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Fagor Digital Portable Induction Burner

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SpecialValueBuy Precise, efficient, fast, reliable—a favorite of professional chefs, an induction burner is considered the best cooking surface available.

Easy-touch controls with six temperature settings. Features timer and control pad lock. Wipe clean. 1800 watts. 14" x 12" x 2¾".
  • Model: 670041470
  • Efficient: Uses 90% of energy produced.
  • Fast: Quick heating response: as precise as gas, with 50% less cooking time.
  • Precise: Melt chocolate or butter without a double boiler.
  • Safe: Surface stays cool to the touch with no flames or smoke. Features automatic safety shut-off.
  • Easy to clean: Spills wipe up easily because they don’t get cooked onto the glass.
  • Elegant: High-quality, heat-resistant glass with elegant touch controls.
  • Quick Launch buttons for instant boil or warm settings.
  • Quick Temp button displays actual cooking temperature
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Made in China.
3.4 / 5.0
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"Short warranty, no service center"
I purchased my portable induction cooktop in April 2010. In August 2011, the unit had stopped working, showing a blinking ""EC"" on the display. Apparently, EC stand for electrical connection. When I phoned the 1-800 Fagor number, the rep told me that the warranty for this product is 1 year only and that they do not have a service center. In other words, I have had the unit for 1 year and 4 months, it is malfunctioning, and I cannot have it repaired (even at cost). Please beware of this product - if your unit malfunctions past the 1-year warranty, you will have NO RECOURSE for replacement or repair
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August 14, 2011
I love this product.
I've had the Fagor 1800 watt, Schott Ceran Digital Portable Induction Burner for several months now. I purchased it as an impulse item while attending one of Sur La Table's cooking classes (Try the classes, they are great and a lot of fun). I'd been looking at the high end induction ranges to replace my existing electric range and at $150 I thought this would be a great way to inexpensively try out induction cooking before investing in a high end induction range. I've been using it for about 5 months now and since I began cooking on it I seldom use my conventional cook top. In fact I have since purchased a second Fagor Induction Burner. I find this product to be very easy to use. It has simple to use settings ranging from low enough to melt chocolate without a double boiler, ( i use this setting a lot for my baking and it works great), to high heat settings that boil water in about 50% faster than conventional gas or electric heat sources. It also has a timer function that automatically turns off the unit after a timed period if you do not want to baby sit your pot. Cleanup is a wiz since all the heat source is in the pot or pan and not coming from the cook top. Like any cook top you can encounter boil overs and spills on the Fagor glass top surface. However, since it is not a heat source spilled liquid does not cook onto the cook top and wipes up easily. Also, sometimes I like to slip a sheet of Parchment paper between the cook top and the bottom of the pan. This does not affect the heat transferred to the pan for cooking but does keep the glass top squeaky clean. I also love how easily the bottoms of my cookware clean up. I use mostly ScanPan and All Clad cookware and since using these almost exclusively on the Fagor, all I need is a little rinse with soap and water. You do need to make sure any cookware you plan on using can hold a magnet for induction cooking. You can even use Lodge Cast Iron but you need to make sure you have Parchment Paper under the rough cast iron surface to avoid scratching the glass top on the Fagor. or better yet, use the enameled cast iron cookware. I've had no issues with either Fagor Induction burner since purchasing them and have used them extensively. If there is a downside it's that I have found my old stove top range antiquated and will likely invest in a full service induction range replacement. Oh yes, and my wife is constantly commenting on me having my Fagor Induction Burners cluttering up the stove top. The things we have to endure to enjoy good convenient cooking. My advise, if your curious about Induction Cooking, spend $150 for one of these Fagor Burners to try it out before investing in an expensive full blown, high end Induction range. Even if you end up purchasing a dream range these are very handy additions for keeping food warmed or when you just find you need one more burner. I love both of mine and highly recommend them
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November 21, 2012
Works well
I purchased the single burner. Had for about a year now. I use it when I have too many things going on my induction stove top. I plug it in on another part of my counter and let it cook something else to free up my space on the stove top. You have to have use pans made for induction which means a magnet will stick to the bottom of it.
This Fagor is not the highest wattage at 1300. There are a few out there much stronger but they are much more money. I guess it depends on what you want to use it for. I boil big stockpots of water on it to using it on my table top to keep the food warm while people are eating.
It would be great for an RVer needing extra burners. I use mine often and am happy with it
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February 21, 2011
It is my stove
Unlike most people reviewing, this is not an extra burner for me- this is my only burner. I bought this because the graduate student housing I was assigned has no stove or oven- just a microwave. Since it's not completely clear in my contract whether I'm allowed hotplates or toaster ovens, I decided this induction burner would be a good idea as the unit itself doesn't directly put off heat (conveniently, it also is the perfect size to fit in one of my kitchen drawers so it won't be seen during inspections).

As this is my only heating device other than a microwave- this unit gets daily use, and it's good at doing its job, as long as you use the proper induction cookware (I originally forgot about this and had a bad time).

Heating is quick- it normally will only take a minute or two to boil a medium sized pot of water. I have never cooked by temperature- so I can't speak to the accuracy of the temperature gauge. I've also never used the timer while cooking- but it seems to function. The buttoms are relatively sensitive- and I've occasionally accidentally turned the unit off or on. It makes a beeping noise whenever you've pressed a button, so you're unlikely to not notice. It also has an automatic shut off- the unit will only operate with an induction capable object on it- with about 3-5 seconds of leeway if you pick up the item.

The unit will be hot after use (the display will show ""-H-""), but cools down quickly. To clean simply wipe the surface.

No regrets- I like this unit a lot
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November 4, 2013
This product blows.. MY MIND!!
I purchased this cooktop at a local Sur la Table a few months ago and it has been fantastic! I've gotten a few different uses out of it so far.

I use it at least 3 times a week just to cook dinner instead of using my old gas stove. Who knew induction was SO much faster than gas?!

I used it outside the other day just to cook some food that I knew would stink up my entire house, worked wonderfully. I stayed in a shaded area just in case, you never know.

Lastly (and most impressive) I was able to use it as a buffet server at a family birthday last month. Just placed a pot of mashed potatoes on the cooktop and set it to the lowest level, kept my potatoes warm through the evening and EVERYONE was raving about how clever and convenient the cooktop was.

Thank you Fagor, I can't WAIT to use my cooktop this Thanksgiving and Xmas!!
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November 13, 2013
Temp control very poor
Overall I really like my burner. Having said that, the temp control settings mean little. Water boils on, boil (good), med high, and med low (not so good). Once you understand this, it work fairly well. It should be noted that this is my second review. For some reason unknown to me, my first was never posted
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November 21, 2013
Major Disappointment
For $150 I expected more:

1. The TEMP function does not show actual temp. Put pot with cold oil on the unit and it will display the setpoint of 360, even though the oil is at room temp. Without a thermometer you don't know when the oil is hot enough to cook.

2. Its inaccurate.

Set it to BOIL -212 and it brings it to a rolling boil.

Set it to medium high 200 - rolling boil

Set it to medium low 180 - rolling boil

If you care about temp control, this is not the one for you. I did find when give time to reach the set point of 360 - the oil actually was fairly clos
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October 1, 2013
I got my portable induction cooktop a couple of months ago. I LOVE IT!! This cooktop is very powerful (1800 watts) and it is really fast!! It has cut the time it took me to boil water for my pasta in HALF! It is so easy to use than even though I never had an induction cooktop before I got used to it very quickly. The built-in timer is super-convenient and the fact that I just wipe it clean makes my life so much easier.For dinner tonight I will be making one of the recipes that came with it: Chicken Marsala.
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August 6, 2012
Inconsistent at best!
We use this to demo cookware at the store I work at and I've been very disappointed with how it performs. It randomly shuts off in the middle of cooking and most of the heat settings are useless. We have to turn it all the way up to even get the pan to heat up. I've had customers who have the same burner and have had the same mixed results. Sorry, I cannot recommend this product.
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November 25, 2014

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