This machine is awesome. It's a great size (petite), it has great features and is easy to use. I love being able to make my latte the way I like it rather than the way the coffee shop barista likes it. The customization for the drinks is wonderful. It's definitely an investment, but well worth it if you want to enjoy good quality coffee drinks
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March 16, 2013
This is fantastic!
I received this as a Christmas gift and absolutely love it. I enjoy all types of coffee, latte and cappuccino but don't always want to go and buy one. This makes my home seem like a coffee shop but much more convenient. It is easy to use, and the clean-up is a breeze. The small size is also ideal as it doesn't take up too much room on the counter. The instructions are easy to follow, and the machine is easy to take apart and put back together. I have not had any problem with the tray vibrating as the previous reviewer mentioned
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December 26, 2011
Better have some strong espresso cups!
Yesterday I upgraded from my Pixie to this machine. I loved the features it had, and also how compact it is. It really looks fantastic on my counter, and having a small kitchen the size is perfect. I no longer have my Pixie (although small) and my Aeroccino taking up space, and the extra plug.

The espresso is very hot, and I think the steamed foam is perfect. However- I don't know if there is an issue with my machine but the pull out tray causes a tremendous amount of vibrations when brewing causing my espresso cups to moved and fall off the tray. I've already managed to break one of my bodum espresso cups. I've tried some heavier metal ones and I have the same result.

If you don't mind watching your espresso brew every time this could be the machine for you. However I am more of a touch and go/come back to the machine kind of person. Which is why I became very interested in Nespresso
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December 16, 2011
Awesome machine!!
I received the Lattissima Plus as a gift for Christmas a couple years ago. The machine still works great and I use it all of the time! Definitely worth the investment.
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November 11, 2014
Delonghi coffee maker
OMG! I LOVE this machine. Easy to use and the coffee is superb!
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October 3, 2012

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