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Pure Rose Extract, 2 oz.

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One of the most highly regarded ingredients, pure rose extract offers a beautiful floral bouquet and flavor that perfectly complement wedding cakes, icing and florets.

Only the finest rose oils from Bulgaria and Turkey, countries noted for their outstanding-quality rose oils, are used to make this one-of-a-kind product.

Extract should be used sparingly because of its intense flavors; add just a few drops to your recipe for an unmistakable rose flavor. 2 oz.
Imagine the fragrance of morning fresh rose petals complimenting the aroma of your fresh baked goods. A beautiful and wonderful way to compliment the florets and icing on your wedding cake. Rose enhances vanilla, chocolate, fruit and nuts. Roses are extremely complex. Explore the delights!  
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Light and Refreshing
I went into the store the other day to purchase the lavender extract and they were out (must be good). I got the rose extract instead, but I wasn't as excited since my heart was set on lavender. I've never baked with floral flavor before, but I do like them in candies. So tonight I whipped up a batch of whoopie pies to test out the rose extract. I used vanilla cake base and added some cardamom to the batter. For the filling I used my usual vanilla butter cream, but did 1/2 vanilla extract 1/2 rose (I wasn't sure how strong it would be and I didn't want it to be overpowering). I Love it! The rose flavor is so light and refreshing. It's not minty but I would compare the ""refreshing"" feeling I get similar to mint, not heavy like chocolate or almond. If you are new to floral flavors, or making something for someone who is, I would maybe use even less of the extract. Doing 50/50 vanilla and rose in my recipe gave plenty of rose flavor without being too much.

I give the value 5 stars because I think with this extract, and flavor, a little goes a long wa
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July 5, 2013
Taste like your smelling a rose
This is a heavenly extract. it transports you to a garden full of old English roses. it has a bold fragrance, i used this for flavoring filling for eclairs,making cookies and frosting, ice cream. It works best when married with vanilla extract to allow rose extract to dance on the tongue.
best Rose extract on the market. a delight to add to backing goods don't be shy you will love the taste in your confections.
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March 18, 2015

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