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French Press

One of the simplest ways we know to
brew. The coffee also feels more
substanial than drip coffee, with a
full-bodied flavor and just a trace of


Step one

Boil water in a teakettle, then let it rest
off the heat for a few seconds.

Tip: If you have an instant-read thermometer,
let the water reach about 205°F.

Step Two

Pour coarsely ground coffee into the
bottom of the beaker. We like about
20-30 grams per 10-oz. cup. Start
there and adjust to taste after you’ve
gotten the hang of it.

Step Three

Slowly pour the water into the beaker.
Stir gently with a wooden or silicone
spoon or spatula.

Step Four

Place the filter stem on top of the
beaker. Press the stem down so the
filter rests just above the coffee.

Step Five

Wait four minutes, then slowly plunge
the filter through the coffee.

Wait for it...

Tip: If you feel resistance when plunging,
slow down—don’t force the plunger.

Step Six

Enjoy the coffee!

Tip: Don’t let it sit in the press pot too
long. The coffee will continue to extract,
and the flavor will become bitter.


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