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Sansaire Sous Vide Water Circulator. New. Turn any pot or container into a sous-vide water bath with this groundbreaking immersion circulator. An ingenious gadget that will change the way you approach cooking, the Sansaire circulator packs professional-grade performance and quality into a wallet-friendly package. Shop Now. Sansaire cooks food completely evenly throughout-impossible with other methods. It clips onto any pot or vessel you already own. No special bags or vacuum sealers needed - works with any sealable plastic bag. You can't overcook food via sous vide, so there's no need to hover or worry. One of the hottest trends in cooking available at a fraction of the cost. Heats quickly and maintains a consisten water temperature stable to within 0.1 degrees celcius. Accommodates up to six gallons of water and gently circulates at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.
The product of the most successful Kickstarter campaign for a culinary product ever, Sansaire is the brainchild of Scott Heimendinger and Lukas Svec. Though they both enjoyed successful careers in tech, they became fascinated with sous vide cooking after first encountering it in 2009. After that, Scott famously reverse-engineered a sous vide machine and published the instructions for the DIY community.But thanks to additional tinkering and passionate financial support from Kickstarter's culinary community, we won't have to solder our own immersion circulators anymore. The Sansaire is here, with a sleek design and intuitive interface, carefully designed for (and by) cooks who believe nothing tastes as good as a sous vide egg. There's been such a demand for a device like this that Sansaire reached its Kickstarter funding goal in just 13 hours, 4 minutes. Four steps to perfect results. Step 1: Season and Seal. Build your dish with seasonings in any sealable plastic bag - no vacuum sealer or other fancy equipment needed. Step 2: Sous Vide. Place your food in any pot of water heated to temperature. Sansaire gently circulates the water and precisely maintains the heat. Step 3: sear. Finish by quickly searing food for a flavorful, beautifully carmelized exterior while the inside stays tender and juicy. Step 4: serve. Place your dish and serve a melt-in-the-mouth meal you can recreate easily.
Sous Vide 101: 65C Eggs. Posted on February 17, 2014 by scott in Sous Vide Cooking. Now that you've received your Sansaire, you may be facing the difficult question of what to cook first. Indeed, your first sous vide dish represents a milestone in your home cooking. To commemorate this occasion we can't think of a better food than a perfectly cooked egg. For your first sous vide dish we highly recommend the simple yet marvelous 65 degree Celcius egg. Continue reading.
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