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Demeyere Atlantis:
See the Secrets of
Exceptional Cookware


Metal Construction

Seven layers of metal give
each pan its ideal cooking
properties: Even heat distribution,
optimum temperature control,
and amazing heat retention.
Your food cooks perfectly.

Triple Induction

Each pan's outer layer consists
of three layers of stainless
steel. Atlantis pans won't warp
over their lifetime. They'll
heat up more quickly and cook
more intensively than ordinary pans.

Silvinox Finish

Demeyere's Silvinox treatment
removes impurities from the
stainless steel. It's not a
coating. It never comes off. And
it helps your pan stay shiny and
easy to clean over its lifetime.

Handle Design

Handles are designed with your
hand in mind. They stay cool
and comfortable to hold. The
V-shape lets hot air pass
through. Welded-on handles stay
sanitary and easy to clean.

Stable Flat Base

A flat, stable base is crucial
for even cooking. Demeyere's
exclusive design keeps the
bulging caused by cooking to
an absolute minimum. Your
cooking surface stays even.

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