two chefs making fresh pasta in kitchen
Cook up a fun-filled date night and some delicious memories in our exciting, hands-on classes.


Global cuisines, special occasions and more.

Grilled Steak Churrascaria Style
Date Night: Latin American Steakhouse
Pan-Roasted Chicken in skillet
Date Night: American Summer
Chefs chopping herbs and searing steaks
Date Night: Italian Summer Steakhouse
Pan-Roasted Chicken with Wine and Herb Sauce
Date Night: Parisian Restaurant Favorites
Shrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Date Night: Touring Southeast Asia
searing steaks in skillet
Date Night: Steak and Crab Cakes
Pan-Roasted Chicken with Ratatouille
Date Night: Summer French Bistro
Cherry Clafouti with Honey Whipped Cream
Date Night: French Luxury
couple searing steaks and chopping herbs
Date Night: Italian Nights
Seared Chicken with Sauvignon Blanc Crème Fraîche and Herbs
Date Night: Cooking with Wine
Seared Scallops with Champagne Beurre Blanc
Date Night: French Elegance
Crab Cakes with Creamy Mustard-Chive Sauce
Date Night: Wine & Food Pairings

Dinner dates take on a new meaning with Date Night cooking classes at Sur La Table. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a hands-on date experience while learning a thing or two to apply in the kitchen. Plus, working together is sure to bring you closer to that special someone. Cook up some romance and create some especially delicious memories with these Sur La Table cooking classes.

Why Cooking Classes Are the Perfect Date Night Idea

A table for two doesn’t have to be at a restaurant in order to be romantic and special. When you sign up for a Sur La Table cooking class, date night gets a fresh twist that makes it even more exciting. For long-time couples, it’s a great way to mix things up and try something new. For couples just starting out, you get the chance to get to know each other better through an engaging and interactive task. Either way, it’s the type of date that brings couples closer together. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned home chef or you rarely cook your own meals. Sur La Table’s professional chef instructors walk you through everything step-by-step, so you end up with an amazing meal to enjoy together.

How to Find a Cooking Class Near Me

Browse our class options to find out which ones are available near you. You’ll have a variety of themed cuisine options from which to choose, such as Italian, Caribbean, Asian and American. Each class teaches you how to make a full meal, so you definitely won’t leave hungry. If you can’t find the class you want nearby, check out our options for online cooking classes.