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March at the Farmers Market

Versatile, hearty and oh-so-nutritious, kale's been the "it" vegetable for the last few years. So if you haven't yet hopped on its bandwagon, you'd better hurry to your nearest produce market.


Mean Green Juice
Lentil, Sausage & Kale Soup
Potato & Kale Tortilla
Roasted Kale & Squash Salad

Kale Stripper

Make the most of kale and other winter greens with a handy tool that quickly strips the leaves from tough-to-eat stems.
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Know Your Kale

Kale is eaten across the world, and its popularity dates back to the Romans. It hails from the cabbage family, along with broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and collards.

A "super food" of
the highest order,
one serving is packed
with all things good
for you, including
protein, fiber, Vitamins
A, C and K, folate,
alpha-linolenic acid (an
omega-3 fatty acid) and
minerals like phosphorus,
potassium, calcium and zinc.

But when a recipe calls for kale, which variety do you choose?
Find out on our blog

See all of our delicious kale recipes.
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