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Benriner Cook Vertical Spiral Slicer

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The perfect companion for healthful eating, this spiral slicer easily creates fruit and vegetable spirals that add interesting textures and flavors to any meal. Make tasty zucchini noodles as a gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta, French-fried potato bird’s nests, beautiful garnishes and more. Three interchangeable blades deliver uniform spirals in coarse, medium and fine widths. The easy-to-use rotating arm features a toothed disk at the base that holds foods securely against the blades and keeps hands safely away from the cutting surface.

To use, slice off either end of the fruit or vegetable to provide a stable, uniform surface. Center and press the handle down until food is secured between the disk and the cutting surface. Using slight downward pressure, turn handle—cut spirals will drop from the bottom of the unit. Blades are easy to swap out—simply loosen the bolt until the blade drops from its housing, then insert the blade that matches your desired texture and retighten.

  • Manufacturer: Benriner
  • Includes: Coarse, medium and fine blades
  • Material: ABS plastic, nylon, stainless steel
  • Care: Hand wash only
  • Use: Caution—blades are extremely sharp. Use care when operating
  • Dimensions: 5½" x 4" x 13½"
  • Made in Japan
  • Constructed from durable nylon and ABS plastic for years of reliable use
  • Ultra-sharp blades are ground to a precision edge for easy, efficient spiral cutting
  • Comes with three blades (coarse, medium and fine) for cutting uniform spirals in a range of widths
  • Toothed disk securely grips food being cut and keeps hands safely away from cutting surface
3.8 / 5.0
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Second to my knife this is it!
I use this with celery root. Long look alike noodles in a white cream sauce with shrimp. No one has ever passed this dish up. I use this tool for hash browns, pickle dishes such as beets. Oh the list goes on. I saw one of the top chefs use this tool on the show and I just love it
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May 6, 2012
Great for raw diets
This spiral slicer is fantastic for raw diets. I've been using it to slice zucchini and carrots into ""noodles"" for ""pasta"" dishes. It comes with 3 blades for 3 different widths, and they're really easy to switch in and out for different needs.

I really like how the slicer only leaves about .5"" of the vegetable when you're done, so there's not a lot of waste at all.

It also cleans up pretty easily - just run it under hot water and scrub a bit, and pretty much everything just runs off.

My only complaint is that since it's made of plastic, it can be a bit wobbly under pressure. I hold it pretty tightly, but it still wobbles a bit. Not enough to be a deal-breaker, but it is noticeable.

Overall, a fantastic product that can be used for all kinds of things, but is especially good when adhering to a raw diet
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January 6, 2013
Not well built
Built with the quality of a child's toy.
You must stabilize the entire apparatus with your left hand, while turning the cutter with your right hand. The upper plastic frame bends immediately.

The thin plastic legs are also not designed for rotational torque. As you turn the rotator handle, the entire apparatus twists on its flimsy thin plastic legs.

I was nervous about this design at the store.
I gave it a try.
But I doubt this cutter will still be working well in a couple years.

It would have been simple to make most of this device out of standard kitchen grade stainless steel. Such a product would likely last for years, and probably longer.

I love the zucchini noodles, and I love the concept of this device so much.

Reluctantly, I will return this and search for a more durable replacement
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June 5, 2014
Revolutionizes Low Carb Dieting
Love my spiralizer, easy to use, easy to clean, makes great zucchini noodles and also spiralizes any firm vegetable quickly, easily and with good results (beets, sweet potatoes etc). You can use the ""noodles"" as a satisfying and filling sub for pasta in Italian and Asian ""noodle"" dishes, or raw in salads as a garnish. Online there are many blogs that use spiralized veg in dishes that are quick prep and delish. I made sweet potato latkes that were healthy and delish
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March 9, 2014
Love This Little Gadget
I bought this last year for when we were making sushi. I love the way it works. (Yes, you do have to hold it with one hand and crank with the other, but that is the way it is designed - so no complaints here!) I use it on carrots, potatoes, everything you could imagine. I can have veggie ""pasta"" noodles of multiple sizes. Best veggie spiraler I've ever used. Very happy with this item and would recommend it
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June 10, 2014
difficult and time consuming
What I did not like about his was the tiny pieces that you have to first cut the vegetables into.... it took me FOREVER to slice a zucchini..... i could have just chopped it by hand. I tried it a few times and decided for the money it just wasn't worth it. Took it back and got a different model for about half as much (which I still dont love but like more than this one.)

I also did not like how the blades were changed... and so small! i probably would have lost the blades or cut myself on them by now.

I also felt like i had to put ALL of my body weight into it to make it work with any sort of efficiency. maybe it doubles as a work out machine?
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September 9, 2014

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