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de Buyer Blue Steel Crêpe Pans

The favorite pan of many chefs and home cooks alike, this carbon steel pan is perfect for high-heat sautéing and oven roasting, as well as flipping and turning delicate crepes. Properly cared for, these pans will build up layers of seasoning for a...Read More

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The favorite pan of many chefs and home cooks alike, this carbon steel pan is perfect for high-heat sautéing and oven roasting, as well as flipping and turning delicate crepes. Properly cared for, these pans will build up layers of seasoning for a surface that becomes increasingly nonstick over time.

Features Hide

  • Blue steel plate is ideal for making crispy, tasty crepes
  • Extra-thick 2-mm. base delivers even, efficient heating
  • The low skirt of the frying pan makes it easy to flip and turn crepes
  • Handle is welded to the pan for durability and provides a secure, comfortable grip

Specifications Show

  • Manufacturer: De Buyer
  • Dimensions: 8", 8½", 9½"
  • Weight: 8": 1.6-lbs., 8¾": 1.65-lbs., 9½": 1.98-lbs.
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Model: 8": #5303.20, 8¾": #5303.22., 9½": #5303.24
  • Made in France

Care & Usage Show

  • Hand wash only. To avoid oxidation, wash in hot water and dry immediately with paper towels or a clean kitchen towel
  • Carbon steel is not stainless and will develop a patina over time
  • To season, rub the warm, clean pan lightly with food-safe oil after each use
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Customer Reviews

5.0 / 5.0
9 Reviews
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One the best pans you'll ever own
Talk about value for money-- no wonder French chefs not only designed this pan but use it. Make sure you 'season' the pan with oil per the instructions. It indeed makes fabulous crepes and omelettes (buy Sur la Table's wooden crepe turner, so that you don't tear the edges while turning). It also sautes beautifully just about anything by evenly browning or caramelizing food to perfection. It's my favourite gift for others now
March 4, 2013
Top of the line
Everyone should own this crepe pan. I am going to buy the largest of the three. So easy to clean and it looks so wonderful hanging from a hook in my kitchen that everyone can see. I love to fry eggs and makes crepes in it.
Love, love, love it
June 5, 2013
Yay for de Buyer pan
This brought back memories of making cr�pes with my mom. The feel of the pan and flipping the cr�pes so easily bc they did not stick to the pan, made a fun day for my daughters and myself. This pan washes easily too. It is a good tool to have in the kitchen
February 11, 2013
Great searing pan for meat & veggies !!
Pan is nice and sturdy with thick base. Not as easy to season, but its getting there. I sear chicken , char peppers and warm tortillas on it ! Like a good cast iron pan, it may need a little time to get seasoned WELL !! I use very little oil if any to cook with and cleanup is pretty easy. Use oil or butter for eggs, as they may want to stick in the beginning ! Do not soak in water and keep acidic foods or liquids away from it !! EX. tomatoes,vinegar, wine and citrus as it will change color of pan!
March 26, 2016
1 year ago
A Great Go To Pan!
Making crepes with this pan is a breeze. I feel like a French Chef when I use this pan! Not only do I use it to cook crepes, I also fry eggs, saute' vegetables and even cook steaks on ii.
December 19, 2015
1 year ago
Blue Steel Crepe Pan - The Best
We were using a 9" nonstick skillet for crepe making. A chef suggested we get this pan - wow what a difference it made in producing beautiful crepes. The steel's heat retention cooked the crepes evenly on both sides for the entire batch.
June 25, 2016
9 months ago
Love it!! My go to egg pan!
I won't use any coated pans due to toxins. I love this pan. It makes the best eggs, and omelets, and no sticking. I'm going to try crepes, but haven't yet. Who needs non stick pans, this pan is great, and no chemical toxins to worry about!! I only use it for eggs!
October 30, 2015
over 2 years ago
My husband makes the crepes in our house, this pn is his pride and joy
November 30, 2016
1 year ago
Very happy we bought it
We needed a non-stick pan but didn't want a non-stick coating that would eventually peel. I'd read about blue steel years ago and decided to try it. It works really well and, although the handle gets warm, it doesn't get hot enough to burn. I can grab the handle without an oven mitt with no problem. My family is happy with this pan.
October 20, 2016
6 months ago

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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
Our family loves crepes, and pan also looks like it would be great for cooking eggs, etc.
Diana M on Mar 26, 2017
As a French teacher, I have made countless crepes with my students using this pan. Now I need one for home!
Rebecca R on Mar 19, 2017
Our family loves crepes, and pan also looks like it would be great for cooking eggs, etc.
Diana M on Mar 26, 2017
It was steel
Raymond B on Mar 24, 2017
As a French teacher, I have made countless crepes with my students using this pan. Now I need one for home!
Rebecca R on Mar 19, 2017
love this needed a new one
Tami P on Mar 19, 2017
Always wanted to make crepes and thought this would be the best one - so we will see how it goes
Deborah R on Mar 17, 2017
My sister-in-law did the research and chose this for her own birthday present!
Patricia M on Feb 16, 2017
recommended pan
Steve S on Feb 7, 2017
I already own one! Better price and selection at Sur La Table. Will for sure buy more here!
Annetta R on Jan 22, 2017
I make a lot of omelets and am crepes lately and my kids used metal utensils that scratched my omelet pan. Am letting them have the old one to make their grilled cheese things and will hide this one.
Theresa T on Dec 30, 2016
This is a great pan for fried eggs. Forget about Teflon. If you season and care for it, it is as non-stick as any chemical coated pan.
tonk on Dec 23, 2016
It was a Christmas gift.
Nicole J on Dec 17, 2016
love all things de Buyer!!
BRAD P on Dec 3, 2016
Suzanne T on Nov 30, 2016
What the wife requested; but I also researched the item first.
Jonathan P on Nov 27, 2016
Anthony F on Nov 17, 2016
looking for a quality steel crepe pan and found this through amazon
Dana B on Nov 9, 2016
Gift for my husband
Diane B on Nov 6, 2016
great for making chapatis and not as heavy as traditional cast iron pans
ZUBAIR B on Oct 27, 2016
I frequently make crepes. I believe this pan will provide better results than my non-stick sauté pan.
Madelyne G on Oct 24, 2016
Traditional non-stick pans don't seem to last very long. I liked what I read about the properties and non-stick ability of blue steel--tough, light weight and much easier to season than cast iron.
Celia G on Sep 26, 2016
A toss up.
John L on Sep 23, 2016
Excellent quality from a professional brand.
P A S on Sep 15, 2016
reviews say this is the best pan to use.
Diane S on Aug 30, 2016
I've wanted to try out a carbon steel pan and this looked like a good place to start
J Anne K on Jul 23, 2016
The size (8") seems right for smaller crepes and for a variety of uses.
Virginia d on Jul 11, 2016
BUY THIS. Great crepes, doesnt stick.
victor s on Jul 5, 2016
Was a classroom favorite for making crepes
Rebecca R on Jun 11, 2016
looks like a good buy for the money
lynn r on Jun 3, 2016
Your website noted it was the cooking class favorite tool.
ELAINE C on May 15, 2016
gift and brand
Cheryl M on May 15, 2016
It actually does make perfect crepes!
Pamela B on May 10, 2016
We love making crepes and this is a must! Also, the versatility of the pans.
Lisa M on May 9, 2016
Can't wait to try it on mother's day breakfast!
Akiko C on May 2, 2016
Best Crêpe pan, by far! PERFECT crêpes every time. Definitely a wise purchase.
Kaleigh T on Apr 30, 2016
I've heard good thing and it was a very good price.
Devon B on Apr 17, 2016
I have one and wanted's a great pan. We use it for eggs.
Deniz O on Apr 9, 2016
Seems interesting
Sandra J on Apr 7, 2016
saw used in crepe class
miriam f on Mar 28, 2016
Great reviews caused me to purchase it - However, when I received it and saw that it needed to be seasoned with potato peels I put it aside and have never used it (almost 2 years ago.)
Lynda A on Mar 18, 2016
Because its a quality product that's been proven over the years............
Jason B on Mar 3, 2016
I have been thinking of getting a crepe iron for a while now, I have seen lots of fancy expensive ones, but this seemed like the best introductory and economical choice.
Ronald C on Feb 25, 2016
20 % discount, pan gets rave reviews on many websites, I like crepes
Robert B on Feb 4, 2016
I used it when I am visiting my sister. She has this one and I like it.
raisa m on Jan 9, 2016
The blue steel crepe pan is well known for making great crepes. I hope it works as well for me!
Deborah D S on Dec 27, 2015
I have had this pan for 15 years....wonderful pan for crepes. This is a present for my grandson.
Judith B on Dec 26, 2015
Light weight pan, easy for kids to use!
SHERRIL G on Nov 28, 2015
a deal I could not pass up!
Joan S on Sep 23, 2015
Because I like crepes and I wanted to make some. Found a wonderful recipe and I loved them. Also use to salute vegetables too!
Rachel T on Sep 20, 2015
I love crepes!
Arman J on Sep 12, 2015
to make real french crepes
marie madeleine L on Sep 9, 2015
It was steel
Raymond B on Mar 24, 2017
love this needed a new one
Tami P on Mar 19, 2017
the blue coating was removed when we sauteed potatoes

I received two for Christmas and I love them. When sauting potatoes, the coating peeled off. Is this normal? Please advise how to treat the pan.Thanks
A shopper on Dec 29, 2013
BEST ANSWER: This is completely normal. In fact, the seasoning method--listed below--suggests that you boil potato peels in water prior to your first use. Place potato peelings in the pan with 1 cup of water, and bring to a boil for 15 min. Drain, then rinse the pan. Cover the pan bottom with a coating of frying oil and dry it for a few minutes. Discard oil and wipe the pan with a paper towel
Is the pan handle heat conductive?
A shopper on May 7, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Yes, to a degree. It never gets super hot, but using a hot pad is still wise. I don't need one when making crepes, but I do need one when sauteing
Dimension clarification

Do the dimensions listed for these pans (8"", 8-1/2"", 9-1/2"") refer to the top of the pan or the bottom? If it's the top measurement (which I suspect) can you provide the bottom dimensions for each
A shopper on Jan 13, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Favorites of many chefs, the low skirt makes this pan perfect for high-heat sautéeing and oven roasting, as well as flipping and turning delicate crepes. Properly seasoned, these pans will function as well as any nonstick pan.

Extra-thick 2mm bottom delivers even, efficient heat distribution. Rugged, welded handles. Hand wash and dry. Two-year warranty. Made in France

The measurements listed do represent the top diameter of these pans. The bottom diameters are as follows:

For the 8" pan the bottom diameter is 6 1/2"
For the 8 3/4" pan the bottom diameter is 7 1/2"
For the 9.5" pan the bottom diameter is 8"
For traditional crepes, which size is recommended?
A shopper on May 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The 9 inch size is easy to work with. I think this is the middle size pan. Smaller hardly seems worth the effort and the larger pan will not heat as evenly for the crepes. Also, be sure that the pan is hot before adding the crepe mixture. I find a silicon spatula aids in flipping the crepe to cook the second side. I wipe new oil onto the pan with a paper towel before I make the next crepe. Once pan is hot, use the lowest flame needed to keep the pan at the ideal temperature.
Can this crepe pan be used on an induction cooktop
A shopper on Apr 23, 2012
BEST ANSWER: As long as the pan material is magnetic, which steel is , it will work well on an induction cooktop
The de Buyer website mentions pans with a beeswax coating inside and out and includes a picture of a crepe pan. However, my pan's packaging said nothing about beeswax coating. Firstly, how do I know if it has a beeswax coating, and do I need to remove this coating before using, and, if so, how? Seems like it would be pretty messy if beeswax melted on the stovetop and maybe flammable? Second question, best way to season it for first and subsequent uses.
Judith M on Aug 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I was the lucky recipient of this deBuyer crepe pan in November 2014 and have used it several times since -- they give specific instructions on how to season (on the package), it's not hard but you shouldn't skip anything. You boil potato peels in the pan -- they do get very discolored (blue) -- it seems this removes something; not sure what (could be beeswax, but doesn't seem like it). Dispose of the peels, rinse with hot water and wipe out the inside of the pan well. Heat some high-heat oil in the pan (I used either canola or peanut), keep it hot but not smoking for five minutes, then pour it out and again wipe the pan until you don't see any more discoloration coming off. Your pan is now ready to use (and the oil you used keeps it from rusting). You shouldn't have to season again, nor do you need to do the outside of the pan at all. Going forward you treat it like a cast iron pan; either just wipe it out or wash (a little soap is OK), dry, and re-oil as before. I only use it for crepes so I just wipe it out & have had no problems with rust, nor with anything sticking to it. I'm cooking my crepes in clarified butter so it gets re-oiled automatically very time I use it. Hope this helps! It's a great pan. -- Molly, Judith O's daughter
Can this pan be used on a glass to?
A shopper on Dec 31, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Why not. I don't have a glass top, but I am sure pans will work fine. Just don't have oil or water on the outside of the bottom of the pan as this will mess up your cooktop.
Who knows how heavy it is?
A shopper on Sep 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The pans are a good weight and not so heavy that you can't swirl the crepe batter to spread it. They hold the heat well so it takes only a couple of minutes to cook the crepe. I got the 9" pans and they are perfect for crepes and other things, such as heating tortillas. It is easy to season them and keep them seasoned.
I seasoned my pan per Molly's instructions (potato peel boil followed by heating a high smoke oil in it for five minutes). Unfortunately, the oil smoked, and when I poured it out, it appears that some of the oil burned onto the pan. I tried to rub it off with paper towels, but the mark remained. I thought it might come off if I heated more oil in it and then rubbed it again (three times). Looks like some of it came off, but there's still about a three inch diameter slightly raised discoloration in the center. Will this affect the nonstick property of the pan? Or can I go ahead and use it without worry? Or is there a way to redo the curing to get it back to its original surface? My mother-in-law's old-time way of recuring cast iron skillets was to throw them in the fire when burning garden debris and leave it there for hours. It works. But I don't think I want to try that with this pan!
Judith M on Sep 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: My initial use also brought smoke and discoloration and I have to say it hasn't affected the prowess of this pan at all. It's been fantastic! After each use I wipe it out (sometimes with a paper towel, sometimes with water and baking soda, no detergent) and then I wipe the pan with olive or coconut oil for its next use. I've given this pan to two family members I love it so much. If there's a way someone knows to remove discoloration, I'm also up for it yet that hasn't seemed to be any challenge for its function. Good luck!
I goofed up...after talking to an employee on the phone at sur la table,he told me to season the oiled pan in a high oven for an hour. I have done that but now realize after reading these comments I should have done the whole deal with potato peels. Is my pan now ruined because I Seasoned it without "cleaning" it with the potato peels? People have said the potato peels de-gunk the bluing from the pan and my bluing is now under seasoning
A shopper on Sep 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I would go ahead and season with the potato peels. It should be fine. The directions were inside the box. My pan works great.
I don't understand why this has to be seasoned? I thought only iron pots and pans had to be seasoned?
kathy j on May 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: All pans work better if seasoned The only ones that do not get this treatment in my kitchen are my copper and stainless pans as I use soap to clean them which defeats the seasoning. Food does not stick as long as I use some oil and heat it quite hot before the food is added. This way food does not stick as the thin layer of steam caused when the food hits the hot oil actually keeps the food off the metal of the pan. Don't ever add food to a cold pan and expect it to not stick.
I have had 2 blue steel De Buyer saute pans for many years. They have been down to bare steel almost from the beginning. I want to buy one for my son but wonder if I didn't care for them correctly..or if they are not safe to use without the original finish?I always oil them after washing. I love them as they are...
A shopper on Oct 27, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It's fine to use, but it'll work better if it's seasoned properly. Keep in mind that it should never be washed with soap of any kind. It should only be cleaned using very hot water & a paper towel & it should be oiled regularly.


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