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Bodum® Chambord French Presses

No brewing method extracts more flavor from the precious bean than the French press. Easy to use, it offers an intensely aromatic cup of java. These pots have a heat-resistant borosilicate glass container held by a chrome-plated frame.  
3.9 / 5.0
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5 Years and Counting
I have had my Bodum 32 oz French Press for over 5 years now and I look forward to using it every morning. Drip Coffee just can't hold a candle to this baby. It consistently produces the deepest, most aromatic coffee without ever burning the beans! It also makes great loose leaf teas.

Though the press has help up very well over the past 5 years, I think it's about time for me to replace the mesh filter, but aside from that, there is no real noticable wear to my french press
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April 18, 2011
This is the only coffee maker you will ever need!
I don't know why I waited so long to get a French press, but I am glad I have one now. It has put to shame my old countertop drip coffee maker-I have throw it out as a matter of fact. The taste is beyond comparison. I have yet to experience a bad cup of coffee with my Bodum French Press. I have brewed all types of beans from the darkest roast to the light milds and the verdict is the same. Excellent! So you can keep your fancy digital Robot coffee maker contraptions, I will be the guy with Bodum enjoying my superior cup of coffee. Those machines are pretty to look at- so you got that going for you. Enjoy
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May 13, 2012
Best French Press ever!
I have had mine for 5 years as well! I use it when I want a good cup of coffee. I've tried drip coffees, Keurig k-cup coffees but I always go back to my French press. This one is great because it's glass. I shy away from the new ones that are made in plastic. I'm not sure how well those hold up over time
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May 15, 2011
Morning Bliss!
All other coffee preparations fail to compare to the rich and perfectly balanced French Press! I have tried all other types but this is the only one for me! Make sure to coarse grind your beans and let steep for the 4 minutes, stir and press
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July 28, 2011
Great French Press!
Received this french press as a wedding shower gift, and have been hugely impressed. We were looking for something to use when making coffee for one person or during a power outage. The 32 oz. press makes enough coffee for 3-4 cups. It's easy to clean and use. The overall result is wonderful. Much better cup of coffee than our drip maker produces, with less fuss and effort! I would highly recommend this product. I doubt we'll use it every day since we drink a lot of coffee, but it's perfect for weekends or after dinner coffee
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July 5, 2013
The beaker broke after using for a month
We were very excited about our French Press purchase and happy with the coffee till the glass beaker started developing cracks after only a month of use. We were super careful about how we handled it but one day while making coffee we noticed one crack and after a few weeks another new one which has made it unusable.
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February 7, 2014
Poor quality control on the glass beaker
We have loved the Bodum press in many sizes. A recent purchase, and we tried two, showed the source of the issue written by many users. The glass beaker is not the perfectly made standard size that it has always been in the past. It is slightly irregular with areas that are smaller in circumference. This makes the press stick or get stuck. It also made the beaker, hot coffee and press slid completely out of the frame of the holder. Luckily it was by the sink.

The initial reasoning at the store and elsewhere was that the press, screen or spring was faulty. But that is not the case. It's the lack of quality control on the glass beaker. This is written in Fall of 2014. So much earlier ones may be fine. And later ones may be fine if Bodum does a recall and fixes the glass production issue.
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October 18, 2014
9 months ago
Best Coffee Ever
It's simple, it's cheap (for a coffee machine), and it makes one of the best cups of coffee ever. All you need is a decent coffee grinder (Bodum makes a good one for about $100-150, which means you can buy both for about the same price as a crappy drip machine), and you're good to go. Forever. My only complaint is that this french press does not come in a multi-gallon size.
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January 9, 2015
What's not to like? I recently switched from using a Keurig every day to making French press coffee. I was really conflicted about the amount of waste produced by the Keurig and felt that I'd be adding nothing to the landfill if I used my French press. I own 3 Bodums and love them all. I have three so that I can run one through the dishwasher and always have one ready to use. The third I sometimes take to work and use it to brew loose leaf tea.
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May 16, 2015
5 months ago
High Quality Workmanship, But Terrible Coffee
I've had one of these for well over a year, and I have to admit that the craftsmanship is fantastic. However, every cup of coffee I made in this thing was like drinking mud, and I really didn't care for the overall flavor, either. Yes, I watched all the videos on YouTube, and tried all the different brewing methods, grinds, water temperatures, etc. No dice. I even tried to convince myself every morning that my press-brewed coffee was, in fact, good. I finally had to admit that I was lying to myself. In my opinion, press brewing makes a gross cup of coffee.

Recently, I switched to pour-over brewing using an all-glass coffee maker invented by a chemist. You've probably heard the saying, "Better living through chemistry." Well it's true in this case, as the pour-over method makes for some truly great coffee.

So in the end, this French Press is headed for the recycle bin, but not until I've had a delicious cup o' Joe.
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April 14, 2015

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