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Perfex Pepper & Salt Mills

Heavy aluminum, with a carbon-steel grinding mechanism and a classic, simple design. Adjustable grind mechanism. Pull-out chute for easy loading. 4" tall.  
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Best peppermill for the kitchen!
I am a chef. I was looking to buy this item for a friend and read ""sharkie's"" ""disappointed"" review. I was very surprised at this negative review and disappointment with this excellent cooking tool that I felt compelled to do a review, which I usually don't write.

First, Perfex has stood the test of time, their mills are heavy and sturdy, well-built, and very reliable. Second, I've NEVER had ANY of the problem issues s/he refers to and have used my first Perfex constantly for a decade with all kinds of pepper seeds and does a better job than 99% of mills with customizing your fine or rough cracked grind.

While I don't doubt sharkie's French bought copper grinder works well, copper mills are also very expensive and rarely commercially available in the US. I wonder if Sharkie is happier with their French bought mill and blinded by it because the Perfex is (I think) the best, most reliable pepper mill on the US market. If you're a serious enough cook or well-off enough to spend this much on a pepper mill, don't think twice. Just buy it and you won't be dissatisfied. If you are, I'll be surprised but SLT has such good service you can just return it.

Note: This is used as my primary kitchen pepper mill. My wife and I also have a set of red Peugeot's on the dining table, mostly for their more attractive appearance. The Peugeot's adjust grind pretty well but isn't nearly as easy to grind, as steady to stay in the same grind for multiple rotations, or as exacting as the Perfex.

I hope you found this helpful. Bon appetit
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June 26, 2013
Glad I have this
Purchased this ""old fashioned"" pepper mill a few months ago. I liked the vintage appeal and mostly it was about the looks. Here's the wonderful news: It's easy load, easy to operate & I see this as lasting generations! Also, I like to SEE my pepper (not so finely ground) and this is wonderful for that. Honestly, it's the perfect way to dispense pepper. I was thinking about getting an electric one (for the table) but am still on the fence since I feel spoiled with this tried & true product. If you're picky about food (and pepper) and don't mind hand grinding (not difficult) then this is your ""go to"" grinder
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October 28, 2011
Great Peppermill
My husband and I bought one of these wonderful peppermills in the early '60s. Still works beautifully. I bought another one in the late '80s, use it daily. It also still works beautifully with no problems with grind selection, loading is so easy and I love the way it looks which is why we bought it in the first place. The one I just purchased from SLT was for my daughter. She requested it as a birthday gift. Now she wants the salt mill as well. I highly recommend this charming and well designed peppermill - works forever
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November 30, 2013
A peppermill to include in your will
I have this peppermill and it got 'tweaked', not sure when or how it happened but I took it back to SLT. They looked at it, took one off the shelf and sent me on my way. That was 20 years ago.

It really says a lot about the quality of a product and the store that backs up the guarantee when I can review it decades later. How many products are still being sold in the exact same form decades later? Not many. This is a peppermill to last generations, include it in your will
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April 19, 2014
My go to wedding gift
My family has used Perfex pepper mills for at least the last 50-60 years. My mom's was handed down to my sister so I had to buy my own when I got married. I bought one for my daughter when she grew up and she still uses & loves it. Now I give them as wedding gifts to any serious cook or family member. I have never had a problem with my Perfex pepper mill. Love them!
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April 21, 2015
I am a serious cook and keep pepper grinders next to the stove at all times. My go-to grinder is a solid copper mill that I acquired in France and looks identical to these grinders. That mill works fabulously and I am able to grind large quantitites of fresh pepper quickly into dishes as they cook. The problem with these grinders (at least the one that I purchased) is that, while they look ""old fashioned"" and similar to the French one that I own, the internal feeding and grinding mechanism appears inferior to the one they attempt to emulate. I often have to shake it to get it to grab peppercorns and adjusting the grind does not help. This mill may be better suited to very small peppercorns, but is not as useful for various types of pepper as the ""real thing"". Additionally, the metal used in construction is fairly light and not especially substantial. It's a shame because the ergonomics of this mill are ideal if you use it on the fly for cooking
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September 13, 2012

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