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Stovetop Espresso

A staple of Italian kitchens and a design
icon, this essential method brews a
robust cup, simply. Stovetop espresso
makers come in different sizes that
make a set amount of coffee, so buy
the size that’s right for you.


Step one

Fill the lower chamber with water
up to the fill line, just below the
safety valve.

Fill the filter basket with coffee
ground to a medium coarseness
(don’t pack it down) and fit the filter
basket on top of the water chamber.

Step Two

Screw the upper chamber onto the
top of the lower one.

Place the espresso maker on a burner
on medium-high heat.

Step Three

After a few minutes, you’ll hear the
iconic gurgle sound that means the
espresso is brewing.

Once the upper chamber is nearly full,
remove the heat and wait a minute
or two for it to finish brewing.

Step Four

Pour and enjoy your espresso!


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