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Kaiser® Linzer Cookie Cutter 5 Piece Set

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Begin a holiday tradition with a treat that’s as festive as the season itself: Linzer cookies. Set includes a tulip, clover, star, heart and daisy cutters. Durable stainless steel construction will not bend or warp. Cookie cutters come apart for easy cleanup. This set is great for making cookies as gifts or as a family baking project. Made in Germany.  
  • Manufacturer: Kaiser
  • Includes: Tulip, clover, star, heart and daisy cookie cutters
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Set includes five different cutters.
  • Stainless steel construction is durable and will not bend or warp.
  • Cutters come apart for easy cleanup.
  • Great for making cookies as gifts or as a fun family baking project..
2.7 / 5.0
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Neat Idea Doesn't Deliver
I purchased this set for making cookies and tarts, thinking that the spring-loaded cut-outs would help me better center my top pieces. Unfortunately, the center gadget moves around a lot (so much for centering) and the spring gets stuck, too (so the middles do not punch out -- this is even worse after a few washings). To compensate for this, I pulled the whole thing apart and just used each of the pieces separately, like normal cookie cutters. Very over-priced for what you get. Better off sticking with traditional cookie cutters
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December 27, 2011
Great idea but poor design
Kaiser may be a German company, but these cookie cutters are made in China. Once you open the package, there are stickers that state that.

These cutters consist of 3 parts: the top into which the other 2 pieces are inserted, the fluted outer edge cutter which is inserted in the bottom, and the middle cutout with a blue plastic piece (inserted before the fluted outer edge cutter) that has a spring-loaded plunger that causes the middle of the cutout cookie dough to eject. This is a great idea when it works. You still have to remove the dough from the center cutout manually which is normal.

The fluted outer edge cutter is difficult to get off initially (you're suppose to squeeze it) and even harder to get back in; must make sure all the edges are inserted evenly which makes it time-consuming. Eventually, I just removed the center from one and used it for all my bottoms.

When you use the plunger, eventually it causes both the part to which it is attached and the fluted outer edge to fall out if you hold on to the top piece (which is what one expects to grasp). You have to remember to hold on to the fluted lower part when you use the plunger.

As another person stated, the middle cutout doesn't always stay centered which defeats the whole purpose of buying these expensive cutters. You must make sure that you've pushed the fluted piece all the way in on all sides since this is what holds the inner cutout and makes it level. (Again, I just stopped taking it apart and removed the inner cutout from one and used it for all the bottoms because at least that way, I could stop having to deal with that issue.)

Often the center dough cutout comes out as well when you eject the cookie dough, so after you've cut out the dough and before ejecting it onto your sheet, you have to check and press the center up into the cutter if you can't see the metal edge of the center cutout. Then you can eject the cookie dough onto the sheet without the center dough cutout also getting on the sheet.

The recipe had missing information. It stated one could use 2 cups of coarsely chopped nuts but then didn't state whether to use less of any other ingredient or when to add the nuts; plus if the nuts are too coarse, they interfere with the fluted edges and the center -- therefore the nuts need to be smaller than the size of curve of the fluted piece. There's definitely a line in the recipe missing but at least it's not critical.

Great idea but cumbersome; not intuitive. Lots of things to remember and check when using these cookie cutters. Considering the price, I wouldn't recommend them
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December 19, 2012
"Despite the previous reviews, I bought them"
Despite the two previous reviews, I bought them anyway! Call me crazy, but I thought that they were cute. I found them to be pretty easy to use, and didn't have the problems that the previous reviewers mentioned. Unlike the description, they are not made in Germany, they have ""Made in China"" stamps on all of the cutters. The quality seems adequate and they certainly made the Linzer cookie making a whole lot easier
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December 29, 2013

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