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Silicone Spatulas

Exclusive Multipurpose silicone-head spatula is ideal for use with nonstick cookware. Silicone is durable enough to withstand heat up to 600°F, yet soft enough that it won’t scratch your cookware as you use it for scraping bowls, folding, stirring and mixing food. Available in multiple colors to match your décor.

  • Manufacturer: Sur La Table by Tovolo
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 12" length
  • Material: Silicone and stainless steel
  • Made in China
  • Silicone head won’t scratch cookware; safe for nonstick.
  • Heat safe up to 600°F.
  • Resists flavor and odor absorption.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel handle feels comfortable in hand.
4.7 / 5.0
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Best spatula of all time
This the best and most versatile spatula I have ever used. Great for stirring together brownies and scraping batter out of bowls, but also good for stirring soup, scrambling eggs, and other hot things. I've had mine about a year and it still looks brand new. I'm planning to get some for stocking stuffers this year
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November 22, 2011
My favorite utensil by far! So versatile for everyday cooking. Just the right amount of flex and sturdiness. Use them for bowl scraping, in my stainless pans or nonstick, mixing, scramble eggs, blending frostings... I used to think these were silly until now that I have one that works fabulously! I have 2, and sometimes could use another.. lo
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May 14, 2011
"It's good, but..."
This spatula is great, really. It's sturdy, nice looking, and works beautifully in my nonstick cookware. The only problem I had with it was putting it in the dishwasher. Now mind you, it's perfectly safe to put it in the dishwasher, but I found that after I put it in there, it developed an odd sort of taste that seemed to end up in my food. Almost like a film from my dish detergent. I would't trade my silicone tipped tools for the world, but I'll be sure to hand wash them from now on
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September 22, 2013
Love it!
This is my favorite spatula. I have the red one. It's sturdy, durable and looks pretty in my kitchen. I like the stainless steel handle, but be careful when tapping it on the side of a glass bowl or dish
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May 15, 2011
Great Handle
I have always avoided silicone, thinking they would be like the other plastic and rubber type product from the past. These are very sturdy, functional, and most of all the handles are shaped perfect to fit in the hand.
I received 4 different styles of these utensil as a Christmas present and love them so much that I bought every style and 1 of every color available; one week later
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January 24, 2014
Excellent in Every Regard
This spatula hits the sweet spot of great flexibility, strong back edge, and a terrific price.
One can spend more money, but you won't find a better value
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November 6, 2013
"Great spatula, beautiful design"
I have this spatula in green and love it. I've had no problems with it at all and was surprised that there were some negative reviews about problems with the silicone. I love that I can put it through the dishwasher and it still looks and works like new. My boyfriend admired mine, so I bought him one for his birthday. Great value for the price
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May 26, 2013
"This is the handiest tool in the kitchen, bar none"
I own several in different colors. Invariably I wind up using this almost every single time I step into the kitchen. If you don't have this, you're missing out. I use it to turn, mix, scrape, and blend. I use it with solids and liquids, cooked and raw foods. It's my favorite silicone utensil, and that's saying a lot. I think the straight and curved edges on one tool are what make it so handy.

I like that with silicone you never have to worry about which type of cookware you're using. Just grab it and go. I use these in my enameled and non-enameled cast ironware, my tri-ply stainless, and my one nonstick pan. I prefer the silicone utensils with the metal handles. To me, they're better balanced in the hand, lightweight, and have the added benefit of not melting if they're accidentally left in a pot or leaning up against a pan. You can't go wrong with this one. A+
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February 8, 2014
Solid Spatula
This spatula does exactly what I need. It's sturdy enough to make flipping eggs and such easy, and it's super simple to clean
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October 9, 2013
Love these spatula's!
I received one of these spatula's as a housewarming gift, 4 years ago. I love it so much I went and bought another one. I have given them out as gifts to several people. They are so great to use. The spatula works well with rounded edges as well as square. I have never put mine in the dishwasher, since I'm always using them. After 4 years of usage they still look new. If you love to bake and cook, you'll love this spatula as much as I do
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February 19, 2014
By far the best spatula.
I love to use my silicone spatula. It works great to protect pots, pans and casserole dishes. It is perfect. I use them daily with no problems. Cleans well in the dishwasher and looks new every time. Perfect!!
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March 9, 2014
Silicone Spatula to replace my rubber spatula
I cooked some stir fry with my old rubber spatula and noticed the ends got deformed from all the heat while mixing the meat, veggies and sauces together. So I decided I needed a silicone spatula because it's known to be able to withstand heat and I won't have to eat melted rubber.

I went and purchased this silicone spatula and to my dismay, it has already formed cracks along the edges. I was cooking eggs in my pan and some of the egg stuck to the pan and got crusty. I used the spatula to try to scrape off some of the egg remains and noticed my spatula edges were cracked. I don't think I pressed the spatula too hard against the pan either, just lightly trying to get under the food bits. So I am sad to say this spatula didn't live up to my needs and I may have eaten some silicone tonight on accident
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October 5, 2012

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