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Rösle® Locking Stainless Steel Tongs

Easy one-hand operation—automatic lock opens when tongs are raised. Precision teeth work on a range of tasks, from grabbing a pea to flipping a 10-lb. steak. Sensitive spring tension offers effortless operation. Hang loop. Dishwasher safe.  
  • Manufacturer: Rösle
  • Care: Do not use ordinary steel wool for cleaning, use recognized household cleaning agents specialized for stainless steel to guarantee optimum results, dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 9", 11¾", 15¾"
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
  • Model: 9.1": #12915, 11.8": #12916, 15.7": #12917
  • The locking tongs with their patented coupling mechanism can be opened and locked together using just one hand.
  • Safe and comfortable handling is assured through the ergonomic design of the locking tongs.
  • Space-saving storage in locked position.
4.4 / 5.0
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Super Tongs
Not sure how the technology of these tongs work, but they are great! The lock feature makes them easy to use and store. This is a sturdy, well-made product and really all you need
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July 28, 2011
Here's how to work 'em
To lock the tongs for storage, turn them tong side up, and close them. They will stay locked close for storage in a drawer or utensil caddy (or to save space while you're cooking). To open, hold them tong side down, grip to close, and then release. Voila, your tongs automatically open!

I've had this, and the Rosle silicone-tipped tongs for years, and both work great. Kids and grown-ups alike will appreciate the ""magic,"" and these are far more durable and substantial (and yes, pretty) than other tongs out there, making them a great value as well
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January 3, 2014
My search is over.
I love using tongs when cooking and these are the ones I have been looking for. They are solid, work well, and the magic way they lock and unlock seals the deal
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August 15, 2012
Love Them
I love these tongs way too much. They are my magic tongs. I'm still trying to figure out the magic of how they work. Very high quality!
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July 12, 2012
Locking mechanism does not function properly
I purchased these tongs because I like R�sle products and these look great and are nice and heavy.

After a year of use I felt the need to write this review.

The tongs will not stay shut and pop open at the worst possible times. I continued to try and use them over and over and was aggravated every time. The final straw was when they popped open on my counter and shattered a glass container full of marinate spilling it all over my counter, (along with tiny little bits of glass).

While they look great they did not function correctly for me.

Better locking tongs can be had at a much lower price. Because of this I can not recommend this product.

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September 8, 2013
The Essential Tongs.
Yeah, these tongs are a bit expensive. But they're so totally worth it:

One: they're beautiful - so shiny, so clean (in terms of lines, functionality, etc.).

Two: Their functionality is, hands-down, the best of any tongs I've ever used. Lock in the up position, unlock in the down position. No grimy locking mechanism, no nothing.

Only downside: I have no idea how they work. I've spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure it out and feel somewhat silly for it.

Bottom line: shell out the extra bucks to get some high quality tongs that will last a lifetime
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July 24, 2013
Greatest Tongs Ever!
Yes I know that sounds silly, but it's true.

They are a little pricey but worth it. Everything From Rosle is great
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June 18, 2013

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