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KitchenAid® Stand Mixer Food Grinder Attachment

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SpecialValueBuy This food grinder is one of the most useful KitchenAid accessories. Included are a stomper and coarse and fine plates for grinding meat, firm fruits and vegetables.  
  • Manufacturer: KitchenAid
  • Model: FGA
  • Care: Grinder body, grind worm, ring and wrench are dishwasher safe. Wash knife, grinding plates and wooden stomper in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Dimensions: 4" x 7" x 7"
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Made in China
  • Quickly grind meats, firm fruits and vegetables, dry bread and cheese.
  • Includes coarse and fine grinder plates, hardwood stomper and wrench.
3.0 / 5.0
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Puts motor grease into the meat
I'm looking for an inexpensive meat grinder, and since we have a Kitchenaid mixer I thought this would be perfect. The online reviews are pretty poor, but I like my mixer so I thought I'd give it a shot. Big mistake.

I followed the instructions exactly (cut meat into small cubes, chilled it and the attachment, etc.). It was chuck and sirloin steak (for burgers) - not too fatty. Within 30 seconds, the grinder clogged up entirely. I cleaned it out, started again - clogged up again within 10 seconds.

Then I noticed that there were little grey lumps in the ground meat. Upon close examination, they were blobs of engine grease coming from the attachment - apparently the drive mechanism isn't sealed off from the food path well enough. I looked online and, sure enough, it's a common complaint that this thing puts greasy blobs into your food.

No way am I eating that. The attachment went back to the store, after a total of less than a minute of actual use
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August 25, 2011
Where's the Beef?
I own this and love it. I grind my own meat for burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs. I typically grind a pound of chuck roast, sirloin, and tri tip. I have never had any problems. Just trim off that thin membrane skin as best you can. That's what clogs the machine but even then, it's so simple to clean that it's not much work. I store mine in the cupboard, pull it out, attach it and grind away
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July 9, 2014
It is not a commercial grinder
This is an OK grinder for doing a moderate amount of work. If you are into large volumes buy a dedicated grinder. I use it to process wild game (duck) to make sausage. I work in small batches and clean it several times and KEEP the meat as well as the attachment COLD.

It will do the task if you know the limits of the tool and work within those limits. For $50 it is better than a hand grinder
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January 2, 2014
I've used my food grinder attachment for 10 years and love it. Unfortunately, only recently it has developed 3 cracks in the rear of the plastic housing. My next purchase will be a separate meat grinder and hopefully with no plastic parts.
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March 26, 2015

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