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Jura Impressa J9 TFT One-Touch Espresso Machine, Chrome

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Exclusive Jura’s first all-in-one machine to feature a TFT color display, the J9 is now available in a gorgeous mirror-chrome finish! The J9 makes it easier than ever to scroll through options and prepare your favorite drinks in seconds. Simply make your selection from the color display using a rotary dial and your favorite café-quality drink is delivered straight into your cup.

Whether you’re craving a rich and foamy latte macchiato, a perfectly pulled espresso, or a delicious pressure-brewed coffee, the J9 brings the coffeehouse experience to your kitchen unlike any machine we’ve tested.

  • Manufacturer: Jura
  • Model: 13673
  • Includes: Integrated conical grinder with a generous 9-oz. bean hopper, removable 71-oz. water reservoir, 20-oz. stainless-steel vacuum milk container and Clearyl filter cartridge.
  • Material: Case material is plastic with mirrored chrome finish. Vacuum milk container and boiler material are stainless-steel.
  • Care: Wipe exterior clean. Automatic cleaning program for machine—clean and de-scale the machine or change the CLARIS plus filter cartridge when instructed to do so in the display.
  • Capacity: Water reservoir 71 oz.; bean holder: 9 oz.
  • Dimensions: 13½" h x 11" w x 17" l
  • Watts: 1450
  • Made in Switzerland
  • One-touch system prepares everything from cappuccino to ristretto at the touch of a button, without having to move your cup
  • Override strength and cup size while brewing without affecting pre-programmed settings
  • Height-adjustable spout accommodates a variety of cup sizes
  • Integrated bean grinder has generous 9-oz. hopper for whole beans
  • Automatic pre-ground funnel system accommodates pre-ground coffee
  • 15-bar power pump delivers delicious, high-pressure brewed coffee every time
  • Two-step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions ground coffee
  • Maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping
  • 71-oz. removable water container: Good for 45 espressos at a time
  • Zero Energy button
  • Energy Save standby mode
  • Unique CLEARYL water care system removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water for a better-tasting coffee
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This machine is unlike any we’ve tested before. Featuring a simple-to-use TFT color display and a user-friendly rotary dial for easy scrolling through drink options, this is Jura’s first all-in-one machine to utilize easy digital technology.

A 15-bar pump combines with a fast-heating stainless-steel-lined thermoblock to deliver cup after cup of coffee with no downtime. User-friendly rotary dial lets you easily make a selection from the TFT color display. This one-touch system prepares everything from cappuccino to ristretto at the touch of a button, without having to move your cup.

Customize settings and brew your ideal coffee drink. Choose from two temperature settings and five coffee strengths, then select your desired size, from ½-oz. espressos to 16-oz. lattes. Plus, it’s easy to override programming to prepare a special drink without affecting the programmed settings.

The front of this elegant machine is finished with a high-quality double coat of metallic-look brilliant silver lacquer. The stylish chrome aluminum top, sides and back complement the beautiful, all-around design.

Jura’s revolutionary technology delivers feather-light foam for all your favorite drinks.

Spout is adjustable on a continuous scale, allowing you to create drinks of all sizes, from small espresso cups to latte glasses up to six inches tall.

The unique triple temperature setting for the hot water output produces a hotter café Americano, pre-warms your cups faster, and accommodates a larger variety of tea preparation.

CLEARYL water care system removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water for a better-tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and eliminates decalcifying.

The patent-pending Zero Energy button and Energy Save standby mode are designed to conserve as much energy as possible when the machine is not in use.

Features an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program. Plus, an automatic monitoring system alerts you when it’s time to fill water, fill beans, empty used coffee, and replace the filter.

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3.6 / 5.0
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I love our replacement machine.
I recently replaced my ancient Capresso C1300 automatic expresso machine because parts are no longer available. Unlike my old unit, the Impressa 9 has a built-in cappuccino frother which is much easier to use than the frothing wand on my old unit. I rinse the milk system daily after using the frother. I discovered that the hot water source for the rinse actually comes from the machine, not from an external receptacle. I wondered if I really need to actually clean the frother on a daily basis as recommended in the manual. Also new for me, was that when the machine is turned off, it automatically rinses whichever spout was just used. I love the new unit because it is convenient & very intuitive to use
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June 23, 2014
Great machine
I've been research machines for several months now because I moved away from my house that had a Miele Coffee station. When SLT greatly discounted these recently I snapped one up right away.

The thing makes great coffee, far better than the Miele (which is really a Saeco inside). I love being able to tweak the settings either for the default (in the Expert mode) or on an individual cup basis. It also makes two regular coffees at a time which is great for the first cups for me and my wife in the morning.

I was concerned cleaning the auto frother would be a pain, but it turns out to be easy peasy. Add a cap of the cleaner to a cup of water and put another cup under the nozzle and select clean. It then takes another cup of rinse water but the whole cycle isn more than a minute or two
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June 15, 2014
Traded Up
We had the F7 for nearly 10 years. The quality and durability was in compromised. We see the same in our new J9. One button Cappuccino without moving the cup? Decadent. The bean hopper is larger, as is the water reservoir. The price is steep, but everything about coffee making is mindlessly enjoyable. Reminds us of our anniversary trip to Italy
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December 30, 2013
Mostly plastic
This machine is complicated to initially setup. there are some very good helpful videos on 'youTube, which are far better than the manufactures material.

Pricey. Filters, which run about $25.00, need to be replaced frequently. About six or so times each year with average use. Then there is the issue of decalcifying tabs and special cleaning tabs for the coffee grinder. Add in all these together and lattes at Starbucks start looking like an incredible bargain.

Sadly, the vulnerable portions of this machine are made out of plastic and they scratch incredibly easily.

Cleanup time also limits using this machine to slow weekends when you have plenty of time to pull everything apart.
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January 2, 2015
Great when it works
This is our second broken Jura machine within the last 2 years. We are 2 people who use the machine daily, buy only the best beans, read & follow all Jura use directions and clean the machine regularly. We would think twice about rebuying this machine.
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May 6, 2015

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