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Wüsthof® Two-Stage Handheld Sharpener

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SpecialValueBuy Two-stage sharpener brings all your German-angled knives back to their original factory-created edges. Sharpener features carbide for the coarse side (to sharpen), ceramic for the fine side (to hone), a soft-grip ergonomic handle, and easy-to-use preset angles.

Unit can also hone and sharpen serrated knives. Wash exterior with mild soap and water, hand dry. Limited warranty against manufacturers defects. 8" x 3¾" x 1½".
  • 2 stages of sharpening for German angled knives
  • Carbide for coarse side (sharpen)
  • Ceramic for fine side (hone)
  • Soft grip ergonmic handle
  • Can also hone and sharpen serrated knives.
  • Brings your Wusthof knife back to the original factory edge
  • Easy to use as angles are preset
  • Wash exterior with mild soap/water and hand dry
  • Made in China
3.6 / 5.0
7 Reviews
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GREAT Sharpener!
One of the best sharpeners I've used... If you tilt your knife at a slight forward angle, take about 8-12 strokes thru, another 6 or 7 on the fine side, you have yourself an unbelievably sharp knife my friends. Try the piece of paper test... IT WORKS!

I treat my knives like my children... only the best for them..
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March 30, 2012
Love this sharpener
I have always been a bit fearful of sharpening my own knives, but the Wusthof sharpener makes it so easy. The easy grip handle and non slip base make it simple to hold while sharpening. Run the knife through the coarse side and then move to the ceramic sharpener to fine tune your edge. This is the perfect tool for anyone that wants a quick way to keep their cutlery at it's best
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August 21, 2012
I'm shocked W�sthof puts their name on this!
To me the name W�sthof has always meant high quality knifes, I was shocked to buy this product and see how truly just horribly it works. I don't think it really sharpens the knife at all, It does leave scratches all over on your knife, and if your like me your knife's are very expansive.


Wuhstof does offer some great quality knifes and sharpening steels, but these are horrible. I truly did waste my money on this, I could have used it to replace the knife it ruined.

I am sad to leave a bad review on Sur la Table's website. Truly. I have written so many here, and they were all excellent, I suppose they can't control those ""bad eggs' that slither into the mix
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July 29, 2011
Must-Have for W�sthof Knives
I use this sharpener regularly with a variety of W�sthof knives, and am repeatedly pleased with the results. Even older knives are restored to like-new sharpness with ease. The rubberized coating makes sharpening simple and safe.

Be sure to read the instruction manual for best results
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January 22, 2014
Good for the cost.
I was hesitant but I did not want to spend a ton. It does a decent job. I can do better with a good steel, but my arms do not like to work that way anymore, this sharpener gets my Wustohof knives sharp again. It also works on my Henckels and on the scalloped bread knives I have.

And yes, I like my knives sharp enough to cut a tomato when I toss it in the air
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July 14, 2013
Ruin two knives
On the advice of a Wustof rep who was in town at a sharpening event, I bought one of these. As I told the rep I had lousy skills with a steel, he said to just use this instead on my Wustof Classics. I did. And it wound up ripping the edge off my favorite Santuko and also my 6-inch utility. On Thanksgiving day, yet. An inch-long section of edges of both knives came loose and folded backward.
I took knives to local sharpening gurus -- they do most of the sharpening for restaurants here -- and was told the knives probably could be semi-repaired. The cause, the man said, was the pull-through sharpener.
I called Wustof, they said to send knives and sharpener to them to see what happened. My guess -- and the knife guru's -- is that I will be hearing back that it is all my fault. Will update afterward.
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December 15, 2014
Great for a novice
I have a house full of up and coming chefs. This is a great tool to teach them about the importance of knife sharpening. I hope to get them all trained to use steel but for the inexperienced this is a perfect safe alternative.
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December 8, 2014

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