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Summer Stars & StripesSummer Stars & StripesSummer Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes Collection


Our colorful new stars and stripes collection adds patriotic flair to your outdoor summer entertaining. More »

Beach Scene our new Seaside Collection. Only at Sur la Table.

Pearl Collection

Dinnerware • Serveware

Gently distressed edges with a raised-dot border evoke a vintage feel. Elegant, versatile and durable. More »

Yellow Pearl

Dinnerware • Sets

One of our best-selling dinnerware collections gets a modern update with a bright new shade. More »

Lemon Collection

Dinnerware • Serveware

This exclusive collection adds a fresh twist of color to your table. More »

Coupe Collection

Dinnerware • Sets

Understated and sophisticated, this modern whiteware works for any occasion, all year long. More »

Modern Porcelain

Dinnerware • Serveware

Fun and affordable down-to-earth porcelain, perfect for everyday use with any meal. Exclusive to Sur La Table. More »

Square Porcelain

Dinnerware • Serveware

Our definitive contemporary collection brings ease to both casual entertaining and dressed up occasions alike. More »

Bistro Porcelain

Dinnerware • Serveware

One of our best-selling collections, with a timeless design that’s perfect for every occasion. More »

Vintage Lace


Our collection is inspired by vintage Italian lace preserved by the artist. More »

Organic Collection

Dinnerware • Serveware

In soft shapes and a muted palette, it's an updated take on the traditional. More »

Myko Modern Collection

Dinnerware • Serveware

These simple, rough-hewn shapes are finished with soft, earthy glazes. More »


Dinnerware • Serveware

French-inspired dinnerware pairs whiteware with understated bands of color for simple elegance. More »

Mara Collection

Dinnerware • Serveware

Our exclusive Italian earthenware features hand-painted details in blue, green and burnt orange. More »


Dinnerware • Serveware

From the Umbrian region of Italy, Deruta-style earthenware is crafted in a style that dates back to the Renaissance. More »

Capri Collection

Dinnerware • Serveware

Gently antiqued, hand-finished Italian earthenware pops with geraniums. More »

Le Creuset Dinnerware

Dinnerware • Serveware

From the legendary French cookware maker comes oven-safe settings in a rainbow of colors More »

Revol Porcelain

Dinnerware • Serveware

Create an enchanting place setting with durable porcelain that looks wonderful with colored or patterned tableware. More »

Emile Henry


Crafted from Emile Henry signature French Burgundy clay, famous for its even heat distribution & durability. More »

Kotobuki Ceramics

Dinnerware • Serveware

Kotobuki reflects Japan’s history and culture through design, handcrafting methods and materials. More »




Sometimes what’s under your plate is as important as what’s on it. In her New York studio, award-winning textile designer Sandy Chilewich applies her interest in color to create her signature woven-vinyl placemats. More »


Couleur Nature


Beautiful linens use the ancient technique of hand-block printing, an art form passed down through generations. These table linens are excellent for special occasions, but still versatile enough for everyday use. More »




Made from the finest stainless steel with a multitude of handle choices including beautiful olive wood, Laguiole Jean Dubost cutlery is truly in a class by itself. Made in France. More »


Emile Henry Dinnerware


The Henry family has been making high-quality tableware in Marcigny, France, since 1850. Their extremely durable dinnerware is made from high-fired Burgundy clay, which keeps hot food hot and cold food cold. More »




Kotobuki ceramics are created by skilled craftsmen, many of whom have obtained their expertise and technique through years of training. These pieces intertwine Japan’s history and culture through design, handcrafting methods and materials. More »


Setting the Table

Table Linens: An Inexpensive Way to Update Your Look

Don’t have the budget to make over your tabletop? Create a fresh look with new linens. Try adding a touch of color with a French floral tablecloth or bright jacquard napkins, or switch up the shape of your placemats. Since table linens come in every color, shape and size, it’s easy to create festive looks for every occasion. Consider harvest colors for autumn, jewel tones for winter holidays and pastels to celebrate spring.

Dress Up Your Table with Chargers

Chargers instantly add a dash of elegance to any table setting. These decorative, oversized plates, used as placeholders for dinner plates, can be removed as guests are seated or remain on the table throughout the meal. Perfect for holiday entertaining or to dress up a casual dinner. Keep in mind that charger plates should never be used for serving food as they are often made of non-food safe materials.

Feel Free to Mix and Match Dinnerware

Don’t have enough dinnerware for your party? As long as the overall look is cohesive, feel free to entertain with mismatched pieces. In fact, by mixing pieces with complementary patterns and colors, you’ll add your own distinctive touch to the table setting. Don’t be afraid to try bold color combinations like yellow and purple or red and aqua.

White Serving Dishes Offer Greater Flexibility

With a solid foundation of white dishes, you can create the ultimate tabletop for any occasion. Accent with any plates, linens, napkin rings, and centerpieces without worrying about clashing designs and colors.

Table Setting Made Easy

You don’t need a PhD in etiquette to set a table properly. In fact, there are so many conflicting opinions on the matter that one person’s perfect setting is another’s flatware faux pas. Just keep in mind this commonsense rule, and you’ll be fine: set utensils in order of their use, starting from the outside and working toward the plate. Whether you’re serving a family dinner or an elegant seven-course meal, your guests will always know which utensil to use next.

Care and Storage

Tips on Protecting Dishwasher Safe China

Provide adequate space so dishes don’t touch. This prevents damage caused by pieces rubbing together and enables better cleaning. Always use a mild detergent and let dishes cool to room temperature before clearing dishwasher.

How to Store Your Fine China

Whether you use specially made china cushions, napkins, pieces of flannel or even paper towels, a cushioned layer between each dish helps keep your china in pristine condition. By preventing scratching and chipping, you’ll ensure that your heirloom china remains an heirloom for generations to come.

Avoid the Leaning Tower of Teacups

You may be temped to stack cups for storage, but ask yourself: would I rather save space or save my cups? Stacking can weaken the rims and lead to cracking and chipping. It’s best to store cups hanging separately on a rack, but if that’s not possible, stack cups no more than two high.

Easy Trick for Removing Candle Wax

Many a romantic candlelight dinner has been marred by wax dripping on table linens. But you needn’t worry. Simply pop your tablecloth or napkins into the freezer. By the time dinner’s done, the wax will be frozen, enabling you to easily peel it away.

How to Keep Your Stainless Flatware Stainless

Clean flatware as soon as possible, as certain foods can eat away the finish. Don’t leave stainless flatware immersed in water too long. Soaking is fine, but only for a few hours, not days. Use only mild detergents, avoiding bleach, which can wear away the coating. In the dishwasher, avoid mixing stainless steel flatware with other metals. Dry thoroughly right away, as air drying leaves spots and streaks and may lead to permanent damage.

Restoring Shine on Stainless Steel Flatware

Even though stainless steel doesn’t need regular polishing, it can get dull or streaked, especially when cleaned in the dishwasher. Instantly brighten the finish by rubbing with stainless steel cleaner and cleaning with a soft rag. Or try using olive oil as an alternative to commercial cleaners. Just be sure to remove any excess oil after polishing.

Always Launder Stained Linens in Cold

You might think hot water would be best for removing stains, but actually the opposite is true. Hot water sets stains, making them nearly impossible to remove. After washing in cold, check linens to ensure that stains are gone before drying (which will also set stains). If you need extra cleaning power, use an oxygen bleach since chlorine can turn your whites yellow.

Save Money and the Environment by Switching to Cloth Napkins

Why save cloth napkins for holidays and special occasions? Elevate your everyday dining experience while reducing your paper consumption. Reusable napkins can be easily hand washed and air-dried after meals or just drop them in the next load of laundry. If you plan to use cloth napkins frequently, you might want to choose darker colors since white linens show stains.

Remove Red Wine Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Immediately apply hydrogen peroxide to red wine stains and let soak for at least an hour before washing. This will lightly bleach the stain, helping it rinse out easily during laundering.

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