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Lucero Oil Connoisseur Gift Set

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From Lucero, a fourth-generation California olive grower from Corning, a rural community that has a history of producing the country's most delicious olives, comes this wonderful gift set. This set includes 8½-oz bottles of four extra virgin olive oils: 100% Ascolano, 100% Mission, Anthony's, and 100% Manzanillo.

A well-balanced, medium-intensity, fruity olive oil with a mild pepper finish, Ascolano olive oil is California's most award-winning—87 medals and counting in the last 5 years alone. The Ascolano olive is a Tuscan mono-varietal that flourishes in California's Mediterranean climate. Drizzle over linguini, bruschetta, tomatoes and mozzarella, grilled fish, or steamed vegetables, or serve with your favorite bread.

Mission olive oil is smooth and mild with a buttery, delicate pepper finish that's perfect for dressing pasta salads, drizzling over popcorn or potatoes, marinating chicken or fish, or dipping bread, and is ideal for baking. The Mission olive is a Spanish mono-varietal that flourishes in the lush California groves.

Anthony's Blend is an all-natural, cold pressed and unfiltered blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Manzanillo olives. It's a robust olive oil with crisp fruit flavor, thick olive notes and an assertive pepper finish. Bold and daring, it's perfect for all your finishing touches in the kitchen as well as for dipping with bread.

Manzanillo oilve oil is an all-natural, cold-pressed and unfiltered oil made from the Manzanillo olive, a Spanish varietal. Use to bring pizzazz to any pasta or as a dressing for a spinach salad of fresh tomatoes, feta and cured olives. Its also exceptional for bread dipping when paired with balsamic vinegar and seasonings.
Includes 4- 8.5 oz bottles; Ascolano Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Mission Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Anthony's Blend Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Manzanillo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

  • Mission:Olive Variety – Mission
  • Flavor – Smooth, with light fruit
  • Intensity – Mild
  • Finish – Buttery, with delicate pepper

  • Anthony's Blend: Olive Variety – Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Manzanillo
  • Flavor – Crisp fruit with thick olive notes
  • Intensity – Robust; high in polyphenols & antioxidants
  • Finish – Assertive with notable pepper

  • Ascolano: Olive Variety – Ascolano
  • Flavor – Fruity
  • Intensity – Medium
  • Finish – Balanced, with mild pepper

  • Manzanillo:Olive Variety – Manzanillo
  • Flavor – Assertive with heavy olive flavors
  • Intensity – Robust
  • Finish – Intense fruit with big pepper
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