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Chemex Classic Series Drip Coffee Glass Coffee Makers

We love this elegantly designed glass coffee maker for the optimum extraction of full-bodied coffee that you can make as strong as you like without bitterness. Perfect for iced coffee and coffee flavoring for gourmet recipes. Chemex-brewed coffee can be...Read More

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We love this elegantly designed glass coffee maker for the optimum extraction of full-bodied coffee that you can make as strong as you like without bitterness.

Perfect for iced coffee and coffee flavoring for gourmet recipes. Chemex-brewed coffee can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for reheating, without losing flavor.

The Chemex coffeemaker is one-piece, hourglass-shaped, and made of high-quality, heat-resistant glass. This traditional model comes with a polished wood collar and leather tie. The collar serves as an insulated handle around the middle of the coffeemaker and is removable. Just place filter in top and measure out grounds, then pour in hot water and watch your coffee drip into the bottom.

Meet the creative genius behind this iconic brewer.

Looking to master the art of pourover coffee? Click here for a step-by-step how-to from one of our bloggers.

Features Hide

  • Make coffee as strong as you like without bitterness
  • Made of high-quality, heat-resistant glass
  • Wood collar serves as an insulated handle around the middle of the coffeemaker and is removable

Specifications Show

  • Manufacturer: Chemex
  • Material: Glass, wood and leather
  • Made in Taiwan

Care & Usage Show

  • Hand wash
  • Not for stovetop use


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Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5.0
12 Reviews
5 Stars
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"Great product, perfect coffee"
I am a coffee snob: very picky about my coffee, how it is made, the beans, the temperature.....the details matter. Being from Seattle I'm exposed to amazing coffee shops and one of my favorites introduced me to Chemex. I like a pour over coffee from time-to-time and wanted to give this one a try at home. I have to say, it's easy, there is a real science to the amount of coffee, the water and even the temperature. Simply measure the coffee, get the water almost to a boil, pour to wet the fresh ground beams, the pour more to finish, that's it. No bitter coffee, perfect flavor and all you need is this chemex, a grinder and a kettle. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a delicious fresh brewed coffee. You will love it
December 29, 2012
Using Chemex Since 1976
I use my Chemex with the filters and Italian Dark Roast coffee ground to espresso grade at my local coffee store. I put the coffee in a thermos. It makes me feel like I'm in Italy every morning.

Occasionally, I use a plastic funnel I bought in Tuscany at The Coop supermarket on the A-1 motorway with a Melita filter. That works well too
September 20, 2012
Brews good cup of coffee!
This coffeemaker has been around for years but purchased this one recently for purposes of making 2-3 cups at a time instead of 6-8 or one-at-a-time. Brews excellent coffee. I followed recommendation of using medium grind and really recommend using their compatible filters. The result is excellent coffee and free of any residue.
October 11, 2013
I love this coffee pot. The coffee is so much better than what I get from my electric drip pot. I can make it really strong without bitterness or oiliness. Delicious! I would, however, skip the little $10.00 lid which I bought. The coffee really needs to be put into a thermal carafe right away to stay hot so the lid turns out to be completely useless. Great pot, forget the lid.
April 18, 2015
1 year ago
Simply the best.
The coffee made with this device tastes like an entirely different beverage from those made with other machines. My wife and I will never make coffee with a machine again. Anything worthwhile is worth the wait. Definitely wet the beans initially and leave alone for 30 seconds to let them "bloom", as instructed. To speed up the drip process, try keeping the max amount of water in the filter to keep up the water pressure.
January 24, 2015
The Journey
I love the process and especially the finished product!
I went to Blue bottle about a year ago - had a cup of Chemex brewed beans - and wham! I was hooked.
I prefer the other model - with the glass handle - it's more functional than this original, but both make great coffee
September 20, 2013
Better Living Through Chemistry!
This thing is easy to use, dishwasher safe, and it makes the cleanest, purest, brightest coffee I've ever had. Added bonus: Since I started using this brew method, I've been able to cut the sugar I normally use in each cup by half. I agree that this is all due in large part to the filters specifically designed for this device, but hey, a top-line fighter jet requires top-line jet fuel, right? So overall, I couldn't be more happy.
April 14, 2015
Excellent for one or two cups.
I bought this to make myself one or two cups during the weekdays and the coffee is delicious. However if I had to use this on the weekends when my husband likes a whole pot of coffee, I would abandon the Chemex.

The process is tedious and I have to reheat the coffee in the microwave even if I pour a cup immediately after brewing
March 4, 2013
This is coffee perfection. No, really!
I am so happy i finally bought a Chemex. I consider myself a coffee snob, but am not an expert. I put my drip coffeemaker in the basement many years ago and switched to a french press, which i loved. But I decided to buy a Chemex recently and it's as if I am tasting real coffee for the first time! The flavors the Chemex and its filter brings out of the coffee are truly amazing. So much moreso than my french press. A little research revealed that a finer grind is the reason (you must use a coarse grind with a french press). Plus, the brew is so much cleaner than with the press. No sediment or graininess. I thought I liked that until i brewed with the Chemex, but no more! I can now say that the best coffee I've ever had is made by me, with my new Chemex.
August 23, 2016
Best cup of coffee I ever had!
Chemex... you are a dream come true. Your coffee is only as good as the coffee maker you use. Glass, clean, and a true pure cup of coffee! Thank you Chemex!
October 2, 2016
1 year ago

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
in store demo sometime ago
clara l on Feb 15, 2017
I have a six cup and love it but I need a smaller one!
Sharyn W on Feb 12, 2017
in store demo sometime ago
clara l on Feb 15, 2017
heard about it from a friend, swears by making coffee this way and no other
Simon D on Feb 13, 2017
I have a six cup and love it but I need a smaller one!
Sharyn W on Feb 12, 2017
Looks elegant and attractive, hope it works well too!
Roza F on Feb 4, 2017
We found one in a retail store and have loved it, but I broke it. This is a replacement.
Jeffrey B on Jan 10, 2017
I purchased this Chemex coffee maker to replace one that recently broke.
Leda M on Jan 4, 2017
LOve it
sharon l on Jan 3, 2017
Makes great coffee
Suzanne S on Dec 31, 2016
A gift to the one I love.
david g on Dec 17, 2016
Gift for friend
Tara K on Dec 15, 2016
Love this.
GRACE R on Dec 15, 2016
Son requested this carafe for Christmas
Barbara K on Dec 12, 2016
best pour over drip
chloe s on Dec 11, 2016
daughter had one and broke it. She loved it!
Cynthia F on Dec 10, 2016
Christmas gift my son wanted
Sandra L on Dec 8, 2016
gift for my son in law
rhonda a on Dec 5, 2016
It's is one of the best (and most beautiful) home-brew coffee set ups on the market. I am getting it as a gift but I used mine almost everyday.
Sarah F on Dec 5, 2016
gift for a coffee lover
JORDAN P on Dec 4, 2016
Convenient for work people
Denise H on Dec 4, 2016
Xmas list
Nick M on Dec 3, 2016
My nephews wife had this on her Christmas list. I have to tell you I have been delighted looking at many of your items, reminds me how fun it was at her age! You guys have a great catalog of items.
Stephen M on Dec 3, 2016
Eda R on Nov 30, 2016
Christmas gift for a friend.
Crystal E on Nov 30, 2016
I've used chemex coffee pots for over 50 years.....they make wonderful coffee!
Susan P on Nov 30, 2016
Perfect gift for coffee loving husband
Jodie M on Nov 29, 2016
excellent coffee design for pour overs. If you 're a coffee connoisseur, you have to have a Chemex pour over!
Kathryn S on Nov 25, 2016
Fun for coffee lovers
SHAWN C on Nov 8, 2016
excellent pourvoir coffee maker. simple design
Jessie A on Nov 7, 2016
I want to make pour over coffee at home.
HAZEL C on Nov 7, 2016
hipstah java
Andy S on Nov 6, 2016
it's a gift
Darby A on Oct 31, 2016
husband prefers this method
Lindsay R on Oct 23, 2016
I have many types of coffee pots. This is just one type.
Kenneth W on Sep 27, 2016
norton shopping guarantee! what an amazing benefit.
Mark W on Sep 7, 2016
My old French pourover carafe broke - this one seems decent.
Rodger R on Sep 5, 2016
Looking for a new drip coffee maker for my husband!
Robbie S on Aug 15, 2016
Thank you gift
Fernando D on Aug 14, 2016
My friends told me it makes very delicious coffee.
Lizelle A on Aug 10, 2016
LUV this
MARCIA J on Aug 10, 2016
It makes good coffee and looks great!
Cynthia W on Aug 10, 2016
Because it is what my friend wanted and I love my own 8 cup chemex brewer
Rachel J on Aug 9, 2016
daily use
Anish O on Jul 30, 2016
i do a lots of ice tea so this is just what i needed love it
Hazel T on Jul 20, 2016
It was on their registry, looked like a good value.
Terry J on Jul 11, 2016
Hannah L on Jul 6, 2016
Because it does not contain plastic and I believe it is healthier to use plus the reviews about the coffee helped a great deal.
Katherine W on Jun 26, 2016
It was on the bridal registry, and it was in my budget.
Suzanne W on Jun 18, 2016
Best way to make a great cup of coffee!
Joseph V on Jun 11, 2016
My dad was born in Italy and this the way they made there expresso years ago. so when I saw this it looked like a great gift for fathers day, even if he does not use it it is a nice decorative piece for his kitchen.
susan m on Jun 11, 2016
for my son in law and daughter for their home
Laurie B on May 21, 2016
heard about it from a friend, swears by making coffee this way and no other
Simon D on Feb 13, 2017
Looks elegant and attractive, hope it works well too!
Roza F on Feb 4, 2017
Comparison of Chemex with french press

How does coffee made with the Chemex drip maker compare with that made from a French Press? I do know that a French Press coffee maker is a mess to clean and I'd expect the Chemex to be to be less but how does the resulting coffee compare?
A shopper on Mar 21, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The Chemex and the French Press are two totally different devices. The French Press keeps the natural oils from the coffee, whereas the Chemex uses a filter and you lose most of those oils. The Chemex is easier to clean, but uses a lot more coffee per cup compared to the French Press. It all depends on what you like. I think that if you like the flavor of a French Press, then you'll want some method that keeps the oils. If you like the flavor of drip brewed coffee then the Chemex will come close
Can you reheat by placing on a stove burner? Gas? Electric?
A shopper on Jan 12, 2014
BEST ANSWER: From the Chemex FAQs: Because the Chemex is glass, it should not be placed directly on the range of a stove with exposed coils. It may be placed on a glass covered stove range. For exposed coils utilize the Chemex wire grid
What about microwave?

A follow-on to the question about reheating: can you put the carafe in a microwave oven?
A shopper on Apr 3, 2014
BEST ANSWER: This coffeemaker is not microwave safe.
Are there cup markings on the carafe?
A shopper on Sep 26, 2013
BEST ANSWER: No, there are no cup markings on this carafe
can filters other than chemex be used?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You could still brew "coffee" using other filters and the Chemed, but the real answer is No. Chemex filters are around $7 for a box of 100 filters. They are designed for the vase shape and filter out more of the oils than typical coffee filters. The Chemex filter plays perhaps the most important role in the flavor profile of Chemed brewed coffee.
is a 40ounce chemex equal 6 cups of coffee?
valerie c on Nov 26, 2014
BEST ANSWER: A "cup" of coffee is usually is measured as 5 oz. So the 40 oz Chemex is an 8 cup brewer. Of course 40/6 is 6 and 2/3. So, if your cup measures between 6 and 7 oz., you will get six cups.

I drink my coffee from a 10 oz. mug, so I only get 4 mugs of coffee from a full 40 oz. brew. Actually, my wife does not drink coffee and I brew 500ml (17 oz) for myself each morning. That's about a mug and a half.

Enjoy your brew.
Where is the Chemex coffee pot made? Information on this site is contradictory--under "Description" it says they're made in Taiwan, under "Full Story" it says they're made in Massachusetts. Thank you!
A shopper on Jan 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Made in Taiwan. Chemex Corp HQ is in Massachusetts.
It has a wooden neck/grip. Can the unit be washed in a dishwasher or must it be hand washed? How well does the wood part withstand washing over time?
Christine D on Mar 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The wooden grip is easily removed - it's tied on with the leather strap. as long as you keep water off the leather, the grip and leather will last for some time. I haven't personally used a dishwasher to clean it and would be hesitant to do so as the Chemex itself is bottom heavy (top heavy, if you turn it upside down). Serious Eats says that if you do use a dishwasher to clean a Chemex that you should rinse it several times afterwards... hope this is helpful.
If I am looking to make only 1-2 cups of coffee which size should I buy?
A shopper on Jan 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Firstly, that depends on what you mean by "a cup." Chemex and most other coffee brewer makers considers a cup to be five ounces. If you agree with that, you would need only the 3 cup Chemex.

But, if you mean 1 or 2 mugs, which hold about 10 ounces, you would need the 6 cup Brewer.

I drink about 500 ml (17 oz) each morning with my breakfast, so the 6 cup would suit me as well, but sometimes I am making coffee for more than 1 person. I use the 8 cup Chemex. It can make up to 40 oz at a time, but it does a great job on my 500 ml portion each morning as well.

Good luck. Use freshly roasted beans. Grind them yourself. Measure carefully. And enjoy your coffee--morning or anytime.
what type of filters does this pot take?
A shopper on Dec 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Chemex has their own branded filters that I have been able to find at some coffee shops. They are not pricey
Cleaning chemex 3 cup???
A shopper on Dec 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have put it in the dishwasher and have handwash it. It has been good both ways. Ours just broke recently because it feel on the floor but in regards to your question treat it with care, because it's frágile we used to mostly hand wash it. *dont let it fall*
is there something that can be used to keep the coffee hot? Something along the lines of a heat plate
monique s on May 31, 2015
BEST ANSWER: From Chemex website: "The Chemex can be placed directly on a glass top stove or over a low gas flame to be kept warm. If you have an electric stove with exposed coils, you may purchase the wire grid (TKG) which can be placed between the coils and the Chemex to protect the coffeemaker. The coils should be set to a low temperature."


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