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Sur la Table Oven and Roasting Digital Thermometer with Timer

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Two-in-one probe measures food and oven temperatures up to 572° F. Beeps at set time and temperatures. Folds flat for easy storage. Uses one AAA battery, included.  
  • Two-in-one probe measures food and oven temperatures
  • Preset temperatures for all types of meats - beeps at set times and temperatures
  • Easy to program – set your own temperature
  • Count up / 99-minute count down timer
  • Timer works while temperature is monitored
  • Large-digit LCD
  • Easy-clean touch control pad
  • 99-minute countdown timer
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Stainless steel thermometer probe with long (45”) cable - probe stores in holder on side
  • Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius - 32°F to 572°F
  • One AA battery included
  • Low battery warning
1.7 / 5.0
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Dual sensor thermometer
This dual sensor probe thermometer is not without its faults and if it weren't for the nature of the probes to fail, it would be a great item. To be fair, the control unit works just fine and does as it's suposed to. It measures both the temperature of the meat and the oven, or your BBQ smoker, etc., to give you an accurate reading of the temperature at which you're cooking. It has a timer and you can set an alarm to go off when your food has reached the desired internal temperature or when the oven has reached the desired temperature. The alarm isn't quite as loud as you might like it though and unless you're within 10 - 20 ft. of the unit, you might not hear it go off. Unfortunately, the probes are a bit on the delicate side and have a tendency to malfunction. After a few uses, either the food probe or the oven sensor will fail to work and no longer give you an accurate reading. The silver lining to this cloud is that Sur La Table has accepted returns on this item without any questions asked and replaced it with a new one. With all that said, I own three of these units since I do BBQ catering and competitive BBQ and have yet to find another dual sensor thermometer that does what this one does. So....I would recommend this unit with reservations
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January 16, 2011
Don't bother
Trying to save anyone else the headache...

1. Some of the buttons are difficult to press. You have to hit just the right spot on them. Not a huge deal, but strike one.

2. The temp adjustments are uni-directional. Want to set 160 degrees, but accidentally went to 167? You'll have to run it all the way up past 500 degrees and back to 160 again... Again, not a huge deal, but for the price of this, VERY annoying and strike 2.

3. The oven temp probe was not accurate at all. It usually seemed to run anywhere from 50 to 70 degrees low. This was the final nail in the coffin and strike 3.

Unit is now in the trash after it died in the middle of a brisket (strike 4??). Not really disappointed though as I hate to throw out functioning equipment and this just gave me a good reason. I am disappointed that Sur La Table put their name on this as I expected much more..
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November 1, 2011
Not worth your money
I agree with the other negative review's 3 flaws. And agree they make the thing not worth it. The other frustration...actually the reason i found this review because the settings/buttons are not intuitive. So, i'm constantly googling to try to find the instructions again after not using it for a while. Anyway, frustrating to throw away something that 'works' because it's impossible to use
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March 10, 2012
Not worth the money
I had high hopes for this thermometer but it failed me during the second time I used it and it was during a televised cooking competition! The timer would not count down and I could not figure out how to switch the way the timer function worked and now the oven temp button will not work at all. For $35, this thing should have lasted years not days. Really disappointed
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December 12, 2012
Pick another item
This thermometer drives me nuts! To set the temperature you have scroll through 500 degrees before reaching your desired temp which is so annoying. Also, the cord is very sensitive to touch and if it gets pinched by your oven door the ""error"" noise will sound constantly till it is fixed, which means opening the oven door constantly because this happens all the time!
I do not recommend this product
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February 8, 2013
"Please, SLT, replace this already"
This is the 2nd SLT-branded digital oven thermometer I have bought in the last year, and it's a toss up which one I would first want to throw on the floor and smash with the heel of my shoe.

WADR, SLT needs to find another designer / contractor to put together a digital oven thermometer that takes into accounts all the complaints here (that I echo) as well as those on that South American river's (: >) website that also sells similar digital oven thermometers.

WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT, now please, SLT, just build it, have SOME REAL COOKS/ CUSTOMERS TEST IT, and then sell it:

Buttons that WORK.

Modes and settings that can be changed up and down.

Sensor wires that last more than 2-3 months.



SLR is a great store, fair prices, FANTASTIC staff, but their digital oven thermometers are a waste of money
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January 8, 2013
Beyond Annoying
Get the Taylor. I wish I had. Sur La Table's model is ridiculously complicated unless you read the instructions EVERY SINGLE TIME you use it. You simply will not be able to remember the ins and outs of all the readings and settings
and the constant alerts will drive you mad
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November 1, 2013
Great Kitchen Staple!
This is one of two of my favorite items for the kitchen! Our oven is older and WAY off temperature. Ever since I bought this, I get an accurate oven temperature which makes baking and cooking so much easier now. I also love how the metal cools down fast after removing from the heating oven. I would definitely recommend this product. Buy two if you have dual ovens
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July 7, 2011
Stay Away From This
I don't cook Tenderloins or Turkeys very often so I've only used this a couple times over the last year. After only have a couple uses and after the warranty ran out (of course) the probe was malfunctioning; giving me a ""Hi"" error message at the food temperature display. The device has allot nice feature and I like the fact that you can either mount it to the wall or place it on the counter or stove, but all that is meaningless if the probe is vulnerable. After reading some of the other negative reviews I'm reluctant to buy a replacement from this company
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June 6, 2013
Loved it when it worked. Now I hate it.
I worked in the culinary program at SLT a few years back, and I loved using these thermometers in class. I bought one for myself and have used it probably several dozen times over the last two years or so. It worked like a charm for baking meatloaf, chicken breasts, pork chops, and steaks to the exact temp I wanted. Then one day, I was making my favorite meatloaf and I noticed that it read over 100 degrees when I initially stuck it into the meat, which I had just taken out of the fridge a few minutes before. Clearly not correct. I decided to bake it anyways and guess based on about a 50 degree difference. Even when I did that, the meatloaf was NOT cooked. I had to cook it longer and longer and keep cutting into it to check the doneness. When I finally took it out and sliced it up and took a bite, it STILL WASN'T DONE. So I put the sliced up pieces BACK into the pan and tried to keep cooking it. Obviously, eating undercooked pork is never a good idea for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. A part of me wonders if I just need a new sensor, but on the other hand, I really just want to throw it away
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February 10, 2014

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