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iSi® Stainless Steel Soda Siphon

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The timeless way to transform water into soda for cocktails, sparkling drinks and more. The stainless-steel soda siphon adds to and coordinates with your barware’s decorative element.

Siphon comes with a nonslip silicone grip for easy handling and a fun recipe booklet. Chargers not included. 11¼" tall, 25 oz. Made in Austria.
Transform water into soda for cocktails and sparkling drinks. Classic design and modern technology come together in the iSi Soda Siphon. For preparation of pure soda water, sparkling refreshments and cocktails. Made in Austria.

  • Easy disassembly with an internal measuring tube to protect against overfilling
  • Food-safe internal coating
  • Special paint work
  • Precision threads and pressure relief valve for the highest degree of comfort and safety.

Before removing the head from an iSi bottle, always release the excess pressure first. Place the device upright, place a towel over the outlet and gently operate the lever (push-button) until the pressure is gone from the iSi device. Now the head can be removed from the bottle. If the head cannot be removed easily, do not use force. We ask that you send the complete device to the iSi service center for examination.
My soda water doesn’t seem carbonated enough. What am I doing wrong? For best results, following these usage guidelines: 1) Fill the bottle with cold water. Do not overfill.

2)After screwing on the charger, shake the device vigorously a minimum of 5 times.

3)Store the soda siphon in a cold place.

Note: Good carbonation can be recognized by "small pearls" and not large bubbles – as many users incorrectly assume.

Containers cleaned with a glass protection agent results in very smooth surface making the pearls nearly invisible.

Can I use other company components with the iSi system?

A: Use only iSi original chargers and components with the iSi system. Individual iSi components and chargers are designed for optimal use when used together. Never combine third-party chargers or components with the iSi system because we cannot guarantee their quality or safety. iSi heads are marked with the logo on the head and charger holder. iSi bottles are marked on the base.

Product Accessories

Soda Chargers, Set of 10

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Made of 100% recyclable steel, painted gold, non-refillable, one charger contains approx. 8 g of pure CO2. CO2 is carbon dioxide One charger for a filling of approx. 1 L. Each charger is good for 1 application Chargers are small and easy to store and... More About Soda Chargers Set of 10 »

Standard Shipping Rates Apply
In Stock and Ready to Ship
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