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Sur La Table® Stainless Steel Grill Grids

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Exclusive Easily grill cubed meats, shrimp, small vegetables and more—stainless steel grid prevents small food items from falling through grill grates and into flames. Our new grid design offers the optimal grilling surface, along with comfortable, sturdy handles for easy lifting and secure transport. Use on gas, charcoal, or electric grills.

  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Use: Handles will get hot; use oven mitt
  • Dimensions: Medium: 14½" x 10"; Large: 17¼" x 11¾"
  • Exclusively at Sur La Table
  • Made in China
2.6 / 5.0
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"Great Idea, So Useful"
Grilling small foods is difficult, they always fall through the cracks and are lost forever. I love grilled veggies and had a hard time until now, these make it easy. You just use olive oil, cut them up in any sizes you want (so easy) and grill like you would cooking in a skillet. They end up with great grilled flavor and the pans clean easily. I went back for a couple other sizes as they are perfect to use along side meats to maximize my space on the grill. The entire meal is done at once, no lost veggies anymore
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March 21, 2012
Grill grids warped extensively while on the grill . They also did not clean up nicely . I believe they are not thick enough . DO NOT BUY !
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July 27, 2012
Useful accessory but difficult to clean
I agree it's very useful and makes it easy to grill veggies. I sprayed oil on the surface and the foods didn't stick. However this grid got stained and charred/blackened after first use on the grill and it lost its stainless steel look. It was very difficult to clean the residues. I used the best cleaners (including Bar Keeper's Friend) but the stains wouldn't come off. So I returned this grid.
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July 25, 2012
Does What it Says
I bought this product knowing it was going to discolor, no suprise did. I'm a little confused with the other reviews that complain about the finish changing color.....what can be expected when putting something over a live fire? I got a little warping when I used it, but not enough to return this product. As soon as it cooled down, it returned to its original shape.

These grids do exactly what they say, my veggies don't roll around or fall through the grates. If you have a kitchen full of spotless tools, I'd say you aren't really cooking. If you want something pretty for presentation, I'd say keep it off the grill
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February 19, 2014
These help me to cook several things at once.
I like to try to cook a whole meal (appetizers, main meat, side dishes) at the same time on my grill. These grids help me easily do that
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February 20, 2013
terrible. it's going back
Purchased this over the weekend. Just used it with burgers on the grill. The grill has warped and it black. We haven't tried cleaning it yet. But we are taking it back in the next couple days. It's a shame since we grill often. Usually love sur la table's products.
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June 11, 2013
don't buy these
These grill grids warp terribly on my gas grill and they become severely stained by whatever food you grill on them, and are impossible to clean no matter how long you scrub them. Sur la Table must not have tested them at all. This product has made me lose a lot of confidence in Sur la Table
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December 7, 2013
Great Looking...When New
I too experienced the discoloration and warping. Good idea, but not heavy enough to withstand the heat. It is designed for the BBQ, so it should work with the BBQ. I like things always looking like new, so I clean everything. These didn't clean well and when reused with company, they think they are dirty and don't want to eat what's been cooked in them.

I wouldn't recommend this product. Not up to Sur La Table standards.
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February 17, 2015

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