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de Buyer® Double Boiler, 1.5L

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Perfect for melting chocolate, making sauces and anything that requires gentle, even heat. Stainless steel with an aluminum core and a capacity of 1½ liters.

Boiler handle features water-level gauge for easy monitoring, spout for adding more water and a silicone cover for heat protection. Hand wash. Made in France.
  • Manufacturer: de Buyer
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Capacity: 1½ L
  • Material: Stainless steel with aluminum core
  • Ensures gentle, slow cooking heat.
  • Spout in handle makes adding water easy.
  • Silicone handle features water level gauge.
  • Made in China.
3.2 / 5.0
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Learn cooking basics
Being a pastry chef, I use this bain-marie quit often. The lid is made so that you can just go to the sink and add water. There is a little window you can look at to see where the water level is. The key to this device is temperature. The water only needs to steam inside, not boil. If water is spurting out of it, then you have the temp on the stove top too hot. I melt chocolate in it, make zabaglione,
melt butter, make custard, hollandaise, etc..
If you were putting a glass bowl over a pan, the same technique would apply. Water only needs to steam under the bowl, not boil. This product works fine when used appropriately
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September 23, 2012
I enjoy and use this everyday
I purchased this double boiler to make oatmeal every morning and I have not been disappointed. I use a small cup with a spout to pour the water into the water chamber. The water boils below in the contained area. The double boiler allows my oatmeal to cook without my constantly having to keep my eye on it. The water does not boil over for me ( I keep it on a low to low medium flame once it has boiled). I enjoy having one pot to store for a double boiler,the contained sleek design and not having 2 pots and 2 handles to deal with. I have given it to my family members as gifts and everyone enjoys it and uses it everyday
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April 24, 2012
So I bought this this double boiler thinking and quick and fix to making baby food and also indulging in a chocolate recipe or two later.
The directions that come with the item are not clear. I can not remember off hand how much it tell you to fill but if you filled the double boiler with the amount of water it tells you, it would not keep cool or work well. If you filled it with out tilting the boiler you could not read the gauge correctly. Then it should come with an appropriate sized funnel to fill it as well. I read previous reviews and found that the handles are very fragile and found through my own use that they are. I did not use too much flame and I am very good with my cooking utensils but after I would have to say four uses the handle started to leak at the bottom. Why not use a flame retardant plastic or something? Well, I just bought another product from De Buyer I hope it stands up to the use but I would avoid this item. Go to the traditional way, yes you will spend more and have more pots then you need but you really can't reinvent the wheel like I though had happened here. Though the price was nice to see in comparison to other double boilers it is not going to stand up to them in compairison
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June 21, 2012
Faulty Double Boiler
First off, the de Buyer double boiler is not made in France, but in China.

Secondly, it just does not function well. It is hard to pour water into the tiny chamber. The water overheats and spurts out from the handle in bursts of steam if you overfill it. Chocolate clumps instead of melting because it constantly overheats.

I have given this double boiler many tries, but the overheating consistently happens, and I am always left with clumpy chocolate I can no longer use. It is a beautiful product, but it is just not functional
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March 14, 2012

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